ficlet: and two years after that

Reaction fic. 2022. Samcedes. I didn’t write this—Ryan Murphy did. I just found and replaced a couple of names, that’s all. (or, the missing samcedes scene from the finale)

The William McKinley School for the Performing Arts is nothing like she remembers it. Then again, it has been seven years since she last stepped foot in these halls, and it’s gone through a complete overhaul since then.

Still: the choir room is the choir room, and it’s always going to be home to her.

Standing where Mr. Schuester used to always stand is Sam Evans, all grown up, teaching his own classes nowadays. He just as handsome as he was the day she met him, tall and bright and lovely, and she has missed him. They’re still friends, of course—best friends, even. They text each other all the time, and he was her date the Grammys.

But if she’s honest with herself, she still loves him. She never stopped loving him.

Which is why she has to do this. It’s time.  She has two albums and three Grammys under her belt and an opportunity to be on Dancing With the Stars next season, and yet all she wants—in her heart of hearts—is to be right here, right now.

“Mercedes!” He smiles when he finally notices her. He looks different with the beard, but he’s just as charming and handsome as he’s always been. “What are you doing here?”

She breathes, steps forward, and takes his hand.

“I’m home.”

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I know you're a multi shipper but do you ship clexa or bellarke more and why?

Dear anonymous,

I thought about this for so long because tbh I didn’t even know what my answer would be. I ship Clarke with each of them for different reasons. For the unique ways the strengthen her and challenge her. At the end of the day, it boils down to exactly what you said: I’m a multi shipper. I have the biggest shipper heart and I ship everyone with everyone! (for example in my re-watch right now I SHIP CLARKE X MURPHY DON’T TOUCH ME THE WAY HE SAYS HER NAME WHEN THEY’RE ON THE DROPSHIP IN 2X8 I MADE DINOSAUR SCREECHES) Probably brotp more than anything else, but my point is that I go crazy for the chemistry between characters. 

Clarke especially is such a headstrong, determined, loyal, compassionate, and intelligent woman!! What I want for her, more than any ship, to be able to heal from what she had to do in S2 finale and to forgive herself for the hard choices she had to make. I OTP Clarke with happiness and a strong co-leader who stands by her side, whoever that ends of being. 

To answer your original question, I ship bellarke more than clexa. But I would be very, very happy if Clarke ends up with Lexa! And vice versa. I just want to see my queen happy <3

I was tagged by bryzllybears, lesbian-paradise-island, and I think agapoun-murphy but my computer crashes when I try to load her tumblr so I’ll put her just in case.  Haven’t done one of these in years.  Here we go.

1. Why did you choose your url?
Combined my favorite hockey players’ last names and made it sound cool I guess.

2. What’s your middle name?

3. If you could own a fairytale / fictional pet, what would it be?
A huge ass dragon named Clyde

4. Favorite color

5. Favorite song
Vermillion (Part 1 and 2)-Slipknot

6. What’s your top 5 favorite fandoms?
Hockey, Sonic, Avatar, 90′s, nu-metal

7. Why do you enjoy tumblr?
It helps me remember who I am.

8. Tag 9 people

Bill Clinton, Eddie Olczyk, Firelord Zuko,  Corey Taylor, Silver the Hedgehog, Clyde the made-up dragon, that moron kopitoews who didn’t know who to tag, and anyone who likes to remember who they are.

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MFK: Bellamy, Murphy, Atom. I don't have a selfie tag, but I made a private post for the fancast. The link is / private / 112458400819 / tumblr_nkk3mgSB2O1uot8e1 without the spaces. I'm okay with any of the fandoms, really, so you can choose the one you think I fit in the best.

M: Bellamy F: Murphy K: Atom :) 

I’m gonna go with Percy Jackson! I hope thats alright lovely :)

a name: Taylor
History: Taylor was always an outcast at school and couldn’t  understand how she could always hear music in everything. Even when there was no music there. She could play nay instument she touched and always felt the melodies singing in her blood. One day a enchida attacked her at school and she screamed, the sound boiling the brain of the creature and she was taken to  as trange place, to find out she was a daughter of apollo
relation to other characters:
your current status: alive or dead You were your fathers favorite and he protected you during the greaat war and now you want to be free to figh gaea but he won’t let you.

