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What Type Is Your Pet?: I’m an incorrigible “dog guy” (probably because of that “unconditional positive regard” thing). My most recent canine buddy, Cooper, was a Pembroke Corgi. Like many of his herding-breed ilk, he had a strong sense of “how it’s supposed to be” and seemed driven to enforce this qualitative judgment. There’s an old saying from the days when it was common for farmers to have herding dogs to help with the livestock: “Never send a dog to tend to the animals alone, for they lack judgment.” A well-trained herding dog is fully capable of moving a herd without supervision under normal circumstances. It’s when they have to respond to something different that their judgment can’t be trusted. And without livestock to tend to, Cooper’s judgment often went awry. For example, once he got it into his head (for reasons that I could never understand) that I should not go where I was heading in the house, he would do everything in his power to convince me to turn around. I’ve never met any creature more attuned to emotional harmonics, nor so compelled to react to them. If I got angry about being herded, even though my behavior didn’t change, he would instantly escalate to adversarial tactics. But if I remained calm and empathetic, I could slowly talk him down from his herding frenzy. His preferred Judging function was clearly extraverted feeling (Fe), and in fact, I would go so far as to say it was the only Judging function he ever engaged. His sense of “harmony” also depended greatly upon familiarity. He was a huge fan of routine. When family members were engaged in normal activities in the usual locations, he would happily and calmly hang out with us. When we weren’t, he was alert and anxious. Talking on the phone, for some reason, was on his “not OK” list, and when it rang he always barked and tried to prevent me from answering it—resulting in many awkward explanations to clients. He was at his best when engaged in familiar tasks, and seemed conflicted and somewhat dysfunctional when the routine was broken. He found comfort in surrounding himself with his favorite toys. All this is typical of introverted sensing (Si), and since he was definitely an extravert, one might be tempted to type Cooper as ESFJ. But his extraverted sensing (Se) was as developed and present as his Si. When I played soccer with him, for example, he picked up on the tiniest nuances of my body language and seemed to move to intercept the ball before even I knew where I was going to kick it. It makes sense to me that his pack heritage might select for extraverted feeling; and that his ancestors’ survival as predators would have depended on acute Sensing in any form, with perhaps a touch of intuition.
His predecessor was Cocoa, a Miniature Poodle. Cocoa bonded selectively and deeply. I was used to big dogs for my entire prior life, but Cocoa grabbed my heart like no other. He operated from a core value of loyalty, above all else. His trust in his immediate family was absolute. And he once tried to take on a beaver three times his size that he perceived as a threat to me. Thus, I saw a clear preference for introverted feeling (Fi) in him. Like any dog, he had Sensing skills; but they seemed introverted to me. He had a strong sense of what was coming next, based on past experience. Every day, when I would come home from work, I would hear the bump—bump—bump of his ball bouncing down the stairs as soon as I came through the door. He had been waiting for me at the top of the stairs; and pushed the ball over the edge to remind me that it was now playtime. This Si focus sometimes came at the expense of noticing his current reality (an Se focus), resulting occasionally in comical or even dangerous clumsiness. He once jumped blindly out of a second floor window because he heard me outside; and another time, he crashed into a picnic table chasing a ball.
I rarely see full human-like typologies in my canine friends; but I do see very clear portrayals of the function-attitudes. They often manifest in animals in such simple and “pure” form that I feel like I’ve been given a glimpse of how our human typologies may have evolved, and at what the function-attitudes “look like” without the complex dynamics and conscious obfuscation of human personalities.
What type characteristics do you see in your pets? How do they demonstrate their typology? What have you learned about type and human personality from your pets?

Header Image: Franz Marc, “Die vier Begleithunde des Prinzen Jusuff” (“The Four Companion Dogs of Prince Jusuff”), (1913).

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Small herding dogs can go to hell though I didn’t realize until I started this job that corgis are literally the worst dogs ever conceived of

No I specifically want a Great Pyrenees and nothing else because, I don’t know, I’ve fallen in love with giant herding dogs and also I think they are beautiful

Riddle # 4

I am a faithful vigilant guardian, always watching the house; In the deep night, I walk through the unseeing shadows, For I do not lose the sight of my eyes, even in black caverns. Against the hateful thieves who ravage the stores of grain, I ambush, I silently set a snare of death. A roaming huntress, I invade the lairs of wild beasts, But I do not wish to chase fleeing herds alongside dogs who bark and bring cruel war against me. What am I?

Henry answered: Cats

The answer is..Cats! Congratulations on your second correct riddle!

