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having a Mitsunari is a very big responsibility. Imagine trying to make sure he /eats/. He seems the sort to forget to eat. So caught up in serving Lord Hideyoshi that he just doesn’t eat.

Things you are stuck doing if you find yourself responsible for a Mitsunari:

  • making sure he eats
  • making sure he BATHES (he is at least capable of bathing himself if you tell him to so ok it’s like having an eight year old instead of having a three year old)
  • keeping him from killing anyone
  • fending off noise complaints from your neighbors. and your neighbors on the next block
  • re-directing his ridiculous energy to something non-destructive, like you’re keeping a herding dog in an apartment

Also, a sure sign my aussie needs some exercise: he dumped the trashcan for the bassets to pilfer through. >.< He’s never done this before, but in his defense there has been some pretty big changes taking place. And, as a herding dog, it’s been hard on him. I can’t really blame him. He’s been excellent thus far and is by far the most sensitive of our three dogs. 

Him being antsy is a sure sign he needs some quality running time with momma. 

So I guess we are running tomorrow morning!

That was exciting, my cat escaped from the yard D: just for a minute

I wouldn’t have found him if my dog wasn’t with me, he knows he’s not allowed out of the yard either but he chased my cat down and herded him back.

Figures, he’s a corgi, a sheep herding dog. Cats are tiny sheep-lings


Dog herding sheep at causey farm

A Message to All Dog Owners

Please please read this, especially if you own any kind of herding dog.

DO NOT I repeat DO NOT use Advantage Flea preventatives on your dog. This neurotoxin can enter the dogs blood stream and cause death. The company, Bayer, KNOWS this, and yet does NOT warn consumers and DOES NOT fix the problem.

My 3 month old Sheltie Gunner is in the vet hospital right now. They don’t think he is gonna make it. The toxin has affected his kidneys and liver, and both the vet and the company refuse to believe the drug was the cause.

So please, owners of herding dogs, DO NOT use this product on your animal.

And to all other dog owners, I ask you to boycott the use of all Bayer products. Watching my puppy die is the worst thing ever, and I want the company to admit their fault and fix their product before any other pet owner has to go through what I am now.

I will make a more detailed post soon.

Thank you. Please spread the word.

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jenissi and suga wear the same costume to a spooky halloween party

"You look so cute~"

Yoongi’s first reaction is to say “shut up Jimin” but instead he opts for, “Corgis are brilliant, loyal, and efficient herding dogs and you need to stop patronizing them.”

Jimin pokes one of the pointy ears on Yoongi’s corgi suit, “I’m so glad we decided to wear couple costumes.”

Yoongi’s face twists, “We didn’t decide that and also you’re a fireman. How on earth does that go along with corgis?”

"Well because firemen use fire hydrants and dogs like fire hydrants. I thought this was obvious."

"That confuses and infuriates me."

So BTS wait for the guests to arrive to their dorm for the annual super spooky Halloween bonanza. Last year Vixx hosted the festivities and really everyone should have known not to let the dark concept extraordinaires be in charge of a Halloween party because some of the guests still sleep with nightlights because of it. This year they let BTS plan the function and they decided to go with a vampire theme but because of poor timing and planning all they got was a cardboard standee of Edward Cullen and a Batman piñata because “hey bats am I right” claimed Jin. But Rapmon is bringing the tunes so it will still be an improvement from last year they’re sure.

Exo shows up first, bringing back the Wolf era clothes which in itself is scary enough. The next group is all dressed in neon green morphsuits and everyone can guess it’s Block B. Topp Dogg arrives and aptly they each wear a different dog costume, aside from P-Goon who holds twelve empty leashes as the remaining dogs chase a few members from Teen Top and the aliens in B.A.P. 

"What are you supposed to be?" Rap Monster asks P-Goon.

"Annoyed mostly," the leader answers. 

Everything is going smoothly until Yoongi runs into fellow rapper Jenissi and has an absolute conniption. It has something to do with the fact that Jenissi is also wearing an oversized corgi costumed. 

"No," Yoongi says, "There’s only room for one corgi in this house and that’s me."

Jenissi raises his eyebrows, “You? But there’s only one topp dogg between the two of us.”

Unfortunately for Jenissi, this little dog show is taking place right next to the kitchen sink. Yoongi turns on the water and aims the faucet spray hose at Jenissi, water going all over the place.

"Bad dog!" he yells, "Go change! Be a chihuahua instead!"  

"OH JEHOVAH!" Jenissi screams until resident fireman Park Jimin intervenes. "Hey, hey," he takes the hose from Yoongi. "I don’t see a fire here."

As he’s ushering Yoongi away from the scuffle, the angry corgi explains about his dilemma from being challenged as the true short-legged herding dog. Jimin pauses, racking his brain for a solution and he jumps into the air when an idea strikes. He runs to his room and returns with a black bow tie and ties it around Yoongi’s neck.

"There," he says, "Now you’re a corgi in formalwear. It’s clear who the superior corgi is now."

Yoongi scowls at first until he reasons with Jimin and nods, “That’s true. Right on.”

Jimin and Yoongi join everyone else in the living room where Big Byung is performing a special spooky rendition of Stress Come On with the Edward Cullen standee. 

> SO YOU’RE GONNA TRY AND GET A CUTE NINJA GIRL TO SHOW UP AT YOUR HIVE. That’s boss as fuck, as long as she gets here in one piece. You think about it for a moment before you take your herd of dogs and pokemon outside. You figure it’ll be too much of a shock to met an alien, alien dogs and aliens animals from a different world. 

> For now though you walk to the transportalizer in the kitchen. Using a sharpie to write the kanji things down. Is that what that is? You don’t know you’ve never seen kanji before. After double checking your phone to make sure you wrote it down well enough you step back, looking at it with a face. Hopefully this will work.

> Now shoot Saukura a message so she knows.

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Someone told me samoyeds are really hyper, is that true?

Yes! They can be! They were originally used for herding and pulling sleds, so they were bred to be very energetic and have a lot of stamina. Which is great, unless you don’t let them expend that energy and they start using it to run up and down the stairs while barking like crazy, or chewing up furniture and tearing apart pillows.

From wikipediaWhen Samoyeds become bored, they may begin to dig. With their sled dog heritage, a Samoyed is not averse to pulling things, and an untrained Samoyed has no problem pulling its owner on a leash rather than walking alongside. Samoyeds were also used to herd reindeer. They will instinctively act as herd dogs

Skookum has (thankfully!) calmed down a bit now that he’s five, but it was a solid four years of puppy energy and still has some, but we’ve figured out a system to get him tired. Several trips to the dog park a week, a walk every day, and bringing him with us anywhere we can (okay that’s just because we love him so much :D ) 

They are GREAT dogs, and we have adjusted pretty well, I think, but we weren’t totally prepared for how much work it would be to get his energy out on a daily basis. I wouldn’t trade him for anything, but I might have held off a little longer had I known all that it would entail. But, I mean, look at these silly billies, what’s not to love! <3


M Sep 8, 2014 Those two herding dogs are back. I am mildly perturb by their need to herd me around the park. But today their dad stopped to introduce himself in an effort to be friendly so there was no opportunity for them to work me. It’s all good. by @dtnguyenwriter

Don’t Let Cops Get Away with Murdering Dog

Target: Mayor Kip C. Walby of St. Clair Shores, Michigan

Goal: Criminally charge police officers who shot and killed a woman’s dog for “barking excessively”

In the early morning hours of November 22, 2013, three Michigan policemen shot and killed a woman’s dog in response to noise complaints from local neighbors. Though the woman’s grandfather was in the process of herding the rowdy dog back…

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