My dear pal over at took this and just sent the funniest note in my email… 

"Look, it’s a photographer in their natural habitat!" 

(Now I can’t stop thinking about the Muppet Movie.) 

(Normally I’m pretty gunshy at sharing pics of myself on the net, but this one’s pretty funny because man, my friends take all these pictures and like Simon and his ball, it’s me and my camera in on Corgi level. I’m like the Home Improvement Wilson of Cardidom. Also, yes, that’s me, scruffy boots, jeans, and plaid. I have a bit of a thing for plaid shirts as my friends can attest.) 


So for those of you that don’t know, I had an Australian shepherd named Player. I’ve had Player ever since I was five. I named her Player because as an only child, naturally I just wanted someone to play with. We grew up together (though her much faster than I). She would always play football or soccer or frisbee with the neighborhood kids when they’d come over. She always had to know what was going on. We figured out very early that Player wasn’t a normal dog. She was quick and witty and very smart. You could be talking to another person and if you looked at her, you’d think she understood every word you were saying. For a long time everyone was happy.
But when Player was three years old, something happened. She had eaten to many fatty foods (our fault) and developed a severe case of pancreatitis. In other words, her pancreas began to digest itself. She was in ICU for 6 days and in the regular vets for another two. They pulled her from the brink if death.

She had a few attacks here and there but ultimately we were very fortunate she faired as well as she did. She endured many other medical traumas as well. Two weeks ago Friday, she had two seizures, the second lasting for over 24 hours. She shouldn’t have even made it through that, but somehow she did it. She provided another 4 days with her family despite obvious brain damage and reduced motor skills. The last 6 pictures were in her final days. This was something she just couldn’t recover from and last Thursday I lost my best friend of 11 years. RIP Player. I hope you’re having fun up there (: Thank you If you read this whole thing. It really means a lot to me.

She’s a mutt but she looks like she’s part German shepherd and some type of herding dog? I can’t remember the name right now


This is our new/old dog Scarlet. The story is that my stepmom’s crazy ex ended up keeping her when she left five years ago, and then suddenly dumped her at her dad’s. She was the only one who could calm the poor thing down. She’s a real sweetie, but she’s old (nine years), attention-starved, very overweight, and hasn’t been to the vet since my stepmom left. Plus, being a herd dog she’s very protective and, while she quickly took to us, she doesn’t get on well with the neighbors. There’s nowhere else she can go but the pound, really, so hopefully she can stay with us - we’ll see. For now, welcome to the family, Scarlet! :)

oh my life just had to literally herd a dog back to its house with this random boy down my road I have never ran so much in my life bloody puppy


My father is going to the World Sheepdog Trial in Scotland! Daddy Fleet and his handler, Cheryl Jagger Williams,  will be gracing the trial with their presence this September. It is such an honor for him to be going and we’ll be there cheering him on in spirit (meaning we’ll await lots of Facebook updates on the duo). 

Much excited. 

Such sheep. 


Photo Credit: Carol Campion

The weekend of September 19th and 20th there are a ton of exciting things happening in Gettysburg so start planning your weekend away.  

It’s WWII Weekend with events held at Eisenhower National Historic Site and the Gettysburg National Military Park.

Our wineries have fall fever with Hauser Estate’s “Fall Frolic,” Adams County Winery’s Harvest Festival and Reid’s Orchard “Music In the Valley.”

The Hollabaugh Bros are hosting their 6th annual Cheesegate Sampling Event at their fruit farm and market.

Adams County is hosting their Farm-City Day Festival where you can enjoy farm tours, hay rides, animal exhibits, dog herding demo, barrel racing demo, cutting horses, pony rides, agriculture education displays, great food and more.  All with free admission!

Check out the event calendar to see all of the other fun and exciting events going on in Gettysburg that weekend and every other weekend.  It doesn’t get better than Gettysburg in the Fall!

anonymous said:

jjcc have 15 pets they are running a zoo. they kept all six of their dogs puppies. I'm really charmed by their beethoven the movie life.

my mom breeds dogs so i……………… i can say from experience tht i sympathize w/ what theyre going thru but i cannot for the life of me understand consciously deciding to keep all of those puppies. one or two dogs r cute n a good time. a herd of dogs is suffering and chewed shoes n peed on carpets. also theyre all sheepdog. i have a sheepdog. sheepdog are wild as fuck. i cannot say i understand their lifestyle but i applaud their dedication. they r so cute.

sundaceleste said:

If your favorite player was a puppy, what breed would it be?

Oh man, okay.

For Martin Brodeur, I’d go with something like a Mastiff or Great Pyranees. Good watch dogs (heh, goalies).

For Jonathan Toews, I’d go with…Australian or German Shepherd (herding dogs, right?), maybe a Husky or Malamute (working dogs that like the cold ;)). Though the St Bernard loyalty also fits…

I have no clue if this is what you thought I’d answer, haha.


[Sends yet another smile in the man’s direction before speaking up once more] Well first off… I’ve been meaning to get myself a dog.  So I was wondering what breeds you have!  I live on a ranch so something good with big animals, preferably. ♥

And secondly… [Opens her mouth to speak, but quickly closes it when she realises that she forgot what her other question was] … Never mind I don’t have another question.

/Nods his head and he listens t her go on and on/ Well, with a ranch do you want a dog to herd sheep or herd cows or herd anything? /Pauses, snaps his fingers/ Got an idea! Let’s go look at the bigger puppies! /Starts walking over a semi large pen, with sleepy puppies/ Most of these pups should be good for a farm. Border collie, Australian sherpard, a collie, and I think one of them is Shetland sheepdog? A few others that I can’t remember the names of off he top of my head. 

/Smiles at her, nods/ I’ll pretend you just had one question! I got you! /Chuckles/ But don’t worry, just check out some of these puppies!

I’ve seen a lot of mention of leg length as being the difference between the “show” corgi and the “working” or “old style” corgi. There’s a strong implication that a longer leg makes a more “herdy” or “historic” corgi and is somehow healthier than the show-type corgi.

Leg length is NOT what you should be worrying about. …

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SO I MANAGED TO FIND MY DREAM DOG. Red merle female Australian shepherd. I am picking her up from North Carolina in three weeks. Til then I am preparing for her by planning with crate, grooming supplies, toys, training tools, etc. :) I’m currently debating feeding raw or feeding a high-quality kibble than incorporates freeze-dried raw into it (Nature’s Variety Instinct). Really it depends on the cost of each, and where and if I can get what I need for raw. 

I think I’m going to name her Maple. :)