Your mouth was opened wide as you yawned silently, your arms raised up as you stretched. A faint, popping sound came from your back, and almost immediately you felt a revealing sensation. It had been a tiring day, and you wanted nothing more than to lay down and sleep for as many hours as you could. 

Slightly dragging your feet, you finally arrived at the door of your and Dean’s room, but once there you saw something that made you stop in your tracks. 

The corners of your mouth stretched slowly at the scene in front of you, a small giggle slipping past your lips. Dean was lying his back, his eyes closed and mouth slightly opened as he slept; however, he was not alone. A tiny figure rested on top of his chest, her small chest rising up and down quicker than his, but still finding a small rhythm with him. His arm was holding her close to him protectively, not releasing her even when she stirred a little.

And then her eyes opened up, bright shades of green staring back at you with so much innocence and life that you suddenly didn’t feel tired at all. 


Getting your baby to stop crying - Michael

Request: Yes
Word count: 414 

Your two week old daughter, Adelaide, had been crying non-stop for about an hour. You had no idea what to do, I mean, you’d tried everything and Michael wasn’t home yet.

"Addie, please stop crying, mummy doesn’t like it when you cry" you soothed, trying not to cry yourself as you rocked her in your arms and paced the room.

"Hey hey hey, what’s upsetting my baby girl then?" Michael asked, taking her from you as he walked in a few minutes later.

"I don’t know Michael, I’ve tried everything, she won’t stop" you sighed, rubbing your head to try and get rid of this stupid headache.

"Baby girl why’re you giving mummy a hard time, hmm?" he asked softly, holding her against his chest as he kissed the top of her head and began bouncing her gently.

"You know, she went through a hell of a lot to bring you into this world and now you’re stressing her out like this" he said, stroking the little bit of dark brown hair that she had.

He continued to bounce her as you sat in the chair in the corner of the room, your eyes suddenly becoming heavy from stress and fatigue.

You watched as Michael gently rubbed her back and listened as he began to hum the beginning of a very familiar song.

As he continued to hum, your daughter’s crying quietened down slightly, but still not stopping.

As he got to the chorus, he stopped humming and started to sing quietly now swaying her gently from side to side.

'I remember the day you told me you were leaving. I remember the make-up running down your face.’

The crying stopped almost immediately as Michael continued to sing, you relaxing back into the chair.

As he finished the song, he looked down at his baby, now fast asleep against his chest, before he looked over at you asleep in the chair.

He smiled contently to himself, proud of himself as the Clifford household was now only filled with the gentle snores from both you and your baby.

Placing a gentle kiss to her head, he laid Adelaide back into her crib to sleep, then, walking over to you, he placed a kiss to your head and covered you with a blanket.

He took one last look at his two favourite girls before leaving and closing the door, tip-toeing down the hall to his man cave to pass the next few hours until you woke up.

anonymous asked:

Can you please do a exos reaction to being insecure about her chest. She is a short girl like 5 ft and she feels that her chest is rather large for someone her height because she reaches double D in cup since. Sorry if it weird. Thank you 😊

Xiumin: You shouldn’t be insecure. It’s a feature that makes you beautiful

Luhan: Don’t tell me you actually think of yourself like that. Size is nothing to worry about

Kris: Trust me, you’re gorgeous. Don’t be insecure

Suho: Why do you have to be like this? You’re perfectly fine

Lay: Does it help that I think you’re perfect?

Baekhyun: Aw but those are your best points why wouldn’t you like them?

Chen: Don’t worry, you’re only for me so I think you’re perfect already

Chanyeol: What are you talking about? Didn’t I just tell you that you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen?

D.O: Well it doesn’t matter if you think like that cause I have my own opinion.

Tao: Haha~ Yeah absolutely not. You shouldn’t be saying these bad things about yourself, you’re gorgeous okay?

Kai: Don’t worry, you’re just as beautiful to me as you ever were

Sehun: Don’t forget that you’re my girlfriend, you’re more than perfect just for that reason

anonymous asked:

can you do bellarke for number 35

#35 You heard me. Take. It. Off.

There was something rustling outside his tent and Bellamy only managed to sit up properly before an angry looking Clarke threw open its flaps and stomped inside as though she owned the place. Her scowl only deepened when she saw him sitting up and she crossed her arms across her chest and fixed him with a look that would have made lesser men shrink back in fear.

However, considering that Bellamy was the recipient of at least three of those glares a week, its novelty has worn off and all it does now is give him a bit of warning for the impending shit fest about to go down. Brilliant. He just needs a headache on top of the searing pain in his side to.