Two down, two to go….

Dream State

This is a dream that I had the other day turned short story =P 

              My feet feel unstable enough to make me look down. I find that I’m wobbly because I’m standing on a stone road that’s winding up a mountain. There are trails of people behind me and in front of me for as far as my eye can see, about 1000 meters before distant fog begins to cloud my vision; they remind me of cattle slowly climbing the hills at the request of their herding dog- or tourists lost in their distracting attraction. None of them have recognizable or distinctive features. Nameless, faceless people wandering around this winding mountain stretch for reasons I have yet to understand.

              The sky sucks all the light from the land conforming it into darkness, the ocean roars off the steep side of the mountain spraying its cool mist onto the land as we climb to our unknown destination. The atmosphere is drab and dense and my body aches from toxic inhibitions that leave my body tired and cloudy. I try to turn and ask where we are or what we are doing but nothing comes out. It’s as if my voice had been taken from my throat; I’m helpless in a body I cannot control in a crown of people I don’t know. Where was I before this, and how did I get here?

              Looking around I notice the road is paved with round stones of different neutral colors, along the eastern edge of the road there are side barriers crafted out of layered brick creating a seemed barricade between the road and the cliff forming the steep side of the mountain. The rest of the mountain is a variation of black rock and lush green grass that radiates like emerald despite the absence of sun or the vortex of clouds amassing over the dark blue ocean. The damp heaviness of the air tells me that a storm is rolling in. Yet, I’m puzzled by the presence of people collecting on the far beach as if they are waiting for something to arrive.

              I continue to climb for what seems like an eternity never to reaching comfort or home, never compiling a better understand of where I am going or why I am here, just walking one foot in front of the other moment after moment as time seems to lay idle. I curl into my jacket as the frigid breeze of the ocean encompasses my body- the slight thought of my home gives me comfort in the darkened boulevard of nameless faces.  

              Anticipation consumes my mind, I recognize that I am on a mission; I can feel it in my bones that I have a destination. The horizon gives me comfort like the rising sun in the morning- I just need to get there. Somewhere. After the eternal perpetuity of a never ending climb to a nameless destination I grow tired and weary, questioning my capacity to sustain my own vulnerability in this moment. In a second of doubt my egoism grabs hold of my body and I find myself at the ledge. I’m standing miles above the surface watching thousands of people collect on a beach. Some kids are playing, some people are running and jumping as if they are in their glory, but mostly the adults are standing, listless faces consumed by the blackness of the distant sky along the far off horizon. All I see are blank faces.

              One of the cattle bumps into as if I didn’t exist, forcing both him and I into a stumble. He corrects himself continuing on as if it never happed. I struggle to find my voice, deep down inside the deepest parts of my chest I find a vibration that speaks: “Where the hell am I?” Upon uttering that very question aloud A fire sparks in me that questions my very reality, an incandescent burning flame in my stomach ignites a clarity in my spirit that I have never known- everyone is asleep. The fog starts to dissipate from the horizons and I find a light inside of me that helps me find my answer; I’m going to jump. Before I have a moment to question my sanity, or my situation, or my surroundings I’m running towards the ledge, my right foot is off in the air and I am falling.

              In a twirling pool of vibrant colors the form of the land becomes formless, I loose all sense of direction. I know I am falling but I have no understanding of what is up and what is down. Floating in an abyss of color I begin to make forms out of the formless and the colors begin to dull.

I find myself standing at the entrance of my house, I don’t know how I know this is my house but it is. My clear sliding glass door is replaced by a brown beaten down one paneled door with a stained glass window. There are rust marks in the door with moss covering the bottom half of the door. The house is partially buried into a hill and I find myself standing at the lowest part of the house gaining access from an obvious basement door.  I press firmly turning the handle in an attempt to open it. The hinges release a high-pitched scream as the door slowly creaks open revealing the dark abandon inside of this mysterious home. The room is dark and smells of moldy basement, a familiarity falls upon me as if I had just buried my sorrows into my mother’s embrace. Yet, I am in a destitute residence that comforts my reprise and ignorance with unfamiliar acquaintance.

              The carpets are short in door out door carpet that spans the entire livable area of the home. My fluency of this place is confusing because I have no recollection of ever being here, but somehow I’ve been here before—the basement of a dwelling so familiar yet I cannot rout its existence in my memory. The home is furnished as if it had been lived in for years. A humble abode manned by an unfamiliar aspect of myself that I had never known existed. Taking a few steps into the hallway the walls catch my attention: they are all white with no discernable features or comforting decorations. The atmosphere is dingy and cold as if concrete blocks were the only structure providing a barrier dividing me from the cold dirt outside.

