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So I took ur advice and told her. The look on her face though. She stared at me like I grew another head. So being me, I punched her in the arm and said "just kidding" and then she got mad and yelled at me. So I tried to apologize to her but the bell ring and she left. And everything is just a clusterfuck.

part 2: ok! so then i caught up to her& told her that i was kidding wen i said i was kidding. at this point, she was just about done w/ me. so i figured, fuck it. i aint got nothing to loose no more. so i told her wat i felt. then her eyes were so wide& she’s like “uh-uh"then she goes like "i like u but i don’t wanna loose our friendship” i could feel the rejection but by some fucking miracle she’s like “but we should try this out” so were going out& she said “shit man y didn’t u tell me earlier. fuck”

YAY! I’m happy for you! 


Dancing Queen by ABBA came out in August, 1976, which was just in time for Sirius’ seventeenth birthday, and if you don’t think Remus got the other Marauders to play it every possible chance to try and annoy Sirius, you’re wrong. If you don’t believe that Sirius loved every second of it, but pretended not to in public (because he's punk, damn it), then, frankly, I have no idea what you’re even doing with your life.


she walks in starlight in another world


Poem by merlinwnchstr


Alex — at the end of the day, yes, she’s a drug dealer, but you see that she’s a vulnerable person and she has really intense feelings and love for this woman. [x]


If Fifth Harmony weren’t singers what would they be?
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