I could not be happier with Coliver in this episode! We got four scenes, and all of them were completely adorable! I loved Oliver wanting to be introduced to Connor’s friends and the scene where he was introduced had me grinning like an idiot. I hope Oliver gets to have more scenes with the other characters in the future. Actually, I wish he would just get officially hired to help them out and could be on the show more, but that probably won’t happen this season, or maybe not at all. Still, I can hope for the future… 

And the scene where Oliver told Connor he loves him! Gosh that was a wonderful scene. Firstly just with Connor helping drunken Oliver get out of his clothes and into bed. Such a sweet, domestic little thing to do! I was also really happy with Connor telling Oliver that he really wants him but not until he is sober. That is obviously what a good boyfriend should do! Then there was that lovely, lingering kiss~ And of course, the “love you” at the end, with Connor smiling as he walked away.

Let’s hope for more cute Coliver scenes next week and for them to officially get back together! <3