To my left I find a wooden door that is ajar. The mattress is dressed with a comforter sewn with floral print and pink sheets thrown about as if they were just slept in, clothes lay on the floor hiding the carpet, and the room smells of old laundry. Tall dressers rest on the eastern wall with each drawer vomiting more clothes into the already deep sea of laundry masking the floor.  Having no recognition of whose bedroom this is I begin to feel intrusive and slowly exit exploring each room masked by the blanket of darkness.

              Stepping into the second room I find two beds placed next to opposite walls, though this time there are no clothes on the floor and the beds are neatly made with black and blue checkered comforters, and all the clothes tightly tucked away in the closet. From the entrance of the door yellow light permeates from the seams in the closet drawing me closer like an addict to it’s vice. As I open the door yellow light engulfs my body flooding the rest of the room with a radiance that hasn’t been present moments before. As the door swings open it slams against the wall behind it creating a loud bang that echoes through the rest of the house, I immediately jump as the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Something or someone is standing behind me. My body is consumed by terror at the thought of no longer being alone. I can feel their warmth radiating from them, filling me and consuming me. I no longer feel cold. I quickly turn to see who is there only to find that I’m alone again and the feelings of comfort and am warmth gone.

              I exit the room back into the colorless hallway to find two more rooms, the last room on the left looks just like the first one I had encountered just smaller. No windows, just white walls without any decoration, clothes all over the floor with a disgruntled comforter resting on an obviously slept in bed. Without any obvious signs of who lives in this second to last room I head towards the far wall where there is a cracked door with blue light that I hadn’t noticed before radiating from the door frame. Is this where the people are? Is this what I felt standing behind me before?

              I grasp the door handle in an attempt to open the door when my hand suddenly begins tingling as if I had been sleeping on it for the past hour, I freeze in place as an unbearably high pitch ringing sounds flows through my body. After several moments the door swings open and I bear witness to yet another messy room void of light. However, after sitting there in awe for a while something small and square catches my eye. On the east wall there is a little mirror with a torn picture nestled tightly in the top right corner of the frame. This room unlike the rest of them has one red wall with a antique rectangle mirror that is framed by gold flowers. In the top right corner of the mirror rests a small square photo with a person’s lower body dressed in jeans and a white T-shirt.  The picture appears to be taken in the back of the house where I had first entered, but the person standing in the picture has no face- it had been torn in half and the one thing that led to the identity of the person in the picture gone. Looking closer I see what appears to be another person standing in the picture, unable to tell the identity of the smaller person I reach to pull the picture from the frame. Grasping the picture it feels ancient and brittle and before I could alter my intentions to look closer to analyze it, it turns to dust. As the particle of the paper hit the ground a child screams as if he were being forcibly taken away from the comfort of his mother.

              I turn quickly to the door and sprint towards the sound. Running past the doorframe into the hallway the room begins to grow longer as a rainbow of light begins washing out any discernable fixtures. The white walls turn a pale blue and I begin to lose my footing. My existence becomes intangible as my surroundings become consumed by light.

              The next thing I know I am standing next to two other people, a man and a woman. The woman has sad down turned eyes and the man refuses to make eye contact with me. The woman has long brown hair with yellow light brown eyes, a narrow face, and high cheekbones. She has a slender build with an antagonizing look of anger on her face. But she doesn’t look at me; she looks past me at a dark room. I turn quickly to see another door, the sound of movement in the room confuses me and I step inside. Upon entering the room I find that I am in the boiler room of a basement with cement walls and floors with on dangling yellow light providing light. The distant walls appear dark and shadowy. I hesitate for a moment before going any further. The beating of my heart consumes my ears as the rush of blood floods to my head. The room begins to turn red as my pulse rate increases. Malevolence is present in the room and my security comes in question. Scratching at the floor catches my attention and pulls me from my mind. I look to the floor to see a medium sized mouse running across the floor. Though I knew it was a mouse it was unlike any mouse that I had ever seen before. The body was long and plump with a hairless black tail. The body covered in white and black hair with big round ears the size of half dollars. I hear a child scream again, I turn quickly to find the woman staring at me with black eyes. She can see me, and this time her face was dark with red pockets collecting under her eyes. Her skin begins changing from pale skin tone to a dark grey. Her head grew more oval in shape with a pointed tip at the top of her head. Her eyes grew into a complete blackness that consumed me if I looked too hard. My heart skipped a beat, I squeezed my eyes closed and thought of the beach that I had just come from.