Nonetheless, he sits up a bit straighter and grins at her, trying his best to make it seem natural. Judging from her expression though, Clarke didn’t seem to be buying it.

He took a deep breath. “Princess,” he nodded in regard. Might as well get it over and done with so he can go back to lying by himself in a pit of misery.

“So I heard the funniest thing from Kane today,” she said loudly, ignoring his greeting. Her voice took on the strident, honeyed tone she usually reserved for when dealing with the council after a long day. Fuck. That meant she was more pissed than he previously thought. He’d have to tread carefully if he wanted to make it out of this intact.

Clearing his throat, he asked, “Is that so?”

She gave him one quick, terse nod. “He asked me if you were going to be well enough to go on the scavenging trip tomorrow to those new bunkers we found a while ago,” she continued, the sweetness practically dripping off her words. Each drop however was like hammering down another nail to his coffin.

Double fuck.

“Ah,” was all he managed to say.

Clarke gave a little burst of laughter and that was when Bellamy knew it was time to dive to cover and protect himself from the impending explosion. “Imagine my shock to that because as far as I know, when you came back from that hunting trip yesterday you seemed perfectly fine. In fact, you completely avoided medical for the entire day. And then I have Kane coming to me and asking if Bellamy is fit for duty when, as far as I know, he’s always been fit for duty because surely he wouldn’t be stupid enough to not tell me of his injuries, right Bellamy?”

A hand reached around to scratch the back of his neck awkwardly. In doing so however it caused the skin of his chest to stretch and he wasn’t quick enough to stop the small wince from escaping and being noticed by Clarke who merely raised a single, golden eyebrow in a way that meant ‘start talking or else.’

“Well I might have gotten a bit of a scratch because of that damned cat…” he said hesitantly.

Clarke’s expression remained the same save for the slight clenching motion of her jaw. “You mean the same cat that almost tore Ferris to shreds?”

He winced again, though this time because of her tone rather than the pain. “Uh, maybe.”

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And here are the final shots I posted of the previous face up! I’m super excited by how she turned out, I’ve been wanting to do a galaxy themed face up for ages but just didn’t have the chance. Then I realized, I can do it on one of my own dolls. 

My Mystic Kids Miri is having an identity crisis anyway and has decided to be a fallen star so she made the perfect volunteer to be galaxy themed. I still need to do a section like that on her chest to pull it all together. 

I only used pastels for the galaxy section, I’m happy with how intense the colors turned out. 


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The Batterbitch (On both of them or just one if you want)

[[Yang just got herself a new toy so we’ll add this on to it]]

Yang stumbled and pressed her thighs together tightly. Her shorts were getting tighter by the second. Whatever this was that was left for her seemed to be making the situation in her shorts more intense. She doubled over, falling to her knees in the middle of the dorm panting heavily. A loud tearing could be heard, even from the hallway, as the new appendage tore through her shorts and stood at attention, resting against her large chest.

"W-what am I supposed to do now…?!"

Kiss Me

A/N: So this idea literally just popped into my head- when I should be sleeping I know. But it was too good for me not to write it right away. So I hope you all enjoy! Sorry in advance for any grammar mistakes! Let me know, what you all think! :)

He lightly strokes her hand, as he slowly brings it to his lips. She immediately feels an electricity bolt, run from her fingers through her entire body. She feels as each arm hair rises from her skin and the wave of goosebumps that washes over her with every brush from his thumb. 

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seven minutes in heaven

a belated jeankasa secret santa gift for foxberryblue. and a homage to two minutes by voltisubito. jean and mikasa play a round of seven minutes in heaven. ao3

"You don’t have to kiss me," he tells her two minutes into the game.

Jean runs his thumb over the face of his watch while he talks, watching it blink green in the darkness of Reiner’s coat closet. He squints, making out the faint outline a couple steps away, and it looks like she’s sinking into the coats hanging behind her. He swears the seconds are just as long minutes, as he clicks his watch on again, watching the time inch by. 

"We have like, five more minutes," he adds, voice cracking. He manages to catch sight of her nod. Mikasa folds her arms across her chest, and he wonders how much she loathes being in here with him. An hour ago, Connie slapped a bottle in the middle of their circle and challenged them all to a never-ending round of Seven Minutes in Heaven. Spin after spin, people streamed in and out of Reiner’s closet, some victorious and others absolutely miserable. He had managed to dodge a close call with Eren and watched as the lip of the bottle settled on Armin, but other than that, Jean was pretty much in clear. Connie had finally stumbled out of the closet, sputtering something about a last round with Sasha following him out, and as shit would have it, Mikasa spun the bottle. It landed on him. 

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Bea and Ben; the first time they say I love you!

