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Pacific Rim AU; James Barnes and Natalia Romanova as the pilots of the Russian jaeger, Winter Widow


Webtoon is having a contest! Win money and be featured on their site!

I’m putting Side Quests in, they want at least “5 episodes” of a comic, so I’ll be uploading the 7 I’ve done so far (only 1 is up now). It would mean a lot to me if you guys gave it a good rating :) It’s simple to log in, just login with facebook or twitter, and click rate, then gimme 10 stars ;D

Side Quests on Webtoon!

Thankfully, it isn’t solely a popularity contest. Judges will determine the winners based on artistic ability, creativity, and originality. But having a good rating will probably help them notice it!

I’ll be posting more about this later too, when I put more episodes in and start updating SQ with episode 8!

No one sees my bisexuality largely because I keep it to myself. It is my secret. I don’t reblog anything (*hearts 70000000 photos of pretty women*). 

Which is weird. Like…because I’m demisexual but I date men and women when the attraction is there??? Which is actually really rare. So far it’s Cameron that’s had me pegged for the last two and a half years. I don’t know?

Am I still bisexual or am I demisexual period or am I both??? I don’t know. Now that I think about it, because the definition of demisexual doesn’t say a single thing about gendered attraction, I can just use it instead…right? But then where does my bisexuality go? I’m so confused?? Help me.

It’s 4 in the morning and I’m asking myself questions about my sexuality. What is life.

i need help real quick with two problems:

Even though many people think of them as shabby and uncomfortable, a youth hostel can be an interesting and inexpensive place to stay while traveling. Grammatically, does “them” stay “them” if referring to “a youth hostel”? Or should it be “it” And two: How would you be able to find the length of sides of a rectangle if you have the perimeter and area aka a perimeter of 76 and an area of 96?