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What kind of torture, I mean punishment, Riko would inflict on the Seirin team if she catches them reading porn/gravure magazines

it turned out to be longer than I thought…

It was the time before one of their Inter-league matches. RIKO was out to watch some Academy’s training and the whole Seirin team was having an unscheduled break. HYUUGA and IZUKI looked at each other and nodded in mutual understanding. After one minute the two boys returned with the only gravure magazine their coach didn’t withdraw from them last time they cleaned the locker room. KOGANEI jumped towards his captain and started to stare at it with interest. “Wow!” All he could say. In a second FURIHATA, KAWAHARA, FUKUDA joined them, standing in a circle.

MITOBE meaningfully looked at TSUCHIDA, who definitely was against this idea as the only person with a girlfriend.           

“It’s not going to end well,” nonchalantly said KUROKO, while patting NIGOU as he played with a ball. KAGAMI was standing nearby, incredulously glancing at this peaceful pair. 

Now four, or rather three of them, started playing with their mascot in the gym corner as far as possible.

"What is it?" Riko’s voice like a thunder pierced through the air, unexpectedly and loudly. Her sweet, yet devilish smile was shining on her face as she was towering over boys with that magazine. They froze, breathless, like statues, only sweat was dripping down their muscles, making the whole uniform wet. “Now, now, what do we have here?” She repeats herself and crosses arms on her chest, with the corner of her eye finding the non-participants in the furthest corner of basketball court. 

"You!" Riko turns into the scary coach they all know, points at the perpetrators. “You’re all going to do 50 laps around the school grounds.” 

Upon hearing the verdict, they, as quite as possible, exhaled in relief.

"Oh, and you will carry some luggage on your shoulders." She smirks. "Hyuuga-kun will carry Kagami-kun, Izuki-kun with Tsuchida-kun, Koganei-kun and Mitobe-kun, Furihata-kun and Kuroko-kun. Kawahara and Fukuda, do each 50 laps with each other. "


"And those who stopped their training will resume it, but in double!"