Hold my hand as I’m lowered.

He had been born a daughter with the name of Marie-Claudette, and he had never understood his parents’ insistence on this fact. He had known as long as it was possible to know oneself that he was not a daughter, but a son, and had never shied away from taking action to let them know this.

How many times can an only daughter be caught tearing up expensive petticoats and wrapping them tightly across her chest before her parents show concern?

Apparently, thrice. The first time, his mother had been horrified upon the discovery, stuffing his ruined petticoat into the fire so his father would not find out and swearing him to secrecy. The second time, the maid had caught him and informed his mother, and once again, she had expressed her dismay. She’d sent him to confession for the sin of denying the body that god had given him, and he had gone and paid lip-service, all the while planning how to go about it again without being caught. A strategist, even then.
The third time, when he was seventeen, it was his father who stumbled upon him in the act of binding his chest, pulling the ripped fabric so tightly across his breast that it brought tears to his eyes. He had not been half as forgiving as his mother had.

Figured I should promote my fic properly. Canon-era trans boy Enjolras. 

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Nalu with 4 cuz I'm trash B)

NaLu #4? <3 comewhatanime

#4 “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”

Natsu blinks at her, confusion on his face before the look melts into a smirk. “I’m sorry, Lucy. Could you repeat that?” She knows that he’s teasing, but decides to humor him–rather begrudgingly. 

Lucy crosses her arms over her chest, resting her weight on her right leg. “I said, ‘do you,’ ” she coughs, suddenly embarrassed. “Well, I mean,” she trails off briefly. “I could give you a massage? If you want.” Her gaze drops to the floor, face flaring as he stands, crossing the distance between them.

He leans into her, forearms braced against the wall as he cages her in. Her eyes flicker up to his and he grins down at her. “You just want me to take my shirt of, don’t you?” he jokes, bumping his nose against hers. Lucy rolls her eyes and slips her arms around his neck, a giggle bursting from her as Natsu nuzzles her cheek, blowing a loud raspberry against her skin.

His hands drop to her waist, fingers tickling her sides, and Lucy shrieks, trying to squirm away from his hands. Natsu laughs with her, lifting her up by the hips. Lucy’s legs wrap around his waist and she kisses him quickly.

“Well?” he asks, tugging lightly on a strand of her hair.

“Well, what?” Lucy replies, head tilting to one side. Her fingers slip into his hair, smoothing through the snarls there.

Natsu smiles gently, pressing a soft kiss to her chin. “You just want me with my shirt off.”

She laughs. “You caught me,” she jokes. “I’m just trying to get you naked.” Natsu quirks a brow at that, a crooked smile on his face.

“Well, all you had to do was ask.” One hand leaves her back, going to the clasp of his pants and Lucy smacks his shoulder playfully.

Suddenly, there’s a loud bang from the wall behind them, causing Natsu to stumbling back and Lucy to cling to him tighter.

“Could you guys cool it?” A muffled voice shouts. “The walls here are thin and I don’t want to listen to you two having sex!”

Natsu growls under his breath. “Then don’t listen, you damn stripper!” he snaps back. Lucy laughs lightly, pressing her lips to his cheek as he begins to argue with Gray.

There’s no one else” she said, as she held him.
“I can’t sleep without you” she moaned, as she dreamed of him.
“I need you” she whispered, as she walked away.

She bled words from her mouth in her screaming,
hopes and dreams full of need, but sparse meaning.
And my tongue was a spear I thrust gleaming
into her side.
And she ignored every open wound.
I felt the funeral in her fearful pleas,
tore the tragedy from her chest, and hoped her heart would heal its own hurts.
Because I couldn’t find the key to unlock her ribcage, so her shackled bones still held her closed and cold.
And she kept stumbling on alone.

“I miss you” she mumbled, as she cried.
“I love you.”
She meant it as she lied.
“I loved you.

—  giraffevader - “I’m sorry we wasted each others’ time”
"Daryl has no sense of love for Carol whatsoever."

Okay. But remember when he was the only one putting flowers on her grave and hitting the wall with her knife when she was presumed dead??? Or that one time when the group was possibly being chased by cannibals then Daryl saw Carol and ran to her, grinning for the first time, and hugged her, picked her up, and laid his head on her chest, and when they finally broke apart, he was crying. Those were the first tears of joy he’s ever cried. Would you care to say it again??

