heorgesgelley asked:

you are so lucky they talk to you so much, wow how do you do it? ps if you can get them to follow me you will actually be my no1 blog even though you kinda already are ok bye

LOL I don’t even know anymore. Being nice maybe? lol

omfg HQ I hate spamming your box so please follow her? (also updated the page)

thankyouforthestarbucks replied to your post: Can someone give me a legit reason as to why Geoff…

he was probably working!

I suppose that’s pretty understandable, thanks!

heorgesgelley replied to your postCan someone give me a legit reason as to why Geoff…

i think they split tbh


anonymous asked:

hi i saw ur photo on facebook of lexis super awesome card i was gonna ask you to dance at the ball but i was drunk LEGIT so i guess its your fault then we could have like been friends anD YOU COULD HAVE GEOFFS NUMBER BUT NOPE YOUVE RUINED IT GOOD WORK. anywayz happy birthday x -plaiddy (legit plaiddy i swear)

i was going to delete this BUT THIS IS HILARIOUS AND OMG but seriously i swear plaiddy was drunk like idk but did you see HIM DANCE?!