Hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season! Just thought I’d share some photos from a family event Dave and I attended tonight. We had a really amazing time.

I know this time of year gets busy with these kinds of commitments and school, and I know the stress can be tough. Stay cheerful and positive, the holidays are to be celebrated, near or far, enjoy the time you spend with family and friends. 

Miles of Love Challenge: Day 12: Have you met any friends thanks to the LDR tumblr community that help you with surviving the distance?

I don’t know about Andy, but I haven’t really necessarily found friends, more like acquaintances. Not very many LDR blogs talk to us, hahaha. But my all-time favorite advice-type LDR blog is helpingwiththedistance because they’re extremely helpful and all of the admins are the absolute sweetest.

anonymous said:

How do I quit replying on my boyfriend to make me happy? I've been depressed and I'm not 100% better, but it's a lot better than what I was. Before my boyfriend I was coping well on my own, I was making myself happy and slowly becoming the person I was. But now it's like my boyfriend has become my coping method, whenever he's at mine I'm extremely happy and I just love being with him. But when he leaves or when he can't come to mine I feel really low and just end up sleeping or laying in my

bed for hours on end. I’m not trying to blame him because I love him so much, he’s the first person I’ve truly loved and told so. But I just feel so dependant on him and I don’t want to put him off by being clingy. I just want to be with him 24/7 it’s that bad, he’s my world and I constantly want to let him know. How do I shake this? I want to be able to make myself happy like before and I don’t want to scare my boyfriend away :(


It’s really good that you’ve noticed this and that you want to find your own happiness rather than relying on your partner for those emotions. I have struggled with this myself and it got to a point similar to what you’re describing, that nothing else was ever as good as the time I spent with my bf, and if I wasn’t with him then what was the point right? 

So I realized this and like you wanted to fix it, wanting to fix it is key. Find a simple pleasure, something small, and easy that makes you happy. For me it was changing up my makeup and putting on one of my favourite outfits. If that’s not your thing maybe make your favourite breakfast and start your day. Sometimes something simple like that is enough to boost your mood and motivate you.Then find other things that make you happy, friends, family, hobbies, whatever it is that makes you happy that doesn’t include your Bf. You have to convince yourself that your happiness isn’t dependant on your Bf’s presence. 

Make plans with friends, invite them over, go out, have a good time, laugh. It’s finding things that you enjoy that don’t rely on your bf and setting time aside to do those things. 

As for constantly wanting to let your Bf know how you feel…. I got really bad to the point where anytime there was a lull in the conversation I’d fill it with “love you!” And Dave finally said to me, “you have to stop that.” He suggested that instead of saying “love you” over and over which is tiresome, instead replace it with a genuine compliment, like: “I really like your hair today, I really appreciate that you’re there for me, You are so smart.” You have to fill it with something more heartfelt, it will create variety and lessen your chances of sounding clingy. 

All the best, 


I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for over a year. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we love each other more than anything. He’s graduated college, is currently working a full-time job that he relatively enjoys, and he moved 2700 miles across the country for this job in LA. After being long distance for 4 months, I said “what the hell” and moved 2700 miles to live with him, to work, and to find a school that I would enjoy more than the one that I was at. I guess I was a little naive to believe it would be that easy.

He is very practical, and I’m much more passionate. I feel some pressure from him to get my degree asap, get a job, and make money.  He doesn’t tell me these things directly, he is just very goal-oriented and works hard to achieve them himself. It seems to be good, mature peer pressure, I just feel a bit ashamed that I hadn’t had a set goal all along. I was taking classes in subjects I enjoyed rather than working to finish a major - following my heart rather than my head I suppose. I was a bit immature.

I am driving home in a few days and I cannot stop crying. I’ve suffered from depression for nearly 10 years now, and with the stress of finding a school and moving back, it has intensified. Long distance isn’t easy. We will be long distance for 2 years, until I finish my degree from an in-state university (to save myself $ in tuition loans) and can move back with him and pursue a career of my own. I just want to hear your thoughts. Am I being silly in any way? He absolutely refuses to give up on his dream out here and move back with me, even if it was only temporary. I can’t blame him - I would much rather live in LA as well. We’re both very attached to each other and don’t have many real friends outside of each other. We are each others’ first romantic relationship. All of his friends and family live on the east coast, so he’s going to be really alone once I leave. I have high social anxiety, so when I start at my new school, making friends will be hard, but at least I will have my family within an hour’s drive. I will also be putting myself and my education first, which is always a good thing. I am a little scared that with 2 years ahead, that we won’t last, despite all of our shared dreams for the future. I’m scared that he may get too lonely, and someone will offer him attention, and he’ll leave me.