“Anyone who thinks otherwise is just – you’re all wrong, you’re just wrong,” She huffs. Her shoulders sag, defeated. She can feel Ben staring at her, drilling holes into her.

“I love you,” he tells her, camera still running.

“That,” She says, “is not really very convenient right now.” She reaches for her necklace, rolling the beads between her fingers.

“I know,” he says, “Hero’s the priority at the moment, and she should be – but I just… had to tell you.”

She kisses him – just once, and all too quickly.

“What’s even less convenient,” she says, fingers pressed into Ben’s chest, her mouth barely in an inch from his but still too far, “is that I love you, too.”

prompt me here, if you like! 

(a few anons asked me if it was too late - it’s never too late. i’m always down for prompts!)

brilligspoons asked:

ronan+blue, 18!

things you said when you were scared

Blue was curled into a ball against Ronan on Monmouth’s much abused couch—knees pulled up to her chest, forehead pressed into them, arms wrapped over her head. She was absolutely not shaking, no matter what he said.

“You do know he can’t come through the screen for you, right?” Ronan crunched his popcorn loudly. It was a wonder the movie was affecting her as much as it was, as tethered as he was keeping her to the here and now. It would be annoying if she didn’t suspect he was doing it on purpose.

"Ronan,” she said into her jeans. “We spend our time in a cave that can bend our fears for its own purposes. The odds that I’m going to be murdered by some asshole in red leather and a motorcycle helmet because you refused to watch Grease are higher than they should be!"

"I will not let you get murdered by some asshole in red leather," he said, and punctuated it by poking her in the shoulder.

"You can’t promise that."

"I can. It listens to me."

Blue tilted her head up. “Does it listen to everything you want?”

"Well, not everything. Why?" He tilted the bowl toward her and she took a handful of popcorn. She picked through it before putting a few pieces into her mouth.

On the screen the heroine was running through a series of white clinical corridors, trying desperately to escape the murderous experiment of her captor. Ronan might have had a point about the universality of psychological thrillers really, because who among them hadn’t ever felt that way?

"I don’t know. I was just thinking, if there was something that you really wanted that you couldn’t have. Can you manifest it?"

"I can’t just build you a Gansey, if that’s what you’re asking."

She knew that wasn’t quite true, but there were ethics in dream beings that she felt need to be addressed more seriously before anyone made any demands on that end. It also wasn’t what she’d really been asking. The synth line from the movie score seeped between them as he studied her in the glow from the screen.

“Do you ever think about what you are?”

“I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I found out.” He wiped his hands together over the popcorn bowl, placed it on the floor, and then turned to face her, pulling his feet up onto the couch so that their toes were touching. “I mean, I’m not really a person am I?”

“No, you are. What else would you be?”

“I feel like one, but you know, I bet Matthew feels like one too. I bet my mother felt like one before…” his voice broke, but he maintained eye contact. Ronan Lynch was a force of nature when he was staring down the impossible and demanding it become possible and more often than not she’d seen him react that same way to his own fear. Blue wondered if that was a side effect of his birth or his upbringing. Or if it mattered for him. If it mattered for her.

“Yeah,” she said. “Fathers.”

“Is that what you wanted?”

“I just don’t know anything about him. Or how I’m supposed to feel about him. Or if I’m at all like him. I didn’t know if the cave might have an echo stored somewhere.”

“Like a computer hard drive?”

“Why not? Magic is electricity, right? Like people?”

He tilted his head back and looked up toward the high windows. “I don’t know. I’ve never studied it. I only know what I can do. Maybe,” he said. “I think what Adam does is definitely to do with electricity of some kind.”

“We’ll have to be extra vigilant of murderers in red leather though, okay?”

“You’re such a wuss.” Ronan reached over and ruffled her hair.

She tried to retaliate, but it wasn’t as fun for either of them with no hair to be messed up. Instead she stretched her legs out and settled against him just in time for jump scare involving a humanoid tar creature. Blue buried her face into his chest.

“Never again!” she yelled, and punched him in the thigh. “Next week it’s definitely Grease!”

(As a side note, Beyond the Black Rainbow is a terrifying movie and Ronan is mean for making her watch it. Excellent score, though.)

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44 for soma!

Ayyyyy, is this what you wanted when you asked for “If you die, I’m gonna kill you”? Maybe, yes, maybe no. I don’t know.

Have a present tense, written way too late at night, I don’t feel like editing and I will probably regret that decision in the morning 1k fic thing.