I wish the Hound were here. The night of the battle, Sandor Clegane had come to her chambers to take her from the city, but Sansa had refused. Sometimes she lay awake at night, wondering if she’d been wise. She had his stained white cloak hidden in a cedar chest beneath her summer silks. She could not say why she’d kept it. The Hound had turned craven, she heard it said; at the height of the battle, he got so drunk the Imp had to take his men. But Sansa understood. She knew the secret of his burned face.


A Storm of Swords | Sansa I

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Headcanon that when they were little, Mikasa used to sneak into Eren's room while he was sleeping and gently place her head upon his chest to feel his heartbeat and she'd just be so grateful to have him in her life and to feel him breathing peacefully and have his heart beating against her ear. And sometimes she still does this even now that they're older and Eren has no idea because he sleeps like a bear.

Aww! That is really cute ;____; I’m positive that something like this happened in their childhood…it just seems like it! And Eren as a heavy sleeper?….YES! I think that’s somewhat confirmed in the chibi series too haha. 

Drabble: Chocolate

(For help-howls-out-now, who wanted Wanda talking Vision into trying chocolate for the first time.)

She sat in the window with her knees hugged to her chest, staring out into the darkness. It was late. The rest of the team had long since gone to bed, but Wanda couldn’t sleep. Sleep meant dreams and for as long as she could remember, dreams meant fear. The nightmares had been worse these past nights, ever since the Avengers had brought her to their tower.

A reflection stirred in the glass before her, a vision slowly taking shape. No, not a vision, the Vision. He could turn intangible with a thought, slipping ghostlike through the walls, but tonight his tread was heavy. It was for her benefit, she knew. He was trying not to startle her. But it would take much more than that.

“You cannot sleep?”

“I do not want to sleep.” The words sounded harsher than she’d intended.

“Ah, I had thought… but I am disturbing you. My apologies.”

“Wait.” Turning, she saw the glass in his hand. “What is that?”

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Title of our sex tape

When Amy wakes up, she’s alone in bed; but she can hear noises coming from the kitchen, so she knows he stuck around; and the sudden relief that comes over her makes her realize how anxious she had woken up. Anxious to not feel his body next to hers, anxious that he might have left, anxious that she might have done something he didn’t like.

But he’s still here, in fact, she just heard him insult a pan. 

She smiles, she can’t help it. She clutches the sheets on her chest, as if holding something concrete makes it more real, convinces her it wasn’t a dream. 

She allows herself a few minutes of total happiness, before she gets up and goes to check the state of her kitchen. When she enters, she finds him in front of the hotplates, wearing only his boxers, and apparently battling with half her kitchenware.

“You made breakfast?” she asks, and he turns around, surprised to see her up already.

“I tried…”

Here is that five years old again, the one she can spot sometimes, when he feels kind of guilty, kind of out of place. She walks to him and takes the wooden spoon from his hand, putting it on the counter so that she can place his hands on her hips.

He looks at her in awe, and opens his mouth, but she kisses him before he can even talk.

“Good morning”, she says in a murmur, before kissing him again. He gives in to her soft lips, and holds her a little closer.

“Good morning”, he answers when they finally part.

“So, you made breakfast.”

He looks at her with a somewhat embarrassed smile, and turns around to try to salvage whatever he can from the eggs he tried to cook.

“I wanted…” he starts, and stops; he needs to look at her to say it.

He turns back and Amy is sitting at the kitchen’s counter, her hair dishevelled, her lips red, her robe half open. He has never seen her so beautiful.

“I wanted to thank you for last night”, he says hesitantly. “It was perfect.”

She looks at him for a second, and can see the rest of their lives just as this morning; and it would, indeed, be perfect. She smiles and nods slightly, and, with a wicked smile and a wink, gives him the answer he last expected.

“Title ouf our sex tape.”

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((url: ema-slender )) -the tall black heared girl wandered around as if lost. Her eyes glowed a soft purple and the scar on her chest revealed a proxy symbol. She was of course the daughter of thr SlenderMan - hello is anybody here?

*I looked down from the tree, upon hearing another I’m my forest. I sighed, and hoped down from the low branch I was on.*“I am here.”*I told the person, looking towards them. They must be lost, I thought to myself. I met her eyes, before I glanced down, and saw the symbol on her chest. A proxy had found their way into my home.*
(I’m sorry if this is late, I just got home, and checked my messages, @ema-slender )

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Thanks! Oh and um.. Darcy/Bucky. I would say Steve but I can't picture Steve being rude.