What do you think? Am I making the right choice? Do you have any advice that could help us? Thank you.


Hi, I felt really drawn to your story because this could have been me and Dave’s situation. And if I were you I’d be doing exactly what you’re doing and I’d be just as worried, and scared. Dealing with School and Careers is challenging, everything is transitioning without necessarily a clear plan. As someone from the east coast, LA was a huge and scary place for me I couldn’t imagine finishing a degree here. You’re right to put your future first, and to let your bf have his. This is a great time for him to start establishing a place and sense of security. Your bf is putting his career first and this may be a huge benefit that allows you two to visit each other over the 2 years. Maybe see each other for Holidays or special occasions. If you see him as someone you can be with for forever what’s 2 years right? Make sure you communicate, set time aside to talk to spend time together whether you’re together or apart. You can do long distance you have to believe you’re strong enough. It hard but ask anyone on the blog, it’s absolutely worth it. 

You going home to where you have support systems sounds absolutely what will be best for you. Continue to take classes that makes sense to you. I’m in the same boat, my bf is goal oriented and practical, like you I’m passionate. And honestly it’s working out really well for me. It doesn’t matter what your degree is in, as long as you finish something. I tried being practical and taking courses that would ‘get me a job’ it made me miserable and a less enjoyable person to be around. Be happy first and the job will follow. If your bf isn’t voicing any negativity then it’s likely he doesn’t have any, just because he’s practical doesn’t mean he expects you to be. He loves you, not because you’re like him, but because you compliment him.  You’re worried about your bf but you’ve been with him for more than a year, you have a strong foundation, and that will make you strong as a couple. You have to trust him, until he gives you a reason not to. If you start long distance with mistrust for no reason that will drive him away not the loneliness. 

Going to school, and making new friends like you say will be difficult, anxiety or not it’s always a little scary at first but it will help you deal with the distance. Finding ways to have your own life separate from your bf will give you things to talk about and also provide you with opportunities to have fun, and experience new things. Being around people that make me happy is a great way (at least for me) to bring my energy up and feel normal especially when I’m having a bad day (I suffer from chronic loneliness) so what ever it is that boosts your mood, exercise, a hobby, practicing your passions. Do that. 

Sorry about my Novel of a Response but I really wanted to give you a comprehensive answer I really do feel for you. I have at least some idea or understanding of what you’re going through and I truly believe that you and your relationship will make it!


anonymous said:

Sakura what do you think is Rachel's relationship theme song?

I’m hoping that this is a half decent choice of song. Truth be told I feel that I have become close to Rachael but know very little about AJ. But despite that I have ventured on and at First I wanted to say Bones by MS MR, but realizing how dark the actual song is decided against it. Bones was the song used in last years Game of Thrones Promo, and I know Rachael is a fan of all things fantasy, medieval and dragons a like which brought me to my actual choice….

Aniron- Enya - LOTR

It’s the love theme for Arwen and Aragorn. I apologize to Rachael if I’ve made some horrible character assumtion, but stress that I chose out of love and admiration. 


anonymous said:

I just broke up with my first love of almost two years. He said I made him happy but the relationship didn't. Im lost and I need you guys. Please help me... I feel so vulnerable.

