Save Yourselves || Closed

A gun. A badge. And a six foot five man full of hate. Kale and his partner, Nia, stormed their way to the Way apartment, ready to capture and take the one named Cillian. They had proof he was, in fact, the Cillian Iero; notorious rebel for his stupidity.

Gerard was unsuspecting, everyone was. When the door swung open, he gasped loudly, jumping to protect the children. Kale shouted orders for everyone to get down, Cillian falling to protect all of his babies, whimpering, scared.


Say Yes | SophKenj

Sophia strummed another note on her guitar, as she hummed along. Usually, she would only play in her room, but the air began to become colder as the “ber” months arrived, and she decided that chilling in the common room would be more relaxing. 

Say Yes

"Grabe I can’t believe it’s the last day na talaga bukas," Sophia pouted, plopping down onto the couch. She and Kenjie were in the kubo again. They had just finished an extensive dance practice for the next day’s annual competition between the different dance groups. 

Apesar de, apesar de tudo, aguente, firme, forte. Foi isso que nos fez, apesar de, sabe la Deus o que; Fique, não vá. Apesar de todos os pesares, não se deixe morrer em mim, essa parte boa, esse cantinho que fora apenas teu. Apesar de toda complexidade, aguente, e se não aguentar, preserve-se em mim. E se for me deixar, te peço apenas. Me deixe te amando.
—  Outono.