I came to your house party but it was lame and you were super rude to little drunk me so I stole your dog, COME GET IT NOW PLS au

Darcy woke up at exactly 8:34 am with a splitting headache and a heavy chest and immediately knew something is wrong.

               At first she wasn’t sure what it was.  The world was a blur without her contacts, and she groped at the bedside table, where she always kept her glasses.  But that required moving, and moving suddenly lightened her chest, as something slid off with a yelp.

               Darcy gave a yelp of her own, grabbing her glasses with one hand and putting them on and staring down at the fluffy white form that was looking up at her with the biggest, saddest brown eyes she’d ever seen, and she suddenly felt about an inch tall and horrible.

               “Hey, little guy,” she reached out with a hand and let the dog sniff her fingers, trying desperately to figure out what the hell was going on.  Because Darcy doesn’t own a dog.  She wished she owned a dog, but her apartment complex didn’t allow them, and even if it did, she worked with Erik on the daily, and he wass ridiculously allergic to dogs.

               The dog eventually licked her fingers, and then wiggled his butt before hopping back onto the bed and burrowing into her side.  It’s just about the cutest thing ever, and Darcy let out an aww and cuddled the little thing closer, still wondering where it came from.

               What had she done last night?

               She remembered going to a party and drinking a bit too much rye before the whole thing began to seem lame and then…

               Oh, yeah. Douchebag home owner had totally gone off on her, because she knocked some drunk girl’s screwdriver over and it landed on the carpet.  And who had carpet in the den anymore?  Didn’t he know it wasn’t the 80s?

               Thinking back, she might have actually asked him that.

               Which had set him off, and it had been kind of hot – he had been all brooding good looks, sort of like a poet, and maybe Darcy had been a little snarkier than usual (a rather impressive feat, really) when she had told him to get over himself, because she wanted to see his eyes spark again and woo, but it had been hot.

               But also assholeish.

               Still, she now remembered giggling as she had made nice with the dog cuddled into her side, all for the purpose of stealing it, and now she felt really bad.  Because Jesus, she had taken some guy’s dog, and that was pretty low.

               “We need to get you home, little guy,” she told the puppy, scratching his ear and earning a lick on the nose that made her giggle.  God, but he was precious, and how could he possibly belong to the asshole of the previous night?

               It took a phone call to Jane, who then had to call Thor so that he could ask Steve for asshole’s number.  In the end, she looked at a text with a number and a name.


               Either that was a nickname, or he had some sick parents.  

               “Well, I suppose we had better get this over with,” Darcy said to the dog, scratching his ear.  He just looked up at her with heart melting brown eyes and cuddled closer.

               The ringing of the phone came to a halt when a gravelly voice answered.


               “Well, glad to see that you’re as pleasant in the morning as you are at night, Princess.”

               Okay, not the most polite way to start a conversation.  But he just sounded so grumpy, and Darcy couldn’t help herself.  She just had to be snarky when people were grumpy.

               “Who the hell is this?” She could imagine him, sitting up in bed, eyes clearing as he realized some stranger had his phone number.

               “Oh, you don’t know me.  Not really.  But I’m pretty sure I have your dog.”

               “My dog?” Bucky repeated blankly, before letting out a derisive snort.  “You have the wrong number, lady.”

               “Maybe you should check on that.”

               There was silence on the other end, and then a loud whistle that made Darcy wince and hold the phone away from her ear.

               “Peaches, c’mere,” Bucky called, and Darcy bit back a snort as the dog, Peaches, let out a happy bark and began to wiggle on the bed, clearly having heard its master’s voice.  She can imagine Bucky’s expression, when he realized that he heard his dog, but not on the right side of the phone.

               “You stole my dog?” he demanded, and Darcy winced, because it all seemed rather ridiculous now, but at the time it was totally a great idea.

               “Hardly.  I borrowed it.  And now I want to return it.  So if you could come get it?”

               “Her, and who the hell are you exactly?”

               “I’m the girl you yelled at for spilling vodka.”

               There was a pause, as Bucky tried to place her, and Darcy waited patiently, stroking Peaches’ ear and waiting for him to either remember her, or ask a follow up question.

