Welcome to the Samba Corps  (more translated Kubota)

(manga by Kubota / translation by konekojita)

From all my years and years spent in various fandoms I can say with absolute certainty that the Japanese SNK fandom comes up with the best crack ever. Check out my crack tag for more translated crack.

I don’t know if anyone wants or needs these, but have them anyway. This is all the oficially uploaded Mouse Rat songs I can find. There might be more but these are the only ones I know about. All the links (except TWYLT) are to the official uploads (found here and here), so right click to download them. The Way You Look Tonight is a Mediafire download.

Or if you’re feeling lazy, here’s a link to all of them in one go.

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And I’ve finally finished my FrUK fic rec list! It’s a tentative list, always growing as I find new ones, remember others, or gain courage to add a few I purposely left off because of content I wasn’t confident enough to share. But as it stands, I’ve amassed quite the collection for you to peruse and cruise through at your leisure. It’s very, very long (and my side notes do not help whatsoever, haha) so sit tight, get a drink; you might be here for a while. Fics under the read more!

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Do you ever just…take a step back and really look at what it is that you’re shipping?

Captain Hook and Snow White’s daughter.

A Hunter and an Angel of the Lord.

What went wrong in my life that caused me to end up here.


Shipping This Ship To The Undying Lands

Harold Finch/John Reese, Person of Interest

Beth Greene made Daryl Dixon become a man

….or at least, that is how I understood Carol’s words. :D

I’m also highly amused because haven’t I been saying all this time that Beth held onto Daryl in ‘Still’ while he (symbolically) transformed from a grunting beast into a man??????

"The journey itself is more important than the destination. The struggle is what builds character and teaches us about ourselves and about life."

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Happy Birthday Otoribashi taichou~

Even with a star-shaped hole in your chest and after that over-imaginative quincy boy’s influence, I still believe you’re alive ^^

Night Time
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Chapter 26 - Clarity - of The Court of Five Thrones is up!

New tags: None, but there is an explicit discussion about Gwyn having assaulted Augus multiple times in the past (one that Gwyn doesn’t actually run away from).

In this chapter, we have some aftercare between Augus and Gwyn, Gulvi can’t do all that harm without there being some pretty serious damned consequences, and Augus gives Gwyn some bad news. Or perhaps more accurately: Augus gives Gwyn some news, and Gwyn takes it badly.

Chapter 26 - Clarity - is here at AO3

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my favourite thing about ava is that her smile could light up a room but holy fuck when she’s pissed off she gets scary

and I’m so happy I managed to achieve that in the game tbh


           Having given him her card, Serena had no idea when he would call, or if he would even call at all. When it came down to her inner emotions, the woman was hard to read: so when she had hardly shown interest in Silas, even giving out her card was a large step for her. She was a firm believer in letting things pan out by themselves, by her hand or others, and so having done her part, it was truly out of her hands. He had called, though. And now she was sitting in a coffee shop, scrolling through news articles as she waited for him to arrive.

Music Tag

so I was tagged by justmyunsaidthoughts (thanks friend!)

to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what was intended by the thing, but I like music, so I did the “put your itunes on shuffle and see what comes up” thing because I was curious…

  1. You are in love - Taylor Swift
  2. Clean - Taylor Swift
  3. Teetotalar’s Reel - Lissa Schneckenburger
  4. Never Got it Right - Heidi Barton Stink
  5. The Old Maid of Galway - Liz Carroll
  6. The Parting Glass - Frank Claudy
  7. Five Roads & Coming Dawn - Nightingale
  8. River - Joni Mitchell
  9. Cuatro Toran Polka - Bedlam
  10. Long Live - Taylor Swift

Take away - I listen to lots of random Irish music and Taylor Swift. And this is not exemplary of my music at all because there is no Nightwish…hrm…

anyways, people feel free to do this or not do it as you see fit yokothetypo fascinatedcatvevo scissormeotoya dreamers-calling spectrefox a-square-6-28-496 sisternightingalesagent aboxoftreasures mypx

and anyone else not tagged here that likes music…I got reallly lazy and stopped tagging, but consider yourself tagged…

Advice requested by : malenaoa

Where to go in New Zealand. 

Here are my absolute favourite and most inspiring destination picks for New Zealand. Firstly as mentioned time was tight. I will stick to the North island so that you can really capture so mind blowing sights and experience some jaw dropping experiences. 

Place number 1: Rotarua 

Rotorua is actually only half an our from my home town Tauranga however when asked of my favourite destinations I would pick this place by far regardless of the smell (rotten eggs) , there is so much there and its not just for tourists, as a native I go there so often just to appreciate the unbelievable sights there are, some of these include the most incredible geothermal valley. Below is a photo of just one of the stunning views and you are so close you can touch them, not that you want to they are over 100 degrees hot. It somewhere I would go ten times over and still be blown away. 

Whakarewarewa thermal valley

You can also experience some traditional Maori culture in Rotarua from watching the Haka live and many other shows that will give you a good idea about the culture of New Zealand, I am proud that my country has embraced the culture rather than shut them out. Its such a beautiful language and culture.  You can also try a hangi, please don’t miss out on this, it is the best food you will ever eat, you can see how they are made in my hang video I made when I learnt how to make one.  Link below:

Next is black water rafting this is in Taupo, you can see the amazing lake here and experience something that you couldn’t have dreamed of. 

Delving deep under ground through caves and in the best way possible, on black tubes. If you can’t deal with cold water maybe you should stay clear but honestly its worth it. The glow worms just light the room and you just lay in oar. 

I’ve done it twice and I will do it again. 

If you love lord of the rings like I do you will want to visit Matamata which was actually renamed as the home of Hobbiton. You can’t go to New Zealand and miss out on this. 

These are my recommendations for the moment, if you have other requests I am happy to offer my time.