Summertime :)

Yesterday was the first official day of summer so I hope everyone spent it well! College students have been out of school for over a month and high school students are being released as we speak. Yesterday was the longest day of the year so I hope you all enjoyed every minute of the beautiful sunshine! That crazy 90 degree weather we’re getting up here in Jersey is definitely telling us we better get ready for a brutal summer. Stock up on that sunscreen, water, and be sensible in the sun. Having fun isn’t worth passing out from heat exhaustion :) 

Love Jazz Cat!

New Car, yes! New features....maybe?

I can’t wait to get a new car because some of the new features look really tempting, but are they really worth it? Cars today can come equipped with Television, GPS, Voice Activated Controls, and many other features! All of the extra features are more of a luxury and don’t really help you drive a car….but it’s still cool lol. But is it really worth paying hundreds of dollars every year for a top notch GPS system if you can just get a cheaper model or a free one on your phone? I mean if I was millionaire and I made that kind of money, sure, why not? However, I am just a college student without a steady cash flow. 

Is it really worth buying a enterainment center that includes television and dvd access, even if you have children? When I was younger I would either read about in the car, stare out the window and watch the world, or fall asleep! I really think the dvd and television systems in cars are quite useless now that iPads and iPhones provide so much entertainment which is ten times more interactive than a DVD! 

And what about the voice command systems? Let me just say, they aren’t perfect! You have to train it, which isn’t really a big deal because it is adapitve, but still. Even after you train it I guareentee you will still have to say things 2 or 3 times just to do something like change the song. That’s not really a big deal, but if I’m having a crappy day, i’m not really going to want to repeat myself. 

Honestly, if you have an iPhone or another type of smart phone, you don’t need half the features that come with the new cars…save your money :)

Love Jazz Cat


Out of this World Animation

Animated movies never cease to impress me! The amount of time, technology, and creativity that goes into these films is unbelievable. By now, most of us know that it takes years to create movies like Toy Story and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs! The movie, Brave, which comes out in theatres tomorrow is a great example of what goes into making these movies. I was reading some fun facts about the movie (which I have posted below) and stumbled across a fact about the main characters hair (a picture of her is posted below). Pixar spent nearly three years developing two programs just for her hair! Like, three years just on this character’s hair! That’s amazing! I can’t even imagine what the future holds for animated movies….It’ll definitely be out of this world!

5 Film Facts from the Movie “Brave”

Love Jazz Cat



Put On Your Sunscreen!

One thing I can’t stand listening to is people complain about putting sunscreen on! When I hear people saying things like,“I don’t feel like putting it on again” or “I’ll only be out for like an hour, it’s not worth it” I get so pissed! It IS WORTH IT! People today are sooooo lazy and it’s really starting to get under my skin…Like COME ON! All you have to do is rub some lotion onto your body (Which is usually pain-free and quite enjoyable!) You can do it while watching television or listening to music. You can do it indoors or outdoors. ANNNNNDDDD you can do it in like 3 minutes! 3 MINUTES! If you’re wearing clothes all day, sometimes all you have to do is put it on your arms, face, and neck!

The best thing about sunscreen today is that it’s so easy to put on! I remember that thick ass butter that we use to apply like ten years ago, and I have to say that that sucked to put on because that shit took forever to rub in lol but the sunscreen today is very light weight and they even have the spray on stuff! Therefore, there is no reason that you should not be wearing sunscreen! Getting skin cancer at the age of 20 something is ridiculous and totally preventive! I’m just honestly tired of hearing people treating theirf bodies crappily! It’s all we got people, treat it right!

Feel free to add your opinions, I’d love to hear them!

Love Jazz Cat!