okay posting really isnt my thing but i just managed to watch the lastest episode of dmmd like oh my god i never see something so gay i even played the game oh my god! i was really expecting them to kiss the whole time but then i remembered they took out the gay… THEY HELD HANDS AT THE END OF THE EPISODE! ahhhhhhhHHHHhhHHHHHHHHHHBH i dont think any of you understand my feeling for how gay this show it i was almost tearing out my hair because it bothered me so much that they werent aloud to be who they ARE AHHHH I HATE THIS!!!!

Breaking down, and asking for help.


Hello all,

I’m sure if I’ve ever really talked about this before, but this year I started college. I’m the first one of the three kids to go, and I’m the middle child. Which is pretty exciting to me. However, my parents never really saved up any money for me and my brothers to go. But I also didn’t want to be in debt for the rest of my life with student loans. So I took a year off school and got a part time job to save up money so I could pay completely out of pocket.

Which was great in theory. I had a lot of money saved up and it looked like it was going well, until I had to leave my job because they weren’t going to be as flexible as I needed them to be for my school hours. And once I got to school, my dreams of being able to pay for this myself flew out the window. Everything cost way more than I could even imagine. Of the $5000 I had saved up, I have only $1600 left… and I still haven’t paid for my second semester tuition, textbooks, and all the “extra’s” that they “strongly recommend you pay for”

I don’t want to ask you guys for money. I’m not going to. I want to finish my working my through this. The few interviews I’ve had with jobs all quickly became disinterested once they found out I was going to school. But sewing and knitting has always been my true passion, it’s not work to me. So what I am going to ask is that you guys take a moment to look at my Etsy store. There’s not a whole lot in there right now, mainly because I only just opened it today. But I plan on having a fairly decent sized store by the end of the month.

It’d mean a lot to me, because any money I make here will be going directly to my college fund. I just don’t have the heart to ask you guys to donate to me. So please, any help at all would be greatly appreciated. 


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Sometimes I just want to talk about everything that goes through my head, but then I realize that no one cares and that I’ll just be a bother. So I just sit there in silence, trying to stop my brain or just trying to make sense of everything