Hey y’alllllll, I’ve obviously been out of action for a few weeks but I hope you haven’t given up on me. Very busy in work which is great and I just haven’t gotten a chance to do anything other than eat, sleep and eh have a laugh really. Anyway here’s one to tide you over until I can get back in to it properly in a couple more weeks time!

I have to show you what I was wearing the other day seeing as it’s so much more intereting than what I have on today. I got another amazing vintage long skirt, this time in Oxfam for €15. It’s silver and black henstooth or houndstooth, can never tell the differece. Anyway what ever it is it’s fab, fits like a dream and makes me look ten feet tall even with flats. I’m wearing it with a black vest and little black cardigan. 

Thanks for not giving up on me people, love you all!!

Sometimes justice doesn’t take its course. When that happens, you need a man who’s outside the law. Tom Selleck is “Lassiter” in the 1984 film of the same name, on DVD from Hen’s Tooth this April 24. Selleck stars as the James Bond-like character in one of the famous Hong Kong studio Golden Harvest’s few forays into American filmmaking. Also featuring Jane Seymour, Bob Hoskins, and Lauren Hutton: http://www.cityonfire.com/lassiter-dvd-henstooth-tom-selleck/