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PSA for DMMd fandom,

Hey guys I know a lot of us are +18 and have played all the game and gone through all the routes + scenes and seen all the NSFW content. But some of us are not +18 in the fandom. That’s mostly due to the anime coming out as PG13. I’ve met fans that are 14 and haven’t played the game and have only seen the anime which is totally okay. So lets keep that in mind and stop bullying the younger fans aka stop trying to get them out of the fandom. Just tag things correctly and make sure you’re talking about the NSFW content with followers that are of age to be talking about those things. If you’re going to be part of the ‘mature’ part of the fandom, then act like it. 


We have these blogs for you guys, to entertain you while being our own odd selves and hopefully put a smile to your faces, and we are here for each and every one of you. If ANY of my followers need someone to talk to I promise my inbox will always be open for you no matter how long it takes we’ll all get through whatever hardship is currently occurring. 

Okay, so, I never thought I’d make one of these, but my dash is getting a bit stale, and I need more variety.

So, if you post a lot of

Mass Effect (any of the games)
Fable (any of the games)
Saints Row (any of the games)
The Witcher
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Her legs bounced against the gravel underneath her feet like the concrete was a trampoline. The tiny rabbit had hopped far and long, desperately searching for her alternate mother and father. But to no avail.

She did not possess her father’s ability to detect mana signatures. In fact, she possessed no abilities from her father. All she inherited were the good and bad points of being a moon rabbit. While she was happy about this most of the time, right now she would have loved the ability of detection. At least then she could-

Her ears twitched as chills ran down her spine. oh no…

The young rabbit ducked, barely avoiding an attack as she pressed her feet into the ground and sped forward. In the air she caught sight of her attacker.

“…Ahhhhhh WHY DO YOU KEEP STALKING ME YOU CREEPER!!” The tiny child shook her arms in anger as she stood face to face with the bane of her existence; Astral Trinity.

Okay. Here’s the deal with anonymous asks.

I refuse to be attacked by cowards who won’t attach their names. So until further notice, it stays off. I won’t announce when it’s coming back, it’ll just be back on at some point.

Until then, if you don’t want your ask published, tell us and we will answer privately. If it’s something that we feel needs to be public, we will copy it and make a text post with no username attached.

Personal attacks on any of my mods will be deleted. We are not here to be bullied.

I’m sorry that it had to come to this, because really, most of you are not assholes. But the few assholes have ruined it for everyone, so until further notice this is how things will be.

I will queue this a few times so everyone has a chance to see it. Once again, I apologize to those of you who were not abusing the anonymous feature.


anonymous asked:

I hate when people use terrible things happening in other countries as a reason for feminism in the US/UK/Canada/etc. "Women in the Middle East/Africa/etc have no rights and that's why I need it here to bully men to shut their legs." Guess what? We don't have those things happening or legal in the US. Congrats, you won! Calm the hell down and stop using people with real problems as a shield for your victim complex.

bvb tumblr dot com fans up here reblogging ugly quotes from irrelevant players talking about how bayern is a ‘pissmanschaft’, supporting your ugly pro-nazi stadium fans, clapping at your ugly ass racist and homophobic goalkeeper and deadass cheering when your ugly wannabee second goalkeeper gave robert a concussion and a broken face, making up every excuse under the sun for reus and his criminal driving records, and bvb fans not on tumblr dot com up here vandalizing stadiums, bullying götze and his family members to where his lil bro moved out of his school, being very openly anti gay, destroying other teams’ buses and stadiums bc y’all think it’s so cool and edgy and you wanna tell me bvb fans have heart???? angelic fanbase??? players????

how about y’all fucking drop with your ugly broke ass fanbase you’re literally the most disgusting fanbase


because then I will promptly OUT YOU as an ASSHOLE and
make it difficult for you to find RP with anyone. unless they
tolerate your shit, then by all means go ahead. I have no
time for bullying here, whether it be me on the receiving end
or anyone. whether close or not I care about people in this
community and I am not going to stand by and watch as
you try to bring them down because you are a sad piece
of human trash
 that feels the need to make everyone else
feel like shit because of your own inability to mature.


