blackbart69-deactivated20120402 asked:

Holy shit, after looking up a tape I snagged today I find that someone on tumblr posted it! I just nabbed a big clamshell version (looks like a disney box) of "Dog Trouble!" at a goodwill here in Toronto. It's totally awesome, know anything else about "Hemdale Home Video"? Thanks!

This is one of the few things on this blog I actually contributed and scanned. I found this tape at a thrift store in Minnesota. I’ve only watched it once, but remember thinking the cover was actually more funny than the movie, which is still pretty funny. (Spoiler alert- the plot involves a kid turning into a talking dog for no reason and then befriending a blind street performer.) I don’t think there’s any video from this online, and I don’t know that much about Hemdale Home Video but if anyone’s interested, this $2.00 copy may still be available.


Hemdale Home Video, Inc.