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Ooo, can I have some thoughts on Rafiqa orrr Ronald..? 8)

Rafiqa first~

Design wise:

OH NO SHE’S ADORABLE.   Her design is absolutely stunning and I admit I have a thing for suspenders so she got me with those. Also, it is maybe only my headcanon, but I wouldn’t trust her lovely smile and take it for granted since she’s wearing bright red. I headcanon the trolls wearing bright red as trying to appear  dangerous since it’s such a vivid color and also an off-spectrum one. It is like defying the hemospectrum in my opinion so despite her gentle, caring look, I would say that this troll is more than meet the eyes and probably a threat if she loses her temper! 10/10 for the  design, it’s absolutely gorgeous~

Personality wise:

The lusus shelther is an amazing idea! I really love what you did with this troll and how well detailed her bio is. There isn’t a thing I can say about her, I feel her and I have never interacted with her so that’s saying. I can say that this troll had a lot of thoughts behind :) I have nothing to say to improve this troll seeing how incredibly well done your bio page for her is.


AHH but there ought to be a thing I must say! She’s a cobaltblood and usually, psionics are kinda for lowbloods? I think it said somewhere on canon that it was very common for trolls under olive ? But then again, Vriska is the exception to this rule and your troll might also be an exception so don’t bother too much with my questioning here. I think her psionics doesn’t make her op or anything, so she’s a pretty good troll! Thanks for submitting her, I had an amazing time reading over her bio!

I’ll do Ronald under the cut to not stretch the dashboard!


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These are samples of oxygenated [right] and deoxygenated [left] blood.

Both of these colours of blood will exist in your body at any point.

It’s often thought, because veins appear blue or green through skin, that deoxygenated blood is blue. It isn’t. Deoxygenated blood appears to be tyrian purple, while oxygenated blood appears bright red.

And I realized today, that if you’ve ever read Homestuck…

This symbolizes that in us exists both royal blood and mutant blood.

This man


Could possibly be acknowledging that while we are rejects, we are noble.

While we are inherently outcasts, we also have the right to be adored. Or feared, depending on your style.

While we are nobodies…

Every single one of us

Is great. 


You can easily give yourself a simple troll tongue (as well as spit) using food coloring.

  • Karkat - A drop of red or no color at all. (He is a mutant after all!)
  • Aradia - Two red, one yellow.
  • Sollux - Just a drop of yellow.
  • Tavros - Now this one was tricky, because red food coloring overpowers yellow, so use at least two drops of yellow for one drop of red. Add more yellow if needed.
  • Nepeta - Just a drop of green.
  • Kanaya - Twos drops of green, one blue.
  • Terezi - One drop of green and one drop of blue.
  • Vriska - One green, two blue.
  • Equius - Just a drop of blue.

I have yet to figure out a combination to make Gamzee, Eridan and Feferi.

Food coloring also makes great use for zombie mouths as well! :L


There’s only a million of these out there, but none that I have found were consolidated into one post, were too vague, were overly complex, etc., etc., etc. I’ve made my own post of colors of import.

I’ve probably missed stuff. Send me an ask if I have, or if something is horribly wrong. If something doesn’t match what you have in your head or MSPARP or anything, let me know! I want this to be as accurate and updated as possible. Hopefully someone finds this helpful. ^^

EDIT [8/9/14]: Fixed some stuff, added Autoresponder.

So I found this astrological chart that was black and white and decided to color it according to the Homestuck Hemospectrum. All the cannon troll signs are the correct color. Except for Vantas ,but he is a mutant blood so he doesn’t count. I took some liberties with the other signs by mixing the colors depending on where they are placed in-between the cannon ones. Edit(Also Caliborn is not a troll and does not effect this chart even though his symbol is on it)

I am not to fond of black and white bloods, but I still felt like they needed a place.

If applied to a fan adventure it would most likely be used for a troll planet based on medieval times or possibly in the future where culling is not as common, thus allowing more impurities and mutants to hatch. ¿Hmmmmmm?


These pictures are from this amv:http://yoccu.tumblr.com/post/30302024799

But can we just appreciate the details. These pic´s are of the blood the trolls have on there hands. Equius who have a little brown on his hands from when he made Taurus robo legs, an olivegreen on his chest like small fingers dragging over it and blue mixed with purple at his neck. His OWN BLOOD AND HIS KILLER.

The blood is both who they have hurt and who have hurt THEM.

Feferi. FEFERI. She has no blood on her hands !!!!!!!!!



people continually ask why there’s both ‘British’ and ‘English’ and I want to clear that up

what I meant by ‘English’ was American and I apologize for any misconceptions 

So human years conversion…

  • Redbloods: 50-65 years
  • Brownbloods: 98 years
  • Yellowbloods: 146 years
  • Limebloods: 219 years
  • Greenbloods: 329 years
  • Jadebloods: 494 years
  • Tealbloods: 741 years
  • Ceruleanbloods: 1112 years
  • Bluebloods: 1662 years
  • Indigobloods: 2499 years
  • Violetbloods: 3749 years
  • Tyrianbloods: 5623 years
  • Mutantbloods: unknown

Let the sadstuck commence