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tbh I never expected this type of blog to show up for this fandom, BUT IM REALLY HAPPY BC THESE ARE ALL REALLY CUTE OMG////). So, may I request one for how your favorite characters show PDA to their significant other?(ノ´∀`)

To be honest, I never thought I would be running this blog but here I am! The  Eyeshield 21 fandom on Tumblr seems to be pretty small so I was worried nobody would find this blog! So, thank you very much for your support. I’m super stoked that you like all the posts so far; you made me very happy! Is everything really all right? One of my favorite characters?? How considerate of you my sweet! Is it okay if I say none?  I’ll do this for characters I picked at random. 


Yukimitsu: It is to be expected but Yukimitsu would not be keen on PDA. His significant other would be the affectionate one in their relationship. But, to his credit, he does try for his partner’s sake. When he does, Yukimitsu would opt for holding hands or quick kisses to the cheek. Holding hands never lasts long because his hands usually get sweaty then he becomes horribly embarrassed and pulls away from his partner, despite their protests. In order to make up for this, Yukimitsu puts effort into other areas of their relationship. Whenever tests and midterms come around, he takes it upon himself to become their personal tutor. To outsiders, it might seem like Yukimitsu became his partner’s secretary because of the way he kept on eye on their well being. This new attitude of his could have the opposite effect that he wanted; his partner would have to reassure him everything was perfect so he could lay off and give them space. In another attempt to make his partner happy, Yukimitsu would try to make them lunch. He would spend a lot of time studying bento boxes from which size is the best, to which decorations were the cutest and even researched complex recipes. The end result would be a success! He would be proud of himself and couldn’t wait to show his partner. Once he sees his partner’s thrilled face, everything would fall into place. The whole world was in order and this was where he was supposed to be. 

Ikkyu: He would be embarrassed all right, but he would be gung ho about PDA, though it didn’t start out that way. In the beginning of their relationship, Ikkyu would be shy and blush a lot and actually, his partner would have been the one to initiate the PDA. It would take some time but with his partner’s encouragement, he would open up and be more honest with his feelings. It would be an eye opening experience for him and he would be in this state of euphoria which would creep out the Shinryuuji Nagas. To be honest, Ikkyu would be proud that he managed to snag such a cute person to be his significant other; he would pat himself on the back whenever he thought that. Secretly, he would wonder how he ended up with his partner in the first place and not so secretly, his team mates wondered the same thing. Still, Ikkyu considered himself blessed and would make his feelings known to his partner every day. Anything goes for him but he would be drawn to hugs and cuddles. He would love the way he and his partner just fit together like they were meant to be—the mere thought would have him squealing in delight, in his mind anyways. However, Ikkyu would be weak to any PDA that was not so innocent; he would be putty in his partner’s hands. But when those situations arrived, Ikkyu would be a willing student and eager to please. 

Sena: Many people think he would be a complete mess with his partner, but that wasn’t entirely true. His partner would have to wait for Sena to settle down and help him come to terms that they are now an official couple. But, he would get into the swing of things easily and their relationship would be a steady one. Overall, PDA would be on the back burner and for Sena, he would just want to bask in his partner’s presence. He doesn’t feel the need to constantly touch his partner and the same thing applies for the reverse. He would like to keep PDA on the down low and instead save their moments of intimacy for just the two of them. To him, it would feel more personal like an ethereal connection that no one else could touch. He would indulge his partner if they wanted to hold him but it would not be a constant thing. At most, he would hold hands with a loose grip or just link their fingers together. This wouldn’t be public but what Sena would love to receive are massages. After a tough day at practice, this would be the perfect way for him to unwind. Sena would melt into the warmth from his partner’s hands, kneading out all the knots in his shoulders. When his partner would start massaging his legs, Sena would stifle a giggle but he would just break out into a laughing fit when his partner began to touch his feet. Afterwards, Sena would fall asleep, curling up against his partner’s chest. Simple moments likes this are what Sena loves the most. 


// so far today I’ve managed to go to the gym, run 3 miles, play ‘spa day’ at the barn on three horses, clean out my car, write a paper, play ‘sap day’ with the one dog I managed to catch, finished all my errands and it’s only 1 pm. What up, productivity. It’s been a while.

Here’s a funny thing, though: the fact that the vast majority of my time has been spent talking to Dillon, or driving, or watching movies, or having sex, or just sitting with him - usually, talking. But that’s not on the list of “boredom stuff” because it’s not boring, not even a conscious expense of time; that’s just being. That’s like braiding my own synapses together with another half of my brain: some outside mind I am slowly more aligned to. I’m existing. I’m happy. I’m lucid, and in love. A truly repellant, disgusting state of bliss.


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