When he first opens his eyes, the lights are too bright, making him blink repeatedly and use one of his hands to shield his eyes from it.  After a moment, however, he gets used to them and starts looking around. He knows this place well, has spent must of his life here and yet, it looks very different. Maybe because he has eyes to see and not just coding to percive the space around him. 

Slowly, he tries to get up, wobbling a little like a child just learning to walk which is not very different from him since this is the first time he has a set of legs instead of four wheels to move around so he does what he saw that red haired girl do in that movie about mermaids and spreads his arms, trying to get some balance but he fails and falls down to the floor and it hurts. It actually hurts. So he chuckles lightly and sits down on the floor, rubbing his knee. It’s an odd reaction, to laugh at pain but this is his first time feeling something and it’s marvellous. 

He tries again, this time using a table to steady himself. The metal is cold against his palm, just like like floor on his bare feet. He wonders who dressed him and why did they forgot socks but it doesn’t matter because he is standing up properly and slowly taking tiny steps. One after the other until he reaches the door. 

He opens it, using the code he has learned since he was a robot and looks up at the set of stairs that lead out of the lab. Carefully, he climbs one, two, three, four steps and a smile appears on his lips. On the fifth step, however, he loses his balance and falls down with a loud crash. This time is not fun, it’s just plain painful so he sits there, a bruise forming in his knee, holding his wrist.

This is a lot harder than I thought.


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