Frankensteins Monster | A4 | Graphite on Paper

When I looked around I saw none and heard of none like me.

Was I, then, a monster, a blot upon the earth

from which all men fled and whom all men disowned?


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i have to go to a party dressed up as something starting with B but like Beyoncé is taken so what’s the point


As you all know I came out to my dad a few months ago he took it kinda well.
I live in the middle east and being gay here is a taboo.
My dad recently told my mom about me being gay (2 weeks ago) she’s taking it very badly.
Now I have to go to 4 different doctors (psychologists and therapists) so I can get a “treatment” and turn straight or whatever.
My mom keeps saying very hurtful things to me, I’m super depressed and I’ve never been this suicidal.
For example: “you’re sick, you need treatment” “I won’t let you do this to yourself” “I can’t accept your life choices and drive to hell with my own hands” “you can’t have a family” “I hope you die if the treatment doesn’t work cause I don’t want you to be gay” etc…
And now I’m basically being watched 24/7, whether I’m on the phone or on the computer (she’s sleeping now)
One of the doctors I’m going to see has made the decision for all psychologists in Lebanon that being gay isn’t a mental illness so hopefully she’ll help me and try to fix things with my parents.
Should I tell the psychologists the truth? That I’m here so my parents accept me and I’m not looking for a “treatment”?
I’m planning on moving out after this year if this doesn’t work out with my parents and if they still insist on me getting a treatment (even if it involves taking pills)
I really don’t know what to do, I need an adult’s help with advice or a professional that helps me with a plan or something?
How much should I save up?
Where should I go to?
Etc etc. I should add that my dad said if the treatment doesn’t work they’re gonna have to live with it and accept me (they’re planning on a very long treatment perhaps it might take 3-4 years they wanna keep trying) and that they love me no matter what (so not true or else they wouldn’t be doing this to me) They know the treatment leads to depression. I’m waiting on your advice, please I really need help.


Meet Selphie the Shihpoo.  Yes, she was named after the Final Fantasy VIII character! 

This little fluff ball has been with me for 6 long years. She’s a sweet and gentle lap dog and my 16 month older daughter’s best friend.

I don’t want to write up a typical sob story, but perhaps doing so will inspire you to help me and my little family…

Last year we took Selphie to the doctor for a regular checkup. We had noticed a very strange ‘bump’ on her mammary gland. We brought it up to the doctor, and she highly recommended that the growth be removed as soon as possible. The estimate for the surgery was $1500~ or so. Obviously, that kind of money is hard to come by.

Fast forward to today and the growth has gotten worse. My family and I are very concerned, as it does not look good. The growth (which we suspect is some kind of tumor), needs to be removed…otherwise it will continue to get worse. We don’t want that to happen. Good ‘ol Selphie has another 10 years of life in her. We want her to grow up with her best baby friend. I want my dog to keep snuggling next to me for the next 10 years, too.

We need help saving our dog and making her all better. We just need a handful of donations to cover the cost of the operation, medication, the biopsy, treatments and followup visits.

Anything and everything counts. Please, and thank you. :’(

anonymous said:

nurse!cas in the pediatric ward though okay like he would wear dumb patterned scrubs and probably crocs or some equally horrible and ridiculous pair of footwear and he would take all concerns and requests completely seriously and all the kids just adore him right because he kind of just radiates like safety and love omg?? plus don't get me started on nurse!cas and EMT!dean? i don't even know


pediatric nurse!cas always spending so much time with each kid asking about their day, and how they slept, and making sure that they feel safe and supported while they’re in the ward

EMT!dean working odd hours, and every once in a while he’ll swing around the pediatric ward with some coffee and a blueberry muffin for cas, and flirt with him shamelessly for a few minutes before one of them is paged off

eventually a little girl in the ward sick with the flu, named charlie, asks if they’re boyfriends, and cas gets all blushy and stutters a lot, but later that night when he catches dean on their way out of the hospital he gets up the courage to run over to him and kiss him as hard as he’s always wanted to

they end up going back to cas’ place that night

(and fall asleep immediately.  night shifts are no picnic)


Me and my Friend Recreated a scene from the movie “Suicide room”
for a class project (btw its our favorite movie)
Me heichouleo as Dominik
Friend : the-stars-under-the-sea as Sylwia

Sylvia I’m sorry
im weak
-the pills
-I cant
don’t make me
-good bye