              The timely sound of crashing waves and impish laughter caused me to force my eyes open. I was no longer staring at a malevolent grey banshee, I was staring at the dark blue water from the shore I had been at eons ago.  

I wake up.

#Hazel_Bear got sent to Corgi Herding Boot Camp (Dog Park) yesterday to whip up her herding skills. Those Drill Sargeants are really going to whip #hazelb into shape to be a fit member of the Corgi Herding Corps! Semper Corg!

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Meet Shep, the drone that can herd sheep

Being a shepherd, is a hard job. It is also a very old job; it is believed that people have started keeping sheep around 5000 years ago. Not much has actually changed in that job for all this years until now. Herding is traditionally done using dogs and there even are dog herding competitions. Well now, dogs can have some rest as a shepherd in Ireland used a drone called Shep to do the same job. Maybe a new type of herding competitions should be organised now, using drones! Details on the drone that was used to do this are not available, but we guess he might have used a relatively large quadcopter, like the Typhoon.

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These Creatures Actually Exist On Earth

Here’s further proof that it’s a wild and wonderful world. Some of these animals seem like they’re characters from a Sci-Fi movie about Mars, others look like they’re from another dimension…but all of them are here on earth. Prepare to be blown away.


Bergamasco Shepherd

These herding dogs were bred for the freezing Alps and have evolved to possess thick dreaded coats.


Ankole longhorns and their massive horns have survived in Africa for thousands of years. Their horns are used in defense and cooling and can weigh up to 100 pounds each and reach 8 feet from tip to tip.

Dumbo Octopus

The ear-like fins of this octopus have earned it the name “Dumbo.” The octopus lives at extreme depths of 10,000 to 11,000 feet, searching for worms and other crustaceans at the seafloor.

Irrawaddy Dolphin

Irrawaddy dolphins are found in coastal areas in South and Southeast Asia. These animals are known for their bulging forehead and short beak, giving them a far stranger appearance than other dolphins.

Saiga Antelope

The saiga is a critically endangered antelope that inhabits the Eurasian steppe, including Dzungaria and Mongolia. Its strange nose is extremely flexible and helps to filter out dust kicked up by the migrating herd.

Red-Lipped Batfish

Batfish are found in the waters around the Galapagos Islands, but are terrible swimmers. Instead, the fish have learned to walk the ocean floor on their fins.

Chinese Water Deer

Chinese Water Deer have earned the nickname “Vampire Deer” for their prominent tusks, which are used in territorial battles.

Pyura Chilensis (The Living Rock)

It can be difficult to believe, but these “rocks” are living, breathing organisms. Their appearance allows them to blend into Chilean beaches and avoid predators. Interestingly, these creatures have both male and female organs and can breed individually.

Pacu Fish

The Pacu Fish, native to South America, is nicknamed the “ball cutter” by local male fishermen, who fear swimming in the water because of the animals human-like smile.

Glaucus Atlanticus

Called the “blue dragon”, this fantastical creature is actually a one inch long sea slug. Commonly found off the East and South Coast of South Africa and Australia, divers should beware the powerful sting of this beast.

Bearded Vulture

These beautiful birds inhabit Everest, the Himalayas and other mountainous regions in Europe and Asia. They were nearly eradicated because people used to fear that bearded vultures would attack lambs and children, and now, the WWF estimates only 10,000 are left.

Eastern Long-Necked Turtle

These turtles with a rather literal name can be found throughout Australia. Their remarkable necks can reach the same length as their shells, or around 10 inches.

Surinam Toad

Native to South America, the leaf-like appearance of the surinam is a natural defense against predators. The toads have a unique breeding method, where the male plants fertilized eggs into the back of the female who carries them until they emerge from pockets in her skin.

Sarcastic Fringeheads

While the name would have you think otherwise, these fish are far more vicious than they are sarcastic. Found in the waters off the West Coast of America, fringeheads can grow 12 inches long and have eerily large mouths, which they press up against each others, as if kissing, to assert authority.

Chrysopelea (The Flying Snake)

In what is many people’s worst nightmare, this serpent climbs trees and then jumps down. By flattening its body and flaring out its ribs, the snake can glide through the air.

Ring-tailed Cat

Ring-tailed cats are a member of the raccoon family, native only to arid regions of North America. The ringtail is said to be so easy to domesticate that miners and settlers once kept them in their cabins as companions and vermin hunters, earning the name “miner’s cat.”