Alright fandom listen up.
As of today i have had five blogs tell me that there is an anon going around screen caping their blogs and spreading false accusations of them being pedophiles.
Um, yeah. Not f*ing cool.
This has got to stop.
Everybody on this site gets so up in arms about cyber bullying. Well here you f*ing go. One of these bloggers is very traumatized by these accusations and is not in a good state of mind at this moment.
So far the blogs have been Harry and Zayn blogs and the only thing all five have in common is that they are on the older side of the fandom and have made their ages known.
I think this is something we can all put our differences aside for.
This is stuff people can hurt themselves over.
How ever you do it get this info out. Let people know.

nerdstrings asked:

You "like the attention and it’s a little addictive" – is that specific to your experiences with Sam? And, since I'm fairly certain Gabriel wouldn't hesitate to follow through on that lifetime tickle-creature deal were you to dodge answering, why don't you tell us about the best(/worst/favorite) time Sam has ever gotten you good?

Oh. My. God. What is with you people? I’m getting bullied here.

I don’t - it’s not exactly specific to Sam, okay? I don’t know, it’s just fun now, when people do it, because they’re all finally learning what my limits are and why I would get upset before if they tickled me. Now they know not to surprise me and when I’ve had enough so it’s not stressful anymore. It’s nice to interact with people in a way that doesn’t involve tablets or torture - well, bad torture, I mean. But Sam is different and I dunno know why but sometimes I sort of encourage it without being obvious. Moving on!

…okay the second part of this ask is even worse. The abuse continues…

My best experience with Sam was actually the end result of a prank from Gabriel (do NOT tell him that). I’d been thinking to myself about how Sam was a worse tickler. Immediately after I thought it, Gabriel teleported me into Sam’s closet, with my arms and legs tied together straight up and down, and my wrists looped over the clothes bar in the closet. Then he shut the door and left me there and I was going to start yelling for someone to come get me but Sam came in and then these feathers started magically tickling me all over.

I didn’t want Sam to find me like that so I tried to stay quiet, hoping he’d leave, but he sat down at his desk and started writing, and meanwhile these feathers were driving me CRAZY, they were everywhere, even my feet because the bar was a little high so I was on my toes.

Eventually some of the feathers for my waist and belly button at the same time and I ended up making a noise and there was Sam, opening the door with a gun in his hand. And the feathers kept going for a minute while I tried to explain that it was Gabriel’s idea and would he please get me down.

Sam just… Grinned at me, then brushed the feathers away. But before I could be relieved, he unhooked me from the bar and picked me up like I was nothing, which was …interesting, and he carried me over to his bed and laid me on it, still tied up, and started tickling me like you wouldn’t BELIEVE. He was just brutal. He went over everything, armpits and ribs and hips and legs and feet, and he teased at my belly and waist but saved really torturing them for last. I was dying with laughter, I mean it was driving me crazy, and at one point he started using his tongue on my belly button at the same time he was tickling my sides and I was screaming laughter. Someone came to knock on the door to see what was going on but Sam just sent them away and carried on tickling. And tickling, and tickling. And watching me the whole time and laughing at me and teasing that he’d never seen anyone so ticklish in his life and he’d have to thank Gabriel later.

He didn’t stop until I was totally exhausted and begging and then he just hugged me for a minute until I got my breath and I actually fell asleep like that - what, I was exhausted! - and when I woke up, the restraints on my arms and legs were finally off and I’d been put under the covers in Sam’s bed while he sat at his desk reading.

Okay that’s it, you bullies! Hope you’re finally satisfied!

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I think that meme got so wide spread a lot of people aren’t aware of its cyber bullying origins.

Very true. For example, a person on this site I speak quite often with messages came into my askbox and referenced an earlier fandom cyberbullying incident as a joke. I let them know the whole situation, and their response as essentially, “wow I had no idea I feel really bad, I can’t believe I was contributing on accident.”

What spurned this post, however, was a post I saw off that main “meme” thread in which someone was informed “hey this has roots in cyberbullying,” and the person in question rationalized it away said “oh that’s too bad but clearly they spoke English okay” and used this as an excuse to continue enjoying the meme.