Bruins Trade D Matt Bartkowski to Vancouver for The Sedins, Vrbata, Lack and Bieksa

After thinking very thoroughly through the decision to deal their most prized posession, Matt Bartkowski, the Bruins finally made a very fair and even trade with the Vancouver Canucks.

Since carrying the bruins to the cup in 2011 Bartkowski was also the major playmaker in the final in 2013, and the president’s trophy in 2014. In return for this god on the ice, the Bruins will receive basically nothing from the Canucks.

Losing Bartkowski, who has never scored in the regular season…ever will be a huge blow to the Bruins. It is safe to say that the Canucks won this trade by a landslide, but just how it will effect both teams remains to be seen.



Gender: Male

Pronunciation: HEN-rik

Origin: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Hungarian, Slovene, Croatian and Armenian form of the Old English name Henry

Meaning: Home ruler

Ranking in the US top 1000: Not ranked