               “The rude one.  I remember you” – Bucky let out an irritated huff, but there’s some sort of change in his tone; it’s still grumpy, but there’s just… something – “I should have known.”

               “I’m the rude one?  Excuse me, Mr. Yells-A-Lot, but I was drunk and tiny and you totally blamed me for someone else’s problem.  I didn’t leave the vodka where it could be spilled.”

               Another long pause, and Darcy swore she heard him chuckle, but that was impossible, because he wasn’t the kind of guy to do that.

               Then she thought of his odd tone, and wondered what the hell sort of weird stuff this guy got off on.

               “Fine.  Will you meet me at Starbucks to exchange the dog?” he rattled off a street corner, and it wasn’t too far away, so Darcy agreed.  Just to return the dog… not because she actually was interested in finding out what sort of weird stuff the guy got off on.

               “And you’re buying the coffee,” he added, before hanging up the phone.  Darcy laughed when she heard the dial tone and shook her head.  She wondered if asshole Bucky just realized he totally asked her on a date, even if she is the one paying.

               She thought he just might.


Alice ran as fast as she could, bare feet padding the cobblestone. She held a cloth sack to her chest, full of her prize.

She spared a glance behind her, seeing several officers push through the crowd. Then she ran into someone and there was a sickening splat as the peaches were squashed. Pulverised fruit covered them both and she squealed, tumbling backwards.

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imagine Chapel and Uhura in the academy together as roommates and poor chapel doesn't know how to deal with her giant crush on uhura

Chapel struggled with all the Latin words in medicine and biology so she posted a notice on the student’s board asking for help. Someone named Uhura replied and though she’s taking the command line she is credited with several language merits too so Chapel accepted. They agreed to meet in the library the next day.
The Academy’s library was an open, airy room with several small study cells along one side. When Chapel arrived the small, black skinned woman sitting at the table looked up at her and smiled and suddenly Christine found couldn’t breath and her heart was pounding loudly and painfully in her chest
“You’re Chapel?” the other woman asked. The sound of her warm voice only made things worse.
“Last names sounds so formal,” the other woman said as she stood and held out her hand. “I’m Nyota.”
“Christine.“ Somehow she managed to say it without her voice breaking, but she’s sure Uhura - no Nyota- had seen her hand shake when she took hers.
“Shall we get started then?” Nyota asked and was all Christine could do to nod.
Afterwards Christine couldn’t decide if the session was magical or a disaster. It had been so hard to focus on anything but the sound of Nyota’s voice that she could remember almost nothing of what the woman had said. And she was certain the Uhura considered her a complete idiot, incapable of even the simplest thing. In fact it felt like a genuinely good idea to cancel their next date.
Appointment, she immediately corrected herself. It wasn’t a date.
She didn’t cancel though, she needed the help too badly. And the thought of not seeing Nyota again made her heart beat painfully once more.
She kept the lessons strictly on subject though – or tried to – but a little by a little they started talking about other things, once they were done with that days work.
Nyota would tell about how humid Mombassa was in summer and how lovely swimming in the ocean felt then. Christine started to talk about what a relief it was to get off the colony where she’d grown up and away from her family and she told about the festivity they would have when the harvest was done, about the only time they celebrated anything. Nyota in return told about how her grandmother always insisted on making the same dishes for every Eid al-Fitr they celebrated and after the old woman passed her parents carried on the tradition.
One day they went to a café after they were done, their conversation carrying on and on and Christine found she didn’t want it to ever end.
“You know,” Nyota suddenly said looking up from the her plate of spiced shrimps. “This is taking too long.”
Christine frowned.
“What is?”
“Looks like it’ll be up to me then,” the darker woman said with a smile.
The blonde woman frowned even more deeply.
Putting down her fork, Nyota rose halfway from her seat, reached out as she leaned over the table and put one hand on Christine’s cheek before kissing her softly on the lips. Christine could taste shrimps, garlic, lemon and vinegar.
“You, Christine Chapel. You are what’s taking far too long. I’d have thought you’d have done something long ago.”
“Erm,” was all Chapel found she could say and she looked into her plate.
“Or was I wrong?” Nyota’s voice carried a note of uncertainty.
Christine looked up.
“No! No, you’re right. I just.. didn’t know if…” Picking up her courage she continued. “You know? What about we go back to my rooms and talk. My roommate is out for the night, so we’ll have the place to ourselves.”
“Sounds like a plan,” Uhura said with a smile.
As they made their way along the wide, tree-lined streets of San Francisco Chapel found her heart beating loudly in her chest again, but it didn’t feel painful any more.