Deep in the waters off the coast of Australia and Tasmania is the ‘unique’ blobfish. The flesh of a blobfish is a gelatinous mass that’s less dense than water, giving the fish its unique look, and allowing it to float above the seafloor without swimming.

Lowland Streaked Tenrec

Found only in the rainforests of Madagascar, this strange creature is somewhat similar to a porcupine. The barbs on the animal’s back act as both a defensive measure and a complex communication system. The quills produce a faint chattering sound when vibrated and families learn to talk through this sound.


Enypniastes is a deep sea cucumber which leaves nothing to the imagination and lives at depths of up to 16,400 feet. The red area is the animal’s mouth. Around it are tentacles, which scoop up edible mud from the seafloor. From there, it enters the creatures gut.

Gobi Jerboa

The Gobi Jerboa is a species of rodents found in China and Mongolia. Jerboas have kangaroo-like hind legs which make the creature an amazing runner and jumper. Along with disproportionately large ears and tails, which enhance hearing and balance, this is a truly bizarre creature.

Japanese Spider Crab

This arthropod can reach heights of 12 feet tall and weigh up to 42 pounds, all while moving like a spider – yikes! The crabs are only found in the waters off the island of Honshū.

Frilled shark

In the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans this prehistoric beast boasts 300 trident-shaped teeth, aligned in 25 rows to rip through any prey. Scientists also believe that the frilled shark breaks the record for gestation periods amongst sharks, taking three and a half years to give birth.


These 20 foot long lizards weigh in at 350 pounds and used to dominate all major river systems, where their long, thin jaws proved adept at hunting and eating fish. Overfishing by humans has seen these reptiles reduced to 2% of their former strength.

Yeti Crab

Only recently discovered in 2005, not much is known about this hairy crustacean found in the South Pacific Ocean.

Snub Nosed Monkey

David Attenborough once remarked that these marvelous monkeys look like “elves” and others like “plastic surgery gone too far.” Found in Asia, at heights of up to 13,000 feet, these primates with a short stump of a nose are rarely spotted.



The barreleye, found at depths of 2000 feet in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, is most notable for its transparent head and highly sensitive eyes. The green lenses above each eye allow the fish to filter out what little sunlight makes it down to these depths and focus on the lights of its prey.


Gerenuk comes from the Somali language and means “giraffe-necked.” To feed from taller branches, gerenuks will stand on their hind legs.

Goblin Shark

The terrifying goblin shark measures between 8 and 13 feet and was first discovered in 1898. Referred to as a ‘living fossil,’ these terrifying animals are the only surviving member of a 125 million year-old family.

Mantis Shrimp

The colorful mantis shrimp spends most of its life tucked away in burrows and holes, meaning that we know very little about them. Ancient Assyrians referred to the creatures as “sea locustus”, while more recently they have been called “prawn killers” and “thumb splitters,” because of their extremely powerful claws. The shrimp is capable of breaking through aquariums by moving at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.

Star-Nosed Mole

Native to North America are these strange moles with alien-like tentacles on their noses. Living most of their lives underground, these animals are a rare sight to humans as well as mostly blind. Their tentacles give them an extremely good sense of touch and can also detect the minute electrical fields given off by their prey.


The aye-aye is a nocturnal lemur native only to Madagascar. The creature has rodent-like teeth which it uses to chew small holes into trees and then uses its narrow fingers to pull grubs out.

Panda Ant

This fluffy creature with panda markings is actually a type of wingless wasp from South America. It has only been spotted a handful of times but it is known to have a potent sting.

Leaf-Tailed Gecko

Can you spot the lizard in the first image? The leaf-tailed gecko is a master of disguise found in Madagascar. With a leaf-shaped tail, it can blend into dense jungle.

Alright story time. I got Juanito (the turtle) from my mom’s friend summer of 2014. However, my mom’s friend failed to mention that Juanito waS A GOD DAMN ESCAPE ARTIST! THIS FUCKER WAS SO GOOD AT HIDING THAT I LOST HIM IN MY OWN BACKYARD THE FIRST DAY I GOT HIM! My family and I looked all over the yard (which really isn’t that big) for Juanito, but we never found him. Come spring of 2015 my mom decided to hire some dudes to remodel the backyard (aka rip out most of the plants and replace it with rock), and when i got back home i herd my dog barking. I go into the yard and see what my dog was barking at. It was Juanito. Bigger than the last time i saw him and alive. My friends joked that the reason he escaped was so that he could train so that he could kill me one day. I didn’t think they would right.