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ship meme: Kiliel! AND... Tauriel/Bard!

(Kiliel will be italic and Tauriel/Bard will be regular)

  • Which one is the big/little spoon? Tauriel is the big spoon and Kíli is the little one
    Bard is the big spoon and Tauriel is the little one (although sometimes they switch sides)
  • Who meets whose family first? Tauriel met Kíli’s first (minus Dís)
    Tauriel was the first one here, too
  • Which one loves the rain? I’d say Tauriel, because she loves nature and everything in it. Both with Kíli and with Bard, I guess
  • Which one cried during a Disney movie? Both of them, although they played the “there’s something in my eye”-trick to hide it.
    Probably Tauriel, because Bard saw so many Disney movies with his children that now he is kind of immune. Not in every cases, though.
  • Who puts cold hands/feet on their partner when they’re mad at them or feeling playful? Kíli.
  • Who loves food? Both of them, although I think Kíli a little bit more.
    Both of them.
  • Who’s the nostalgic one that brings up stuff that the other doesn’t even remember? Tauriel, in both cases, as elves can easily go nostalgic .
  • Who takes really long showers when the other one is in a rush? Both of them, because sometimes Kíli likes to annoy Tauriel with spending as much time in the bathroom as an elf does.

  • Who said I love you first? Kíli, because Tauriel always thought it would be too awkward if she said it first.
    Tauriel. It slipped out of her mouth.

  • Which one thought it’d be a good idea to stock up on Doritos? Kíli.
  • Which one wants to dye their hair crazy colors? Definitely Kíli.
    None of them; it would be the Bardlings’ idea.

  • Who is more likely to watch and enjoy and a chick-flick? Tauriel
    Tauriel (with Sigrid and Tilda), although there are a few that Bard likes, too.

  • Which one is more of a nerd? I’d say Tauriel, in both cases
  • Who’s the more protective one? Tauriel.

  • Who’s the most emotional? Probably Tauriel in both cases.

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damedehaans & malialtate asked: Isaac or Augustus?

Come over here so I can examine your face with my hands and see deeper into your soul than any sighted person ever could.

Doctor Who (Eleventh Doctor’s) significant objects/milestones


The Samezuka Swim Club Retirement Tradition has been on Ai’s mind since he became captain… Keep those muscles at work, Ai-chan and you’ll eventually get them Perfect Body! xD


"Oh, no no, that’s not a question I need answered."

okay, so, I know the party scene clip was super edited and chopped up and obviously had bits left out and there’s no reason to believe that what we did see was even put back together in the right order - but I still can’t get over the fact that they cut from Natasha’s line straight to this Thor reaction shot. I still can’t stop seeing that look as “eh, you might be surprised,” like, “yeah, you probably can’t move it, but you might surprise yourself.” because if there’s anyone who knows what it’s like to not be worthy, it’s Thor - more important than that though, if there’s anyone who’s intimately acquainted with what it’s like to become worthy, it’s Thor (hell, he’s got an entire movie devoted to it). and it’s obvious to him that none of the others will be able to lift Mjolnir - not “I. Am. Iron. Man.”-Tony, not good-soldier-Rhodey, not always-angry-Bruce, not Maria and her secrets, not Clint and his leftover guilt, not even Steve, still reeling from the loss of his world and stuck in this new future one, wrapped up in worries about Bucky.

but Natasha, Natasha, who has been through hell and kept going, Natasha, who has thought nothing could ever make amends for what she’s done and kept trying, Natasha, who has taken on gods and monsters alike, who has used her own body as a shield for others when there was nothing else left and kept fighting - if there’s anybody else in that room who is worthy, it just might be Natasha, and Thor knows it.


we’re creatures of the underworld. we can’t afford to love.

UNUSUAL HOARD commission for matt - isnt this more of an abstract concept oh well


If all this was a work of fiction… the guys who go to nationals would be the protagonists, and the rest of us would just be extras. But, regardless… we got to play… volleyball.

UNUSUAL HOARD commission for crimsonwolves of a whole lotta lizards


ten and rose + tongue (for anonymous)