Greek | Roman | Goddess | Monster

Want One?

Today is this beautiful girl named Ginny’s 25th birthday! And I’m here to tell her how amazing she really is. She’s one, if not, the best Murphy I’ve come across. Her characterization is so perfectly on spot for him. But I’m not here to talk about how she plays her muse, instead, I’m going to tell you about how much of an amazing person she is because let me tell you, she’s pretty awesome. Thank you for inviting me into your life as a friend. For being someone I can talk to and just being awesome. <3
I made some Murphy icons and two other things for you:

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sheynondoah replied to your post “sheynondoah replied to your post “Eventually, without Clarke in S3…”

And it calls back to what Jason said about Clarke being known everywhere she goes. I’m wondering if leaving Camp Jaha and her people will almost be worse for her because people will know, fear or respect her wherever she goes.

YEAH, I’m honestly really interested to see how that plays out (and even just to see where she goes). For example, if she goes to Polis, will she be welcomed as the leader who single-handedly defeated the Mountain Men, or will they see her as the girl who fell from the sky and blew up 300 grounders. Whether they’ll be angry with her or worship her I don’t know, but something tells me they’ll know the name Clarke Griffin. I’m hoping she’ll just go after Murphy and live with him in his bachelor pad for a couple months.

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  • name: saoirse
  • time and date where i am: 24th of march 13:17(i left this and now its 15:36)
  • average hours of sleep: 6-7 i’d say
  • last thing i googled: sean james murphy (from danger 5)
  • nicknames: idk don’t have one
  • gender: female
  • height: 5′6″ i think
  • favourite colour: blue
  • one place that makes me happy: theres a walk up by me that has a great view of the country 
  • favourite movie: i don’t really have one but one i saw recently was the wolf of wallstreet 
  • what are you wearing rn: jeans and a long t-shirt
  • last book you read: em a book by malorie blackman i think

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Who are El's best friends girls?

Probably Alana, Sophia, Lottie, she hangs out a lot with Megan Murphy, she used to go out with Danielle Bernstein a lot, she probably still does idk, there are some girls she used to share her uni apartment with but i’m not sure of their names nor if they still hang out anymore. Well there’s Max but he’s a boy and you asked for girls so anway ahah. -Ari 

Their Stories Will Go On

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1DJQt67

by midnight6200

A mother tells her daughter stories of the past. The story of a princess and a knight. The story of a grounder warrior. The story of a violent outcast.

Words: 961, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1DJQt67
Storm Front: Dresden Files Book 1 by Jim Butcher

When read: January 10, 2014

So I’m going back a ways to start off. I have hand-written notes about these, so I’m using them, possibly expanding a bit, we’ll see.

Synopsis: Harry Dresden is a wizard, and a private investigator. In one day, he gets a call from Detective Murphy from the local police to investigate a gruesome double murder in a hotel and a woman using a fake name to investigate the disappearance of her husband. Detective Murphy, given the gory details of the murder suspects magic is involved, and the woman reveals that her husband was dabbling in magic.

If you guessed the two are linked, you’d be correct. Dresden quickly finds himself trying to track down a wizard using extremely potent dark magic to kill people from great distances while simultaneously clearing his own name of the killings. He faces demons, vampires, WizPol enforcers, monstrous insects, and the mob, while tracking down and ultimately facing down the dark wizard giving him a bad name.

What I thought: I really liked the book. Starting to read at a time where I could barely pay attention (sitting between rounds of judging at a high school debate tournament) had been unwise, but I don’t really think the book suffered for it. The only time I ever felt like it dragged was the flashback to Dresden’s father, which after the fact seems there to do two things: 1) set up his connection to his mother which becomes important later, and 2) to be Dresden’s low point emotionally for the book. At the time, it didn’t seem overly out of place, but it really kind of felt forced, the despair, after the fact.

