1. Set goals: Force yourself to set a goal of creating ‘X’ number of items. Even if you have to copy a previous project, working in your chosen medium will get you back in the swing of things and get the inspiration flowing. Often times, exploration of past themes will motivate you to see things in a new way. This is how art series are often born; reinvigorating old ideas and viewing them in a new light. It’s okay to build off the past to create motivating steps towards the future.

2. Search for inspiration: Sitting in front of a blank computer screen or canvas can be painful and nervous tension will only make your block harder to break. Inspiration doesn’t always arrive when it’s needed; sometimes we have to search for it. Going to a museum, visiting a gallery, meeting with friends, taking snapshots, using Google Image Search, or scanning Flickr and creating your own page of favorite images can get the ideas flowing.

3. Keep a journal: Set a goal to jot down thoughts, ideas, or if you’re clueless about what to write about, make a list you had for breakfast or the first thing you thought of when you woke up; anything is better than nothing. Inspiration is everywhere! Doodle, make lists, just do something. Chances are, when you’re flipping back through the pages in a few few days / weeks / months, inspiration will strike.

4. Don’t worry: Anxiety will further dampen any creativity. The more you worry, the worse the block will become. If you can’t seem to produce any work, view the period as a mini-vacation. Often, pulling yourself away from the work for awhile will often restore energy and focus. It’s ironic that often when you’re at your busiest, working hard at a job or task that doesn’t include your art, you can’t wait to get back to it. Yet, when you have all the free time in the world, the lack of stimulation can make it difficult to produce anything of real value.

5. Focus on one thing at a time: It’s easy to get overwhelmed thinking about how much needs to get done. A series isn’t built in a day, and for that matter, a riveting piece of art rarely is, either. Sometimes a task feels so overwhelming that it seems easier to not even start. Don’t sabotage yourself! I’m onto my third series this year because I never quit– I take a step back, assess the situation, take a short break, and launch right back into the work. You won’t get very far if your work is sitting in the corner half-finished, collecting dust. Start with the basics; make an initial sketch of concepts, create a mood board, focus on getting starte Each step forward is one step closer to completion.

6. Take a class: A renewed perspective can have an amazing impact on the soul. Local art schools and colleges usually offer evening and / or non-accredited courses. Assignments from another person have the ability to jump-start the completion of an art project; the limited guidelines can help dissipate the open-endedness of possibilities that have the ability to create anxiety.

7. Use downtime to market yourself: If you can’t make new art, use the time to market yourself more effectively. Research galleries and calls for artists online. Sometimes you can even email galleries about your work directly instead of sending postcards. Update your website and online portfolio. Connect with other artists and share your resources. Perhaps they can recommend galleries that are interested in work like yours, provide inspiration, and swap art calls. I’ve secured some of my best shows by staying in contact with fellow peers.

If you are struggling and considering ending it, please read the following entry inspired by 13 reasons why by Jay Asher

When I started reading about Hannah and her story, I felt sad because I knew that she didn’t deserve to die. She has had such a hard time in high school and her life because of what happened with her boyfriend.There were rumors going around the school that she was “easy” and life got a lot harder for her. Even at the store that she bought her chocolate bars, the man behind the desk grabbed her hand because he heard about the rumors that Hannah was easy. He wouldn’t let go of her arm, “Calm Down, I’m just playing.” he said. And When I read this the alarm bells went off in my head. I realized that alot of horrible things had happened to Hannah that just pushed her over the edge, and pushed her to end it. You know what? Fellow students and teachers missed her. Even the people that didn’t treat her right felt really bad and responsible. The purpose of me sharing this realization is to give the people that are at the end of their road hope. I Don’t want to hear about Anyone committing suicide because they thought no one liked them, or they thought that no one cared about them. Because you know what? I care about every single person that is reading this. And I am tearing up at the thought that someone would be so upset that they would want to just die. There are people you can go to , there are people who will help you. Just please know that you are not alone.  I LOVE YOU!

Some "helpful" advice.

Mirajane was well known - infamous even - for her interest in romantic events, even if most of the time they weren’t there at all and she was making a mountain out of a molehill.

But even so.

Mirajane lived for the fairy tail members romantic lives! There was nothing happier to her then seeing two fellow friends come together in love and watching the bright smiles on their faces.

Ah, the very thought made her giddy.


And so it was, that when she saw Gray sat by his lonesome at one of the guild tables one day, Mirajane took the initiative to go sit opposite him. The barmaid was well aware he was involved with none other than Jellal Fernandes - a couple that had come as a surprise to the young woman.

"Good morning Gray." She chimed as she approached him, "You don’t mind if I sit with you, do you?" She asked, even though she was already making herself comfortable.

//I love each and everyone one of you, but I have a helpful tip when it comes to roleplaying, because it will not only be better for you, but it will make it easier for everyone else.

Don’t roleplay when angry. It affects your muse, and in turn, affects everyone else’s muse/mun. Take a break from the computer, go for a walk, calm yourself down. The rp will be waiting for you when you get back. 

This has been a friendly psa from SpencerandPhil-mun.

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Following my apparent thread on photography thoughts this morning, a thank you to Casey Neistat! This is an amazing guide and maybe I will actually use Instagram if people follow his rules!

How Not To Suck at Instagram

 Leslie Horn