mother of…

Lewis. Lewis seeing this really pretty girl come into the restaurant a lot. Lewis asking if he can wait tables a little more often, and claiming THAT section. Lewis trying to make casual conversation while taking her order, walking away, and finding all he’s written on her menu ticket is “So pretty.” Coming back to get her order again and finding her coloring on the kids’ menus with his little sisters, who inform him she’s been invited to family game night.

Three little devilish matchmakers who see RIGHT THROUGH big brother all the time. He can’t hide ANYTHING from them.


Do I have any German followers?

Or anyone studying German? I need someone who would be able to read over my text (and by text I mean three paragraphs), just to check grammar. It is on a very low level, and should not be too much, so if you are fluent or have been learning it for a while it will probably be a piece of cake to correct! It would be of so much help to me.

Thank you all so so much for your great help! I think I have received/am receiving the help I need as of right now, and I am so grateful to be a part of this community who lend their help so willingly. Thank you to everyone who offered help!