" A society of people who are responsible for their own health and able to gather or grow their own medicines is a hard society to rule. These days we are dependent on the power structure of industrial health care - the secret society of the doctors, the white-male-dominated medical schools, the corporate decision makers with their toxic pharmaceuticals and heartless greed and labs full of tortured beings. That dependence is one more thing keeping us tied down to the State and unable to rebel with all our hearts or even envision a world without such oppression. With a new system of healing, based on self-knowledge and herbal wisdom, we will be that much more free. “

In this issue:


Words to Know! -  Bioregionalism, Eco-communalism, and Decolonization!

Excerpt- Revolutionary Herbalism!

Excerpt - The Great Plains - From Dust to Dust!

Excerpt - Against the Environment: A decolonial bioregionalism!

Plant Profiles! - Desert Senna & Indian Root!

Non-Chemical Household Products!

30 Ways to be a Better Ally in 2014!

Red Flags for Herbalists!

From the House of Yemanja by Audre Lorde!

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Mullein: heal the earth with cowboy toilet paper :)

Tea Infusion Revolution

Raspberry and Green #tea with a slice of #lemon bathing in hot water

The benefits of drinking a variety of cups of tea are obvious. From green, peppermint to liquorice, all varieties of teas have some health benefits. The most important thing to note is that they help to keep your body refreshed and hydrated.

One of our favourite tea infusions is Raspberry and green tea with a slice of lemon. It’s best enjoyed in the morning. Take out some time to make this infusion and enjoy it as you work. It tastes sweet and light and will leave your breath smelling amazing.

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