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Whats your opinion on the new fnaf 3 trailer? do you think that golden bunny is part of the bonnies family or not? i honestly cant decide! he doesn really look like bonnie, but maybe he is!

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What is your opinion of the new game of five nights at Freddy’s 3?

This fucking new Tumblr upd8 shit is so annoying

Anyway, I like the idea of a haunted house based on the legend of the pizzeria, instead of working at the pizzeria again. And also reducing the number of animatornics from 11 to 1 seems quite interesting. 

Sounds promising in the way of like, your attention focuses on that one mother fucker and that may raise the tension. ‘Cause you don’t get distracted with other things like checking the pirate cove and winding the music box. 

We don’t get many horror videogames in which the bad guy is just one. I think. So yeah… Should be good.

Um. It seems creepier, with better animation, and Golden Bonnie is honestly pretty disturbing, much more disturbing than the previous ones. 

So yeah I’m rly looking forward to it : )))

It just makes me kinda sad tho, what the previous animatronics were reduced to. Foxy is a fucking lamp. A fucking lamp.

And just… idk, it’s sad haha. But cool.

About Golden Bonnie being part of the Bonnie family, he might be! I’ll see about that, I wanna get to know a bit more about him first. Starting with a confirmation if it IS a Golden BONNIE.

So yeee

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How do you feel about the fact that Riko and Kiyoshi used to date like idk how I just found out about this but I'm happy and sad all at once anD PLS HOLD ME BC RIKO COULD GO WITH EITHER HYUGA OR KIYOSHI FOR ME AND SO MUCH MAKES SENSE NOW BUT NOW THERES SO MANY QUESTIONS


I SHIP HYURIKOKIYO SO MUCH but that’s kind of beside the point ahaa~

I think that they were a very cute couple. I can see Kiyoshi being even more of a dork around Riko, and she just scolds him half-heartedly and sighs dramatically and finally gives the big baby a kiss GOD I’M GOING INTO DANGEROUS TERRITORY

I really wish we knew why they broke up. You know, Fujimaki tends to do this thing that I really hate: he just randomly drops information with no context whatsoever, and everybody’s just like ‘what’. The worst part is that he probably has a reason to do that and I hate it because I’m just so incredibly curious it’s not even funny. A perfect example of that is his answer to the ‘Why do Riko and Kiyoshi call each other by their first name’ question.

'Oh, they went out with each other at some point' my ass. Where’s the fucking story behind it when did they go out why did they go out who confessed to who why did they break up goddamnitall

But yeah, for some reason still unknown to us they dated, but aren’t anymore. They’re still on great terms with each other, so it was probably something both of them agreed on. 

Hyuuga’d have felt a little left out at the beginning of their relationship. He’s pretty good friends with both of them, so seeing them together and leaving him behind would have left him pretty upset, no matter how much he denies it. But of course, he fully supported them and even helped Riko bring Kiyoshi down from his high when he was being too much. And also, since he knew Riko before Kiyoshi did, the latter would’ve definitely come to him for some advice. Even though he was pretty sad that they kind of left him behind, he was really happy that his friends found love in each other.

When they broke up, I think the three of them tried to act as normal as possible. So a relationship didn’t work out; okay, that’s fine. I’m happy for the memories you gave me and I’ll treasure the time we spent together, but life goes on. Hyuuga played a very important part in this, because he didn’t treat either differently from what he usually did during all this time and the two of them couldn’t be more grateful to him for that.