Breakups are hard, and sometimes people are great people but they don’t make great relationships. I’m sorry that you’re heart broken, the best advice we can give you is distract yourself… Watch your favourite movies and TV shows, preferably nothing romantic, and something that’ll make you laugh… Read your favourite books, or read that book that you’ve been meaning to read for ages. Play games if you’re into them, something with a good immersive story line. Go out with your friends, the people that make you happy. Talk to them. If you need to cry, then just get it all out, cry until you can’t cry any more. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, or don’t want to talk to anyone, it’s actually really therapeutic to just grab a pen and paper and scrawl all your feelings out, just get them off your chest in whatever way you feel comfortable with, you’ll feel better after I promise. Go for nice long walks somewhere beautiful. If you have any hobbies, get stuck into those! If you don’t have any hobbies, then find a new one! Learn about something new, or something that you’ve always been interested. And take care of yourself! I know it’s hard, but remember to eat! And try and sleep properly, I know from experience that that’s the thing that’s hardest when you’re heart is broken… Take long hot relaxing bath with candles or aroma therapy oils. Get a new haircut or dye your hair! Or get your nails done! Treat yourself to that new top or dress that you’ve wanted for ages. Try something new with your makeup!  

Make sure you take time to grieve the relationship. The end of a relationship can be devastating and it requires time to grieve so give it the time it needs.

Return or throw away anything your SO may have given you or reminds you of them.  Return anything that would be considered theirs, like a sweater, or that game you borrowed, despite how made or heartbroken you are it’s not fair to send them everything and expect them to throw it away. So throw away those movie stubs and that teddy he/she gave you for your birthday. get rid of those painful reminders.

If you can, get some closure. Sometimes that’s the passage of time, it’s a conversation, or it could be the breakup itself. I varies by relationship but it’s about realizing why the relationship didn’t work and moving forward. If you can’t have that conversation because your ex doesn’t want to our the distance - whatever the reason try and find that closure for yourself. Write a letter, but don’t send it. That letter could be to the past you, it could be to the future you, it could be to your ex, just write out all your feelings and you should feel better, and hopefully you stumble across that moment of realization. Try and learn from this break-up, and take what you learn as you move forward, don’t take the negative stuff with you, take the positives.  

Take care of yourself



This might be too late to add to this, but some people don’t always find it helpful to throw things away, some people find it comforting to hold on to the gifts and things. Do what you want with them. If you’re not sure, put them in a box out of sight for now. 


anonymous said:

This is gonna be like two questions. Question one. I just started working somewhere like a month ago. And I swear no guys have ever really liked me. Like at all. Well I just started working and no lie 4 guys at work are crazy about me. Seems like every girls dream right? Not mine. One is married. One is 40. (I'm 19). One has a girlfriend. And one is just normal. Now the problem I have is my co workers know all these guys like me. And I don't talk flirty at all. I'm isually quiet so this is a

Shocker to me. That they like me. Well at work people talk. (Hence how they know all these guys like me). And I know they say mean things. I just know it. And it bothers me. I don’t like people talking. I hate drama. How do I deal with this?


Ok for starters, really wished you had used the submit option XD would have made this way less confusing. Also since you stated it as two questions thats how I’ll be answering it. 

Honestly the likelihood that all four of these guys are just absolutely crazy about you is pretty low. Not because you’re not attractive but it’s just more likely that it’s a male dominance thing. They’re likely hounding you trying to prove they’re the most macho - it also probably doesn’t hurt that you’re new. People (generally) can be very simple = “OUUHH SHINEY!” 

As for how to deal with it - it sounds easier said than done but it is easy - ignore the gossip. These people are your co-workers they’re not your friends. Just be professional and respectful and it’s fine. If you catch someone talking about you badly my suggestion is to just ignore them - it’s not worth it. 


anonymous said:

My boyfriend and I had sex for the first time and he took my virginity... Is it normal for me to go home and cry? I know I really love him. I just don't know why I've been crying lately..

Hmm that’s a hard one! I don’t know anyone who’s done that. Maybe you weren’t emotionally ready? I’ve heard that a lot of younger kids, when they have sex for the first time, get really emotional about it afterwards and tend to cry a ton. 

I’m not really sure, hon! Just try and feel better! :’)

~ Jessica


Hey Anon, 

I cried after my first time. And it Still happens to me once and awhile. Usually it starts as a panic attack, like a wave of emotions all at once and it’s like my body doesn’t know how to process them all together so it just over heats and breaks down (hyperventilating, shaking, I get really hot, and then I start crying). 

