Mom took me to herd my ball this morning before it started raining.


Pems to the left, Cardis to the right! How can you tell the difference between a Pembroke and a Cardigan? I can tell you for certain, using google does not provide reliable results. One of those Pems even came from a breed profile for Cardis!

  • Pembrokes tend to have finer, more tapered heads, while Cardigans will have a coarser muzzle and square jaw, as well as overall thicker bone structure.
  • Cardis will always have a tail - not all Pems are without tail, but if it’s docked, it’s definitely a Pem.
  • Pems come in shades of red, as well as sable (shaded or saddle-marked) and black with tan points. Cardis also come in these colours, but all others are strictly Cardigan: black, brindle, and anything merle.

You are now free to lord your corgi-discerning abilities over others!

Border Collie.

Barney wanted the ball. Now.

On the beach - after I’d caught up with my puppy dog :) I took out a ball to play with & Barney went into slinky, herding mode… For such a silly, soppy dog, he can get awfully serious at times!

Definitely understand why border collies are so efficient at moving sheep around.