There are times I really liked Dresden and times - especially due to the tone of the first person - where I kind of groaned. The plot held itself together well. I like how two seemingly unrelated plots converged, even as I saw it coming a mile away. It was executed very well. 

I disliked the epilogue for the most part. Again, mostly the tone and the general “tie up all lose ends” feel. Especially with Rodriguez. She disappears after the demon encounter, only mentioned in passing by Dresden, and then shows up in the epilogue as a visitor and future date for Dresden.

What I can learn: I’ve gone back looking through the scene breakdown of this book rather closely. One thing I’ve definitely taken away from this is scene structure. This is something I still struggle with, so it’s helpful for me to see and really pay attention to scene breakdowns. Unity of place, character, and conflict. Even if the conflict is multi-layered, moving several plot threads forward, it’s a single question, or possibly several questions competing for attention, itself the source of conflict. One person, many focuses, and not enough attention to them all.

I’ve also seen an epilogue I really dislike, and that’s also useful. I feel like the epilogue was a bit of an afterthought, and I dislike the feel of that, so when I’m wrapping up my own stories, I really want to be thinking about this.

I probably should revisit the first person narrative. There’s a short story I’d like to do from the first person perspective, but it’s one I tend to resist. I’m sure there’s more I can learn from this if I dig. 

For my work-in-progress that is an urban fantasy (and still a nasty nasty mess right now), seeing how magic can fit into the urban world is also useful, as is the sense of how long travel takes within a large city (that isn’t the midwest unreasonable sprawl I’m used to).

Last week I had the time to watch both seasons of the 100  here are a few thoughts of mine (Don’t read if you haven’t watched all episodes yet) 

  • my favorit character of them all is Murphy. I just love those assholes that turn into pretty badass outcast. Also he had to do go trough a lot of stuff that was unfair. But yes he is a pretty big dick. 
  • female favorit: Octavia. I mean come on her name is octavia. Do I have to say more? Also she get’s to bone Lincoln who is a sweetheart. 
  • Kane and Abby are going to bone that’s for sure
  • Clark and Bellamy are going to bone DEFINITELY
  • Clark and Lexa are going to bone probably…
  • When exactly did these people learn all these survival skills while sitting in space? I mean building a wall, making food, hunting, making knifes. That shit takes a tone of practice. 
  • Who exactly did start the war between grounder and Skypeople? I still don’t know
  • Anyas death was unnecessary
  • Finn’s death was definitely necessary
  • Raven learned way to quick how to work around her messed up leg. 
  • Is it just me or is Monty gay for Jasper? 
  • Also Jasper… wow you got pretty quickly over your PTSD
  • I’m not going to say something about the mountain man, because who ever thought of that… had definitely a problem (but also needs to get kissed for that idea). poo Maya thou. 
  • Thelonious definitely went of the railes a little bit… 
  • Alright, Lexa…. girl someone needs to slap you in the face. Sure she’s a good leader, she’s intelligent and knows what’s the right, but dammit learn to relax. It’s like watching a walking stick, no expression.  I love her. 
  • One last thought. I can’t believe how much story they are able to put into one episode without rushing and making it absolutly conusing. 

Finally saw the first episode of series 2 to ‘The 100’ and wow what a start, had to spend ages looking for a good quality video and one that didn’t pause every other second. First thing is that Mountain Glen reeks of Fallout 3 especially the how keep people in from the radiation, and they have the vaults as well, it’s interesting and I know this is going to end badly so Clarke needs to not get sucked in.

Octavia being injured and Lincoln taking her back to his village to get the medicine…just realised probs got name from the statue cause it’s the Lincoln one. Still waiting for Lexa to show up, I just need to know if I’ll like her and hoping I’ll ship Clexa. Wasn’t expecting Raven to still be in the ship but guess being injured they didn’t take her and Murphy is there as well before being found by the ark survivors with Finn and Bellamy.

And then that last minute…seriously? There’s a BABY ON THE ARK!!! At least that means the chancellor isn’t dead yet and has more screen time.

Interesting way to start off and gonna look for the second Ep now :)