Usually having Dave hold me really tight helps me calm down but if I’m on my own, I just curl up hold my knees really close, rock back and forth and wait for it to pass. You’ll be alright it’s totally normal to be overwhelmed. It doesn’t mean you love your bf any less. Sometimes that step to give that other person your trust, vulnerability and love is just emotionally draining. 

Take Care, it’ll pass. 


anonymous said:

My LDBF's birthday is next month! He'll be 25 on the 20th of June. I wanna get him something memorable. But the problem is, we haven't been talking for a while :( his not himself lately & there's definitely no third party involves.. :(

If you guys aren’t talking then you might want to clear that up before you start making big birthday plans. Imagine how upset you’d be if the worst case scenario happens and you spend all this time and effort on his birthday and then you have some sort of falling out. I don’t think that it’s a bad idea though, I think planing special memorable and thoughtful things for your SO is a great idea, and a lovely way to show them you care. But you definitely need to start talking. If you need some gift ideas then check out our gift link here


anonymous said:

I think my LDBF is controlling. He doesn't like when I wear beanies and makes me take them off on skype all the time, when we talked he said and i quote, "This is your free chance to tell me if you're lying cause if you don't i will find out". He say that I need to learn how to listen and that we'll have communicating problems when we meet. And every time we fight he just ignores me for who knows how long until I say something. I always end up apologizing when I didn't even do anything wrong....

That doesn’t sound very good to be honest. What was he accusing you of lying about? And does he speak in this condescending tone all the time? Does he speak to other people like that or just you?

I really don’t think this is a healthy dynamic for your relationship. I think that everyone can always improve on the communication in their relationship but if he’s blaming your for all the communication issues in the relationship that’s not right. It takes at least two people to have a conversation, and clearly his communication needs some work if this is the way he speaks to and treats people. Ignoring people begrudgingly after a fight is also no way to communicate.

I really think that you should talk to him about this, and if he is unresponsive then I suggest you evaluate what it is that you get from this relationship. You deserve someone who treats you equally.

You deserve to have a happy relationship and get what you want just as much as he does, you also have the same responsibility to the relationship as him. If you’re not happy then what’s the point?


anonymous said:

Opinion on casual, fwb relationships?

So Rachael and I talked about this some before I formulated this answer so it was a joint effort. 

We had similar opinions but not exclusively. 

We both agreed that a casual relationship is something that can work between to consenting individuals however have rarely seen it work well. Most often for reason of unreciprocated feelings - which is often out of either party’s control. 

In our personal opinion sex is something that is special and when you love someone, all you care about is their pleasure (and expressing how you feel), and all they care about is yours, so I think both parties get much more physical enjoyment out of it, as well as emotional connection etc.  As well as we both feel that feeling safe is one of the most important things, knowing that if you ask him/her to calm their beans because it’s hurting you, or uncomfortable or don’t feel like it anyone (whatever the reason) they will stop. Trust is also a major, major, major thing to. And self esteem things too, letting someone you’re just casual friends with seeing you naked, not knowing how they’ll react it can be a very vulnerable place that some are not ready for. 

I have seen a FWB relationship work. I think one of the main reasons was because the two people were fairly new friends, both in a nursing program, neither of them had time for a relationship and there was a mutual understanding that they were just casual and the sex was mainly for stress relieving purposes and that the the ‘relationship’ had an expiry date, they understood that the relationship was only for a couple months and then they would both go their separate ways. It was in hopes of preventing the growth of feelings - this is rather unpredictable but it happened to work out between them and they are still friends. My friend she says that the sex was great because she felt less pressured to please him it was more selfish sex, she found that the guy was fine because he didn’t want it going around that he was bad in bed so he was very accommodating. If they had both been selfish I don’t know if this would have worked as well. 


