AU where everyone gets a really badass tattoo

iron bull and tiny inquisitor headcanons

sleeping together is the definition of big spoon little spoon. romantic, until he rolls over and his bicep nearly crushes her ribcage in the middle of the night

that one time she made a particularly awful joke and he 

playfully nudged her.aka the time iron bull accidentally shoved the herald of andraste off a cliff

need help busting that wall down? he comes up behind her, tucks her close to his middle with one hand and punches the shit out of the rock with the other. all clear, boss

one time he cut a templar’s head off right over her head. she was pissed about it and now he does it every chance he gets

slow dancing at the ball, more like come here, you as he picks her up by the waist and spins her while her feet swing above the floor

even still, there are times when he forgets how small she is. she has responsibilities that are larger than life, after all. so when she’s asleep beside him and his palm near covers her waist, he chuckles a little and remembers 

Things that shatter my heart into a thousand tiny pieces: Dragon Age Inquisition Edition
  • The quiver in Dorian’s voice when he says, “he tried to change me.”
  • When Cullen whispers, “forgive me.”
  • The look on Solas’ face when he says, “I can’t.”
  • The slight waver in Varric’s voice when he hugs the inquisitor and says, “Hawke just had that effect on people.”