Queen Helora || Indelene || Age: 1200 || Tail: Blood Red with a black fin tip || FC: Frieda Pinto || Open

Bio: The current ruling Queen, Helora is literally on top of everything. The most powerful mermaid in the Indian ocean, it’s well known that Helora knows how to demonstrate her power. She grew up as a princess as well, daughter to very wise parents who taught her everything they know and more. She was always very serene and liberal, refusing to take orders from anyone but herself but never dancing around and bragging about how much better she is than everyone else. When she inherited the title of Queen, Helora was over-joyed. Her dream finally came true and she won’t let anyone snatch it away from her. She has one son, Eddard, but it’s safe to stay that he is nothing like her and somewhat of a disappointment. 

Personality: Very composed and seren, Helora has never shown a week side. She’s never shed a tear in her life or made herself, or at least presented herself as vulnerable. With her ferocious voice and powerful position, Helora is a force to be reckoned with. Pretty much everyone is scared of her and is immediatly thrown aback by the aura of her presence. When deserved, she rewards very graciously, but that also works the other way around. If you’ve done something wrong in her eyes, it’s safe to say you’re doomed, as she’s very well known for her vicious, heartless punishments that not many have lived to tell about.

Ships: Undecided.