hey guys :) thank you so much for your advice here, it’s been a big help for me for a really long time now. but anyways, i have a big problem. my boyfriend and me have been together for 1 1/2 years and he moved to my city as an exchange student in september. he will be here until about june. i haven’t been really happy for the last couple of months. he’s a great guy that i love but he’s not really passionate and i need someone who is crazy about me. he doesn’t say i love you, we have pretty rarely sex and i just don’t feel really appreciated and he doesn’t see me as “the only girl in the world” or at least doesn’t make me feel like it. but he did move here so that is a huge thing he did just for me and our relationship, next to other big and amazing things he did. we are planning going abroad this summer for a really big trip but i don’t want to commit to it (we haven’t bought tickets), because i’m unsure of our relationship. we have talked about all the things that bother me but nothing changed. i don’t see myself being with him forever. but i can’t break up with him because he still lives here. i don’t know what to do, i haven’t talked about this with anyone. he doesn’t know i’m even unhappy with him. i don’t know how to talk to him about it, i don’t want to hurt him but also i feel like it would be so cruel of me to break up when he still lives here, just for me. and yes, the timing is always bad but this one is actually horrible. should i talk to him about it and see if things change? sorry this got so long. thank you so so much. much love


Don’t worry about the length. This is great, in a submit form the length doesn’t bother us at all.

This was very difficult for me, and it took me a couple days to think about it and had to consult Dave and another friend on this. Although the opinions varied the consensus was, honesty is your best policy.

I think that it’s important to tell him about your feelings, that you don’t see yourself being with him forever, and why that is, it sounds to me that he just doesn’t share the same excitement for the relationship. Tell him that you may not see you guys as a forever thing, that you haven’t been happy for the last few months. Communicate with him, tell him that this really is it, that you can’t keep waiting for something to change. It sounds like you guys have talked through issues before and this is no different.  Six more months of being unhappy doesn’t seem like a fair thing to do to yourself or him, because it will become apparent to him that you become more distant etc. It is a huge thing to have someone move for you, but you have to think of it differently he made that decision because he wanted to and because you wanted him to, at that time. Everyone grows, and in a relationship sometimes people grow apart. 

A friend of mine agreed that a situation like this needs to be communicated  but also suggested depending on the feelings perhaps you could work out a casual temporary situation to make the situation more bearable. This may work if you two still enjoy each other’s company and are comfortable staying friends, or partners but just of the understanding that it’s temporary. 

Dave said: “I really think that as hard as this is you can’t time your emotions and I think If I was him, I’d rather know how you feel than to live in the dark and find out that I had been lied to for several months. I think you should talk and maybe the two of you can work through this, or find some sort of solution.”

You have to really own your emotions and be true to you. 


I’d really like to know how this goes for you, I hope things work out whatever way they can. 

anonymous said:

So I took the initiative to have the "dating talk". And he acted like he didn't understand the question. So do I just let it go at that bc I don't want to push it. He'll talk when he's ready right? Or what do I do about it?

If by dating talk you mean ‘defining the relationship’ I find it strange that he acted like he didn’t understand the question. Usually this conversation involves yes/no questions or very clear outlines. Such as: Are we Exclusive? (Y/N) Do we have terms for one another? (Y/N) What are those terms? Friends, Dating, (kind of)Relationship - BF/GF… I find it hard to believe that this was some how misunderstood. 

As for letting go or pushing the conversation that’s entirely up to you.  For me this conversation is crucial to moving forward with someone. If they are unwilling to define the relationship with me then there is a problem. I can’t define it by myself and I’m not comfortable leaving it ‘up to interpretation.’ I would either push to get an answer or leave. But that’s me, if you’re fine just going with the flow here then that is your decision. But if you really want to know if he is invested in you, in the relationship then I would try again and be very clear and very specific. What do you want out of this relationship? Do you want to be exclusive, do you want to be having sex, what are the expectations? This is a conversation it should involve all parties. 

All the best, 


I want to apologize for this being so long. I don’t know how to go about this situation. This isn’t distance related either. :( So, at first I was interested in this guy(call him M) and he told me from the start that he wasn’t ready for a relationship so I backed off and stayed friends.

 A couple of weeks ago we all went out and he was drunk, called me some other chick’s name(ex) even though he corrected himself. Talked about how he wanted a relationship but of course it was all nonsense. He ended up kissing me, which I didn’t like. It was a bit awkward after that and we’ve moved passed it and are just friends even though we don’t talk as much. I don’t have any feelings for him anymore.

