29 Ways To Stay Creative 

Question . Are you surrounded by creative people ? Do you sing in the shower ? Are you a coffee drinker? If not you might want to pick up one of these skills before you miss out on  creating the most innovative piece of work you’ve ever put together . 

Dont see any of the actions you take to be creative ? Well then I ask you.. What keeps your creative juices flowing?

Love .

Love has no loopholes , love see’s past imperfections and flaws , love finds a way , sometimes having a relationship with someone should end but it doesn’t mean the love does , that love should be so strong that it’s never ending or else it was never love at all , this world progresses leaving out the true teaching of gentleman and ladies so it’s to be expected not to have a lot of pure , humble , happy relationships and marriages. Meeting someone who I fell in love with who was no good for me was exactly what I needed , I learned so many things . this feeling that poets from ages ago write about . I know it and it makes me happy to feel so natural , so truthful , a pure human talent . Love , it’s simple, but are complicated minds and un-faithful hearts can ruin something so real . Love , accept it and you’ll experience something that is life changing .

Spring is just around the corner with warmer weather and more opportunities for going out and about. Start your spring cleaning early by going through your makeup and personal products. Here is a look at expiration dates for various products. When in doubt throw it out. Don’t take a chance when it comes to products that are on your skin. Bacteria grows in them over time and can be quite unhealthy.

Update ~

Hello followers ~
I’ve only had college for two days but I thought I would give you guys an update on my experience thus far!
I like all of my professors as of right now. I graduated from the number one academic high school in the state I live in, and I feel as though the teachers there made sure I was well prepared for the college experience (even though I hated every second of high school).
One of my professors is transgendered and the peeps I follow on tumblr have helped me to become more accepting of her, so thank you all!
I got invited to a party today, even though it’s a very slim chance that I will go.
I came from a small high school so the social aspect is somewhat intimidating. My graduating class was only 150 students, so transitioning to a university is definitely not what I’m used to. But I’m a social creature, so I don’t think I’ll have much trouble making new friends (along with some old ones). Everyone seems really nice.
I’m full time, so that means I’m taking 12 credit hours, which is four academic courses. As it’s only my second day, I can’t really say about the difficulty of the classes I’m taking. I got home and did homework for about four hours (some of which could have been done tomorrow, I just want to be on top of it) and that’s way more than I ever had in high school!
All in all, at this point I’m liking the experience so far. There’s really nothing to complain about, other than the terrible afternoon traffic and the fact that the campus is huge, so there’s a lot of walking involved.
If any of you are thinking about college, I have some advice!
~ live at home if you can. You won’t have to pay an additional fee for living on campus or for a meal plan. A friend of mine is living at the school, even though she could have commuted, and she said she’s not allowed to drive or go anywhere in her car except on the weekends.
~ there’s nothing wrong with transferring! if you know what you want to major in, find out if the school you really want to go to offers your major, and also look on their website to see which courses will transfer and which ones won’t. That way you won’t be wasting money on classes you don’t need for your degree, and you’ll be that much closer to getting it!
~ take your exams early! Most school accept the highest score on the SAT or ACT, so it’s a pretty good idea to get a jump start on it!
~ sign up for classes EARLY. I cannot stress this enough! There were some issues with my admittance (long story short), so I didn’t get to sign up for classes until a lot of them were already full, and I didn’t get the ones I necessarily wanted. The sooner the better!
~ apply for financial aid and as many scholarships as you can! This helps out a lot, and if your aid covers more than your tuition and fees, you get a refund for the difference!
~ wait to buy books. Go through the first day of all your classes before you buy the books. Professors often don’t require them on the first day, and sometimes what’s listed on the bookstore website isn’t what they want you to purchase. Also, you can have your financial aid cover books as well!

I hope this has been insightful and helpful! If any of you have any questions about my experience or generally what to expect out of college, don’t hesitate to ask!

Love you all,
Ashley ~

Got these babies in the mail today! Starting my essential oil collection!! Oregano oil and OnGuard saved me from having the flu on my wedding day. They are the best 🙌👍 #doTERRA #essentialoils #health #healthyliving #2015 #newyearnewlife #happy #lavendar #onguard #lemon #peppermint #blog #lilichristine #helpfulhints #healthylifestyle #organiclife #loveoils #oils

7 Things To Help You Prepare For School
•pack your school bag the night before
•wake up and tell yourself that it will be a good day
•eat food because food is always good
•listen to upbeat music before you get there (maybe in between classes too)
•think of 3 things that make you happy (repeat them throughout the day)
•smile at a stranger- you know there will be a lot of them
•Relax. Just remember to breathe.
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So you’ve decided to spend a night in a cabin in the woods! You fool. You might as well sacrifice yourself to Satan and save yourself some time and effort. But if you and your friends feel you have to embark on this most deadly of vacations, here are 13 tips that might just keep you alive. (Probably not, though.)

       I actually loved this movie…I thought it was a clever take on an old story…my opinion on the movie is another post all together as I am sure someon out there is ready to say how horrible it was and how stupid I am for having an opinion different from theirs - needless to say, I am going to ignore that and concentrate on the article.

   Thorough. Thorough and actually helpful. I watch movies going “why did she go to the basement alone?” “why did she turn the lgihts off” - it’s frustrating, simple common snese coudl save so many movie lives…so well done i09 - a very helpful list!


Trying to get an idea on my form. Two different Race photographers Taking pics. I know my left foot I land on the outside and roll in, My right foot I Land on the outside but not as much it seems. I know my form starts to fall apart as I get tired later on. I do employ a run/walk stragety as needed. This race I did 1.5 miles non-stop before taking a 30sec walk break.  If anyone has Any helpful hints or suggestions I’d be appreciative. I am wearing a New Balance, Minumus 10v2 2E size 8 in these pics.

The group pics at the bottom are from the begining going out. The top pics are coming back in. 5k course over a bridge. If you want more I got more pics I can post from other races.