A Message to All Dog Owners

Please please read this, especially if you own any kind of herding dog.

DO NOT I repeat DO NOT use Advantage Flea preventatives on your dog. This neurotoxin can enter the dogs blood stream and cause death. The company, Bayer, KNOWS this, and yet does NOT warn consumers and DOES NOT fix the problem.

My 3 month old Sheltie Gunner is in the vet hospital right now. They don’t think he is gonna make it. The toxin has affected his kidneys and liver, and both the vet and the company refuse to believe the drug was the cause.

So please, owners of herding dogs, DO NOT use this product on your animal.

And to all other dog owners, I ask you to boycott the use of all Bayer products. Watching my puppy die is the worst thing ever, and I want the company to admit their fault and fix their product before any other pet owner has to go through what I am now.

I will make a more detailed post soon.

Thank you. Please spread the word.


Mom took me to herd my ball this morning before it started raining.


Pems to the left, Cardis to the right! How can you tell the difference between a Pembroke and a Cardigan? I can tell you for certain, using google does not provide reliable results. One of those Pems even came from a breed profile for Cardis!

  • Pembrokes tend to have finer, more tapered heads, while Cardigans will have a coarser muzzle and square jaw, as well as overall thicker bone structure.
  • Cardis will always have a tail - not all Pems are without tail, but if it’s docked, it’s definitely a Pem.
  • Pems come in shades of red, as well as sable (shaded or saddle-marked) and black with tan points. Cardis also come in these colours, but all others are strictly Cardigan: black, brindle, and anything merle.

You are now free to lord your corgi-discerning abilities over others!