Now, this is the crazy part, I met his brother(call him D) and well, I feel a connection with him. They’re not that alike either, The one I liked at first, M, is an alcoholic and has this “screw everything and everyone mentality” which became a turnoff. whenever we all get together, cuz we all run into each other and go to the same local bar, M would always drift away. D, his brother is very nice, and he never leaves and keeps the conversation going.

D puts effort into talking to my friends and saying hi. M hardly did that. D did bring up his brother the and asked if we were “talking”, I said no because we pretty much established we were just friends. He was all like, “my brother’s messing up, he needs to take you seriously already” He’s a very sweet guy and would tell me to just not worry about anything and have fun on our night out. He even texted me happy new years and god bless to me and my family which I said in return. His brother didn’t bother, he would ignore my texts sometimes too but I texted him just to be nice lol. D never ignores my texts.

I invited D out with my friends the other night to the bar and he asked if I talked to his brother and i said no, except for me saying happy new years. then he asked if I talked to him after that and I said no. I told him that me and him are just going to be friends and that I am over it and he was like good and he did that thing people do with their cups as “cheers” lol. D said he stopped talking to this girl he was trying to get with and that he was over it and it was a good thing. He can be quiet at times lol. We talked about our family and he asked about my summer plans. He asked me if I was doing anything during the weekend because he was planning on going out with his fam and friends to the bar. I had to work though and it turns out he didn’t end up going and stayed home tired from work.

Later that night he asked if I had seen some movie and I said yes, then he was like ohhh, I want to see it and asked who I went to go see it with. I should have recommended seeing something, but I was too nervous lol. Right before we were going home he brought up his birthday plans which isn’t til june and told my friend she could come too. My friend was telling me not to forget and he goes, “nah, shes def. not going to forget”. I’ve texted him since then and Ive been the first one to text which sucks but at least he isn’t ignoring me and he asks me how work was going and what time I got off. We made convo throughout the day.

Also, he told me his family got evicted and has to move out of town a little under an hour away but said he will still come by from time.

I keep thinking he may not be interested or has reservations because of his brother, i don’t know. I really like him. :(


Honestly you have to look at it from his perspective. You shot him down for 3+ plans that he invited you to, truth/nerves or whatever it still looks bad. Getting up the courage to ask someone out is hard, and when they turn your down multiple times anyone would be discouraged. 

If you really like him you should either just be straight with him and say so, or make it perfectly clear that you’re interested. You shouldn’t be surprised that you have to text him first, the poor guy got shot down, what is he supposed to think? You’re going to have to keep texting him first to prove to him that you are interested. 

If he’s moving perhaps offer to help him pack, spend time with, volunteering to do something like that proves that you want to spend time with him no matter the activity. Maybe he’ll offer to do something fun with you as a thank you for helping? 

All the best, 


hello :) i have some problems with my relationship and maybe you can help? my bf and i used to have an LDR and now he currently studies at my uni. he’s very sweet but he doesn’t tell my he loves me (only “like”, been together 2 years. we’ve talked about it cause i said it twice already and it was very awkward and humiliating).. and he has bikini models as his background on his pc and i’m crazy jealous and insecure. the girls always look perfect (miranda kerr etc) and are partly porn stars etc. i don’t even like him talking to my female friends cause i get too jealous (he doesnt know it’s that extreme). we talked about the background images and he said it’s none of my business and that these pics make him “a man” whatever that means. i can’t even watch movies with hot girls in them with him. and now he befriended a girlfriend of mine and she’s exactly his type and really pretty. i know he would never cheat and it’s not that i don’t trust him. but just knowing that he looks at and fantisizes etc about these girls make me feel like i’m not good enough. i have been cheated on before so maybe that’s where my insecurities come from. but i really don’t know how to deal with it, it’s just not getting better. and also, he isn’t as sexually interested anymore as he used to be (we have it like once or twice a week). i know he cares about me but that obviously doesn’t help the fact that i don’t feel sexy or hot enough for him. i don’t know how to not feel this way. could you maybe give me some advice? thank you so, so much. xx and happy new year!


Sorry it’s taken so long to get to this, better late than never I suppose! 

