30 Days of KnB: Day #12

Kuroko no Basuke 30 Day Challenge; Day #12: Favorite Coach

As has been the trend lately, Seirin gets another winner because this one is going to Coach Aida Riko.

I could say so much about her coaching. 

First of all, let’s just point out the obvious and remember that she’s a girl coaching the boys team. This is obviously not a problem in my book, but it’s been pointed out time and time again that because she’s a girl, people expect her to be the manager, not the coach. To me, she’s just kicking ass and taking names by doing what she does. Also, let it be remembered that she was personally asked to be the coach by Kiyoshi and the other Seirin boys that started the club. She was the first to come to mind, and I love that. I also really respect that she wouldn’t even accept the position unless they were completely serious about wanting to win it all and get to the top. It wasn’t something I would have expected out of her, but I respect her so much more because of it.

And oh, man. Don’t get me started on her intellect during games.

Riko is definitely smart on her own, seeing as she placed second in the entire school during exams. However, the way she grew up helped immensely with sports. Since her father was a trainer, she picked up a bunch of her skills from watching him. It’s cool to think about, because that means she had an interest in this kind of thing from a very young age and stuck with it until high school. That’s hard to do sometimes. This kind of training she inevitably had from watching her father allows her to be able to come up with training schedules, workouts, and whatever else she thinks the team needs in order to be successful. I LOVE THAT. 

Another thing I love? Her trust in her team. She’s never afraid to let her players take charge if they feel something she doesn’t. It’s usually little things, like when Kiyoshi lets Kagami take the tip against Rakuzan, but that kind of trust is so important in a team. She knows that her players have an instinct of their own, and when they feel they need to do something to win, she’ll let them. Another example is when Kuroko requested to use Ignite Pass Kai in Seirin’s game vs. Touou. While I know that really didn’t work out as planned, she was still allowing him to try it, which shows the respect she has for her team.

Riko is also a coach who will do anything necessary to make her team comfortable (after putting them through grueling training, of course). Before the Winter Cup, they all went to the hot spring to relax before training started again. And even though she’s not known for her cooking, she tries to make things that are good for her team to keep up their energy and make them stronger (here’s hoping Kagami can teach her more cooking skills in the next three years!). Specifically, the way she cared for Kiyoshi really made my heart melt. You know what I’m talking about: that stupid Kirisaki Daiichi game that I hate so much. Kiyoshi got tossed around, but never gave up. However, you can see throughout the entire game just how worried she is about him; she knows he’s hurting, but she doesn’t want to take him out because she also knows he’ll just want to go right back in so he can protect his teammates from harm. Of course, she does a great job of caring for him in their match against Yosen as well, massaging his muscles to help with his fatigue. 

I personally know way too many people that have torn their ACL and have looked to be in the kind of pain Kiyoshi is in, so it always breaks my heart to see that. The pieces come together and mend a little when Riko does what she can to help.

“Nothing beats cultivating talent.”