eomurs asked:

i'm gonna have to return the favour and ask for logan with c3 please!! (or b5 since i want to see him with a lusty expression-who doesn't really?)

i did b5 bc bedroom eyes logan gives me life (also i was rewatching wolverine and the xmen and i wanted to draw catface logan bc he looks like a cat in that show ill fight u abt it) 

hes such a little shit i love

we aren't as straight as we think we are

fandom: hey! say! jump
pairing: yuto/yamada
genre: angst / fluff
word count: 1,492 words
summary: of unrequited love and late realisations
a/n: a longer version of my tweetfic. never leave me alone to my own devices that will lead me to over-think.

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