(I meant to make this short, but plotbunnies ran off with me)

NaLu Grocery Store Conversations AU

   “I hope you had fun yesterday.” Natsu stated casually as they faced items on the shelves.

   “I did!” Lucy answered cheerfully, pulling forward cookie boxes as she looked up at her manager, Natsu, who was also none other than her boyfriend.  She thought back to the previous days’ events; they had spent hours at the beach along with Loke, Gray, and Yukino whom Lucy wanted to spend more time with since she didn’t get to see her that often.  They all had gone out to eat at a local burger restaurant and then went back to the beach to travel some trails around the area.

   “So, Yukino thinks Loke is a sweetheart does she?” Natsu questioned with a bemused tone and Lucy chuckled.

   “Yeah, apparently so.”

    “How did she say it?” 

    “Oh, Loke is such a sweetheart!” Lucy mimicked her friend’s tone of voice while clasping her hands to her chest and started laughing.  Natsu snickered and continued pulling crackers and other boxed foods towards him.

    “I laughed quite a bit when you told me that because, you know, Loke is a perv.” Lucy smiled at him mischievously.

    “Well, he’s nice at least.”

    “You could tell they were hitting on her; Gray and Loke anyways.” Natsu smirked and Lucy rolled her eyes.

    “I know.  It’s so annoying to be honest.  Everyone hits on Yukino!” Lucy whined.

    “Well, what did you expect, them to hit on you?  She was the only other girl there anyways.” Natsu mused.

    “Wha- no!  I just mean when we go places she’s always trying to be picked up by guys.”

    “Yeah, well that’s guys for you.”

    “What is it some unspoken rule that guys must hit on single girls?” Lucy asked sarcastically and brought a few peanut butter jars to the front of their respective shelf.

    “Yeah pretty much.  Guys are stupid and feel a need to hit on people.  I was just trying to hit on you, hehe.” Natsu gave a sly smile to Lucy who tried to frown but failed.

    “Shut up.” Lucy laughed at his remark.

    “Well, unlike me, guys are stupid.  I’m intelligent and way past tha-” Natsu was cut off by a light slap to his arm and another ‘shut up’ from Lucy.  They both broke out in laughter again continuing on with their duties.

   “You’re such a nerd.” Lucy sighed, chuckling.

   “You’re a nerd.” Natsu smiled affectionately as they finished the aisle.

A/N: Okay so, I hope you guys like this little drabble!  This was an actual conversation between my boyfriend and I about the events that played out in my life yesterday lol.  Yes, my boyfriend is actually my manager and we do work in the same little grocery store!  I subbed out our two guy friends with Loke and Gray and Natsu and Lucy are myself and my boyfriend. I subbed out my best friend with Yukino.  Anyways, I thought it was kinda funny…  Hope you like it!

“Oh fuck, oh fuck. Fuck.” Sabrina’s hand pressed against her chest as the pain increased. What the fuck was happening to her? She hissed, doubling over in pain. Her breathing was coming in quick gasps, unable to breathe just as she had instructed Leah to do just minutes ago. Like the girl, she found that her fingers were shaking. They trembled as she pulled her hand away from her chest to see that they were covered in red. “Oh my god.”

buffyannesxmmers replied to your post: buffyannesxmmers asked:“I’m not j…

Buffy folded her arms over her chest, “Mmhm.” she said, her voice tight. “Funny that most of those people who get what she’s going through have dated me, must be a coincidence.”

He rolled his eyes before closing the fridge and turning to face her. “It’s only ‘cause I fell in love with you that I get it in the first place, Buffy. Wouldn’t be trying to redeem myself otherwise.”

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Yang finally trusts Weiss enough to allow the heiress an attempt to tame the veritable mountain of hair.

It was certainly a touchy situation. Literally.

It was a well-known fact around not only all of Beacon Academy, but most of Remnant as well, that Yang Xiao Long didn’t like it when other people touched her hair.

Well, at least people she didn’t like. But she liked Weiss. Quite a bit.

Which was why she trusted her enough to brush it now.

But even so, Weiss would be lying if she’d said she wasn’t scared out of her wits.

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