Imagine for Patricia

     Gabe groaned as you poked his cheek. You poked him again, and he lifted his head looking at you with squinted eyes. “What?” he groggily asked, running a hand through his hair. “I’m craving Taco Bell,” you sheepishly told him. Gabe raised an eyebrow, “Seriously?” he asked, you nodded. Sighing, he pushed the covers off, and slipped into some sweats, going for a food run.

     The Next Day: “What’s with the random food runs in the middle of the night?” Gabe asked, walking into the kitchen, You stared at him from your spot, a slightly dumbfounded look on your face. “Are you serious?” you asked, he nodded, and you rolled your eyes at him. “What?” he asked, feeling uncomfortable under your stare. You’re surprised he hasn’t noticed yet, especially since you were starting to show, and the fact that you told him. “I’m pregnant you ass-hat!” you shouted, tossing a grape at him. Gabe’s face dropped, “You are?” he asked, confused. You crossed your arms over your chest, “I told you this a month ago!” you yelled, getting up, and leaving the room. Gabe was too preoccupied with searching his mind for when exactly you told him this news, and he face palmed. “Shit,” he hissed, running upstairs to find you. “Go away,” you muttered as he came into view, he sighed, and squatted down, so that his face was level with yours. “I’m sorry,” he said, “It must have slipped my mind with everything going on.” You looked at him, “It explains everything that’s been happening to you,” he muttered. Gabe pouted when you didn’t say anything to him, or look at him. “Please forgive me, Patricia. How can I make it up to you?” You looked up at him at that point. “I can’t think of anything at the moment, but you owe me,” you mumbled. He smiled, then grinned at the realization that he was going to have a child. “We’re going to be parents!” he chuckled, pulling you down into a hug. You laughed, and nodded at his words, “We are,” you whispered, kissing him.

     Two Weeks Later: Ever since Gabe found out you were pregnant, he was more protective than ever. “Are you sure you want to come?” Gabe asked, watching you get ready for the awards show. “Yes. Gabe I’m fine, stop coddling me,” you told him, placing an earring in your ear. The two of you had yet to tell anyone about your pregnancy, so you had found something that wasn’t going to hug tight to your small baby bump. He sighed, knowing not to argue with you on this one. “Alright,” he said, slipping into his shoes. He stood up, and took a look in the mirror, and then looked at you. “You look beautiful, stunning as ever,” he said, wrapping his arms around your waist. You smiled at him, “Thank you,” you muttered, he kissed the side of your head, and soon the two of you were at the awards show. “So, Gabe, you and your wife have been under the radar for a few weeks, why is that?” a reporter asked, holding out the microphone to him. “Honestly, we’ve both been busy, and getting ready for changes in our lives,” he told the reporter. The reporter raised a brow, “What might these changes be?” he asked this time. This made Gabe smile, and he placed his hand on the small of your back, “Big changes that everyone would find out soon enough,” he said. A few more questions were asked, and then you both went inside. “I can’t wait to tell people,” Gabe mumbled in your hair. You smiled, “Me either, we just have to wait another month, just to make sure everything is going right,” you said. He nodded, and you settled down in your seats, chatting with other people until the show started.