She kicked Chaol in the ribs with a sock-covered foot. “All I’m saying is that I’d like some chocolate cake every now and then.”

He closed his eyes. “And an apple tart, and a loaf of bread, and a pot of stew, and a mountain of cookies, and a-” He chuckled as she put her foot against his face and pushed. He grabbed her foot and wouldn’t let go when she tried yanking her leg back. “It’s true, and you know it, Laena.” 

“So what if it is? Haven’t I earned the right to eat as much as I want, whenever I want?” She wrenched her foot out of his grasp as the smile faded from his face.

“Yes,” he said quietly, his voice barely audible over the crackling fire. “You have.” After a few moments of silence, he stood up and walked to the door. 

She sat up on her elbows. “Where are you going?”

He opened the door. “To get you chocolate cake.”

Celaena sighed and eased off the couch, gently shifting Chaol’s legs so she didn’t disturb him. She turned back, though- just once, leaning down to brush her fingers through his short hair, then graze them along his cheek. Then she quietly slipped from his room, taking the remnants of the chocolate cake with her.


iris in every episode
1.04: going rogue 

You did the same thing when I tried to sign up for the police academy without telling you. You didn’t speak to me for weeks. Not until I withdrew my application.

This is probably the most hilarious text convesation I've EVER had

I was at college studying, and I sent a message to vanessa complaining. She replied with this picture

Here, a cheer up text


Are you eating my haato?



Ugh I don’t feel very good…




(10 minutes later) 









I’m pretty sure everyone at the college study room saw me making those faces. Worth it.

give me more of francis being a good king and i don’t care what happens with the rest of this show.

this has probably been mentioned 2932288 times already but Lana did the Young!Regina voice thing again when she said Robin’s name in the last scene and it still hit me just as hard as the first time

“She really hurt you, didn’t she? Well this couldn’t have been easy so, thanks.”
“You’re welcome.”


#can we just talk about her face though #she thought he was proposing to her #she thought it was a ring #look at how nervous but happy she was #how she started breathing heavily #how slowly and softly she picks up the ring box #how she just stares at it in her hands for a few seconds #elena gilbert thought damon salvatore was proposing to her #and we all know she would have said yes 

When will Beth Greene return from war?

Little Avy is going to bust some darkspawn magister ass (and fail at it). 

Oh Cullen, you have no idea what you’re going to get yourself into. 

i was going through my school notes and found a doodle of a custom dark flier outfit for liesel, so i figured i may as well flat colour and post it :o it’s really not THAT different bc i think the default dark flier outfit is adorable, but i figured i’d at least add a bit of function by giving it some light armour (i liked that one post justifying the small amount of armour pegasus knights wear by saying it was to not be too heavy for the pegasi to carry), boots with knee-guards, and most importantly PANTS. like i said, it’s just a doodle, so there are a few things i’d change, but i def like this enough to develop further sometime ^^