help please

Okay, it’s getting cold here in Ohio. We’ve already had snow. It’s reached 10 degrees (Fahrenheit), and it’s only going to get worse as winter progresses.

My family has two dogs, one female and one male (the female is the mother of the male; they’re all they know & have. Also, she is spayed, but he isn’t neutered.), and they are outside 24/7 unless the temperature gets below zero, then my family puts them in the basement.

I can’t watch them do this to them anymore, and I convinced them over the summer to let me find them a home.

I don’t want to give them to a shelter because I know they won’t find a home because they aren’t trained at all because they’ve been outside, chained their entire lives, plus they’re full grown.

Please, please, please help me find them a home. I would absolutely love it if they could find a home to go to together because like I said, they are all they’ve known their entire lives, and I feel separating them would cause them a lot of stress, but I also know people can’t handle two untrained dogs. So if I have to give them to a loving home separated, I’ll do what I have to do so long as they can get love for the rest of their lives.

I live in Northern Ohio, please message me if you are interested, and if you aren’t, please at least reblog this.

It gets so cold in winter in Ohio. I don’t want to watch them suffer anymore.