Maka panics the second Soul’s shaft goes flying from her hand. She can feel her eyes widen like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming car. Before she can register the kishin moving toward her, she’s knocked into a brick wall. The force of the impact causes a terrible pain to shoot through her entire body. Her mind is hazy, her back and chest ache most of all, and she can just barely hear her partner shouting something.

She can’t see anything. Her vision is just a pool of black and purple, any blood that was once in her head feels gone, and everything around her sounds fuzzy.

She closes her eyes and leans against the cold hard bricks. This has happened to her plenty of times, all she has to do was wait it out. She would regain her senses in full soon, and she would be fine.

A bone chilling shriek cuts through the air, paired with a cry from Soul. Maka’s eyes shoot open and she practically jumps up onto her feet. She leans against the wall for support and once she regains her balance again, she begins to scan the whole area desperately trying to find her partner. She sees the kishin soul suspended in air and the burning smell from the beaten enemy lingers around her. Her eyes dart in every direction and they finally find the familiar mop of white hair slowly becoming contaminated with the red of blood.

It can’t be his blood.

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NAME: Kayla the Pirate Cat

Yea, I can see where this is going.

GENDER: Female

JOB AT DAY: singing pirate songs for children,playing with children,making a small adventure games with children around the restaurant

Can this seriously get any more unoriginal? So far it is literally a Foxy recolor.

JOB AT NIGHT: hiding in the cove if looked at through the camera,from night 2 starts to peak out,will run at you from both sides

Wow. Wow. WOW. THIS IS (NEARLY) AN IDENTICAL CLONE OF FOXY. IT EVEN HAS HIS ATTACK PATH (Sort of. He doesn’t attack from both sides.) I’m sorry, but that is just lazy as fuck.  

DESCRIPTION: Kayla was favorite animatronic for kids who came to the pizzeria but then there was the Bite of 87 the staff then deactivated her and some of her parts started to fall like on her chests and tail but at she started to activate herself  at night. if you dont look at her for too long she will start to peak out of the curtains of the cove she will then run out but be sure to close both doors she could appear at any side.


This is, quite literally, Foxy, but with a eye-burning neon color scheme turned into a cat.

this is for one of my friends

for her Five Night At KItties


How to fix it?

(In other words, scrap it and try again.)


anonymous asked:

32! This should be good! :D <3

Hope this satisfies, lovely! <33

"I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified."

Her voice shakes and tears well in her eyes. Her chest aches with admission, the words tasting so true to her tongue.

She hasn’t felt this way for so long.

He lies on his back, breathing evenly. It is dark in the bedroom, but every detail of his face is clear to her. Moonlight streams through the curtains of a window.

She touches her fingers to his.

Asleep, he is a good soundboard for words like these, spoken in a shaking whisper, meant for ears to hear, but not yet.

May is the most adorable girl!  She was a great stander right out of the box.

Her wrist joint immediately struck me as odd the way the ball was attached to the forearm and not the hand.  She’s my first Bluefairy, so it’s new to me.  May is also my first fullset, so it’s my first time owning a doll with a company faceup.  It’s really delicate and lovely in person, so I’m torn about wiping it and redoing it myself.  I’ll do that eventually though, since I’m planning to gradually restyle her into a character of mine.

For now I plan to take her apart and restring her to move the knot in her head down to her chest.  It makes putting in and taking out eyes easier.  I’ve also removed the oil-based clay used to hold her eyes in; I’ll replace it with blu-tak, which is less messy and probably better for the resin.


My Gem OC for Gemsona Week (that I finished early) is named Axinite (link to the wiki page for the mineral type)

She’s a work-aholic Gem who gets restless leg syndrome when not doing something productive, whether that’s completing missions or fighting corrupted/’bad’ gems. Oftentimes making up inane tasks for herself to complete because she’s bored.

She summons her Twin Crystal Tonfas out of her Axinite gem located in her lower chest (about at the bottom of the ribcage) by steadying herself and clearing her mind, making her emotionally and physically unmovable.

this was fun

Grinding at the last ligament they
bled on the street and their
spit stuck to their heels
a burning lung sets smoke
from his mouth— a shadow
in the corner of the alley
a sixteen year old martyr
carrying bodies too heavy
for his naive mind a chain
bound to their screams he
can’t let go he never
he never
tasted dreams.

Caught up in suppressed shrills
he was already to his knees
a fucked up dog neared his
mouth— she grasped at
his crotch and squeezed  
he was never much a
man until his plasma
boiled and the phagocytosis  
engulfed the last shrine
left of his strength— he

bit her lower lip and swallowed
her imprint she was no
lover and he no
blank page— though he
drew her closer and
cracked her chest— he

found a sword embedded there
long ago

he withdrew

and she held on to everything.