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1. This is love, you know. The earth cracks beneath our feet, but then the cracks become rivers, fill with rain. The love floods everything, circles back, finds ocean. In it, we drown. Again. We drown.

2. The smell of cigarettes still lingers where it has never been & I forget your voice now, but not you, who is more than a voice. I remember a time, during sex, an I love you & then my name.

3. He’s wiping himself from my stomach, spilled paint onto canvas all cleaned up. He’s back on top of me & I’m a princess. I want him to tie me to something so I can’t get away. He blisters my body with his lips & his lips are on fire.

4. My eyes are car lights, you like a deer frozen in them. I want to apologize for the collision, for the crunching of bones under tires, but I don’t know where to start. My body reverses, finds nothing but traces of your skin.

5. There is the railing we keep letting go of. There is the girl who’s in love & there is the girl who isn’t. There is somebody disillusioned & someone still dreaming & someone who can’t remember where he last hid himself. There is a man with his lips on fire. There is the body burning & there is someone always crying. There is a life on repeat. There is the life like a song we never sang out loud. There is my body. There is his. There’s the love that went missing. There is the love, inside of us, there is the love nobody wants.

—  Moriah Pearson, untitled

September 9th.

September 10th.
“I fucking hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. You hurt me so fucking much.”

September 11th.
“Listen, I’m sorry. Okay? I know I’m not what you want.”

September 12th.
“I miss you so fucking much, it feels like all I am is missing you. Did you even think about me at all today?”

September 13th.
“Hey, so I just wanted to let you know I’m not mad anymore. I’m sorry about everything. I hope we’re okay.”

September 14th.
“I get it. Goodbye.”

—  Six texts I’m glad I didn’t send.

anonymous said:

request for a 3-sentence fic of solely everlark smut. you know you want to.

Ummm, okay, sure.  But a warning that you’re getting canon Everlark smut and that I went over 3 sentences.


*Using this gif because I don’t have pre-epilogue gifs yet.

On the night that I feel that thing again, that hunger that only Peeta—all of Peeta—can stave off, it’s a cold, snowy night in the dead of winter.  And the fire in the hearth dies slowly as the one between Peeta and I ignites. 

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Character Development: Kids Aren't Limited

Anonymous asked: im writing my character (a seven year old) and i’m feeling limited because i’m supposed to portray him naturally (i mean, like usual seven year olds being intellectually limited that uses less complex words) Am I doing the right thing?

You definitely want to think more simplistically when you write their thoughts and dialogue, but that shouldn’t limit you by any means. Children are keen observers, and although they may not possess the experience and knowledge an adult can use to process the world around them, they’re still very creative thinkers and can come up with things that may seem a little mind blowing even to adults. Their personalities and intellectual capabilities at any age exists on a gradient. As with most other things, there’s an average against which they can be compared, but that doesn’t mean that every kid at every age possesses the same level of knowledge or behaves in the same way. One seven year old might have the intellectual capability of a ten year old and the maturity of a nine year old. Another seven year old might have the average maturity of a seven year old but the intellectual capability of a five year old. Still another seven year old might be just above average in both places, but is a word nut who loves to read, and so possesses the vocabulary of the average fifth grader.

Google “seven year olds” and read through some parenting site articles to see what is average for a seven year old, then decide where and how much you want to put yours ahead. Try watching some videos of seven year olds on YouTube—parents upload them all the time—and look online for stories, poems, and artwork by seven year olds to get a feel for how they see the world around them. You can use what you learn to make your seven year old more realistic as well as more interesting. :)

I am writing to tell you that yes,
This world is unfair,
And there will be days when every
God damn thing you do
Or don’t do
Will make you feel like a failure.
But I am also writing to tell you that
You are not your mistakes,
Or your flaws
You are a miracle that breathes
And writes poems
And is full of such emphatic love
That you could overflow an ocean
With your grief.
I am writing to tell you that
You are alive
And that may not seem like much,
But a star gave its life
So that you could live
And although you hate every inch
Of your delicate skin
There is starlight shining
In your burned out eyes
So that the world would not
Be nearly as beautiful
Without you.
—  e.e.h. - I am writing to tell you

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Hi lovely, are there any transcripts of Ron Moore's weekly podcasts? I'm deaf and I'd really like to know what he says in them. If not, are there any kind souls that would do so? (whilei'mhereit'sWEDDINGTIMENEXTWEEKEEEEPPP!)

That’s a good question. I can’t seem to find any transcripts of the podcasts which is strange, because they apparently sync with the episodes, so you’d think someone would’ve made subtitles of it for the episodes by now….I would consider trying to transcribe them if I didn’t have so much other stuff going on…hmm has anyone been able to find transcripts or subtitles of the podcasts??? 

and im licking my lips in anticipation of the wedding just like sam/jamie does