Well, the first day I took Herbalife I felt sick to my stomach. I figured it was because my body was just getting used to the shakes. The second day in the morning was still tough, so for dinner I flipped it, and ate my shake before the tea and cut the shakes down to 1 cup of the flavor instead of two, and it really helped! Today I’m doing great! I do not feel sick after shakes. 

#goodmorning everyone! I’ve been so preoccupied with my family and school that I’ve not been a good coach for a while. But, I’m back on my game as of today! I finished off my shakes a dimly have my tea left. I still take my tea every morning and watch what I eat until I’m able to get more shakes and anything else that I’ll be needing for this healthy lifestyle I’m living. I’m working out everyday and still representing #herbalife and #transformers24! I’m doing all I can to continue to stay healthy and trying to find people who are will to take part in changing their lifestyle and becoming healthy as well.
If interested please dm me for questions. I will so my best to get back with you and I can. I love helping people and I want to be able to help anyone who is ready to go down the road to be healthy. I want to be a good coach to those willing and be able to inspire people as much as I can. #herbalifegirl

One of the best decision I ever made, (besides going to school) was joining #herbalife! I’m still a newbie but in the week that I’ve been taking my shakes and tea I’ve felt more energized than before. I wake up in the morning knowing that my day will start off healthy and I love that feeling! (I’m still pretty cranky when I wake up though, lol) But, I don’t waste anytime getting the nutrition that I need in the morning. I’m part of something great! #herbalife is amazing! I want more people to know how good it feels to drink of the shakes; to feel healthy! I want to be able to do more and help out people as much as I can. I’m not just doing this for me but many others. I want to show them how I’ve been doing with the shakes, and show them my results from it so hopefully they’d want to try it out for themselves. I want to make a difference in someone’s life. I hope I can accomplish that goal. 😁 #herbalifegirl #transformers24