Personally I find it very odd that after being together for 2 years your Bf still hasn’t told you that he loves you. You say you brought it up, how did he react? Did he provide you a reason for the lack of emotional investment? I am aware that some people show love rather than say it but I still find it strange that he refuses to verbalize it. 

The Bikini model pics shouldn’t be that big of a deal it’s a photo and it will never be able to provide him with the physical and emotional support that you will. You’re beautiful, intelligent and valuable individual a picture’s got nothing on you! That being said if it bothers you and you’ve asked him to take it down I fail to find the logic in his inability to respect your wishes. If he needs a picture of a naked woman on his desktop to be a man I’m sorry he’s no man, he’s a pig. 

Honestly I think you need to speak with him and explain your insecurities and the importance of your well being. Tell him you absolutely need his support on this, and if he can’t do that then I would consider if you really want someone around who doesn’t have your best interest at heart. 

You need to find your confidence, and that can be very hard but you need to know that you are beautiful and that actresses and models are really not realistic body types. They make their money from their appearances and so they days at the gym and spend a lot of money on nutritionists and do nothing else. You need to realize that your value comes from more than just a tiny waistline and dainty features. You’re going to school you’re educated, you seem like a level headed individual, and very patient. In our society it is seen as boastful or cocky to speak of the positive qualities about ourselves and personally I think that’s wrong. We all need to learn to be proud of ourselves first. If we feel valuable, and believe we are valuable other people will treat you that way too.

I hope this helps, and I apologize again you had to wait so long.

All the best and if you need anything else we’re here :)


Getting ready for my Weekend!!!

Dave is coming into town this morning and I’m so ready! We’ve got amazing stuff planned. Today I have mostly a Day off from school and then Auditions for the Show I’m costuming. Then Friday we have even more auditions and this amazing local event called Super Crawl where the arts district in my town pulls out all the stops, galleries are free, theres tons of music and theatrical art events its going to be killer! Then Saturday we have to Stratford Theatre Productions - Merchant of Venice and Othello, this is the largest Shakespeare company in Ontario and I’m so stoked to see these shows! 

I’m even more stoked that I get to share all these events with Dave and show him why I’m so passionate about what I love to do! 

It’s going to be a fabulous Weekend!! 

anonymous said:

A couple of weeks ago I was at this party and I ended up having sex with my sisters boyfriend, thinking he was his twin brother. I think I might be pregnant, I'm so scared, We haven't told my sister and I don't know what to do, My family will hate me if they found out, but if I'm pregnant they would kill me, I just... I just don't know what I'm gonna do, I just feel so bad, I slept with my sisters boyfriend. He knew it was me, the fucking prick, I thought he was his twin who I have been Shagging

If it was only a couple of weeks ago, it’s impossible to know if you’re pregnant. In a week or two, get a pregnancy test to find out. And you need to tell your sister. She deserves a lot better than some skank who sleeps with other girls while he’s dating someone. 

~ Jessica

anonymous said:

So my friend keeps getting the EXACT same tattoos in the EXACT SAME places as celebrities she likes and it’s really starting to just freak me out. I know it’s her body and she can do what she wants, but she acts like she’s so cool just because she has tattoos (that aren’t even original). She’s constantly showing them off to me and it’s getting annoying. They’re not even cute. They’re not HERS and they have no meaning to her whatsoever. I just don’t know how to react anymore.

I mean honestly, there’s nothing really you can do. You can tell her how you feel and lose her as a friend, or you can just kinda try and ignore it. I know it’s hard, but if you really care about her as a friend, just grin and bear it. Or try and change the subject when she starts going on about her tattoos. 

~ Jessica

anonymous said:

Sometimes my boyfriend says things that kinda make me feel like a slut. He doesn't understand that though and says I mistook it or tells me I'm wrong. How can I make him see that he's hurting my feelings big time sometimes

When you talk to him next, just be like, “You know, sometimes you say things that make me feel pretty bad about myself and make me feel like a slut, and you can think that I’m wrong all you want, but it does make me feel like that and I don’t like it and I’d appreciate it if you could use nicer words sometimes.” And if he says something that makes you feel like that afterwards, you can be like, “This is what I mean. That is something that makes me feel terrible. Can we find some nicer way to say it?” 

Good luck :c

~ Jessica