herding dogs

The Belgian Tervuren is a handsome breed that is one of the four unique shepherd breeds that hail from Belgium.  They excel at both herding and protection since the pre-industrial towns they originated in required a dog that could do both.  After the industrial age began, these dogs began to breed more for companionship but their energy and protective instincts still remain.  Tervurens make excellent jogging companions and love to play but their independent streak makes them difficult to train.  Although they are exceedingly affectionate towards their owners, this breed requires proper training so that they can be accepting of stranger people and patient with small children.  Their double-coat does well in cooler climates but sheds seasonally and needs a once or twice a week brushing.  For the committed and active owner, the Belgian Tervuren will reciprocate with affection and fierce devotion.

Photo from dogfamily.org