So I was just on a drive and noticed that there were a ridiculous amount of road signs that were supernatural related.

i mean

there are the obvious ones

but come on,

all these side characters too?

this is more than just a coincidence.




is relevant

to supernatural

in some way.


These two don’t take too well to not having each other in their lives.


Let’s talk about the freaking amazing consistency of this show. Normally, in a Pilot episode, things are a little bit different from the rest of the episodes. However, in Supernatural, John’s journal stays the exact same throughout the years. In the first episode, the cop tosses the journal open and we see a few Military awards as well as a picture on the bottom left side. These are more clearly seen in Wendigo too. Eight years later, Henry gently pushes aside the same picture to find his initials behind it. And in the second episode of the series, we see Sam holding a beaded lanyard. That lanyard still lays tucked against the journal’s spine eight years later. What even is this consistency.