Komada Hiroka - Birthday letter from Rikopi [23.11.2014]

To Piichan.
Happy 18th Birthday.
Though I only wrote you a simple mail containing 「Happy Birthday」 on the 21st, I decided that for your Seitansai, I want to write this letter to you.
This year so many things happened, right?
When we both got into Team H but had all Kenkyuusei being divided, we first cried and said how lonely it will be, but soon after we already told each other 「Let’s both give our best together!」.
And of course the most important event, the general election.
We were both in panic when called out for the pre-election, right?
We both got chosen for the Amakuchi Hime coupling, but then at the time where the Senbatsu members got chosen, we both couldn’t enter. Everyone around us also showed so much worry in their eyes, and when confronted with that strange awareness, there was this time we couldn’t really talk with each other, even if it was only for a moment.
I felt that the time between the pre-election and the performance before election was the most painful one.
At that time both of us slept together at the hotel, so we could avoid being alone.
And at the day of the election, our names were called close to each other, we could be together for the whole time.
Supposing we wouldn’t have entered, we also would have wanted to thank our fans later on after the election, but when it actually happened, we were chatting afterwards 「What luck! We entered. Let’s give our best, okay?」, having a heavy burden fallen from our shoulders.
However, Piichan also worried greatly about other things.
I think, Piichan being a little clumsy in this regard, thought the whole time about this and said 「The feelings of gratitude to our fans, how can I express these towards them?」
After the election and us ranking last, our work together began to increase and it made me so happy when I saw Piichan having fun, talking about things like
「So this photoshooting was like that」,
「This was fun」 and
「I was nervous」
and trying to report these things well to her fans.
But with that, I also sensed the pressure for you, when your fans started to say things like that next time, you will absolutely enter Senbatsu.
After that, when the Senbatsu members got selected, both of us couldn’t join, right?
At the day of the announcement, Piichan was in Fukuoka while everyone else heard from it from Tokyo, although being seperated from each other, we immediately chatted per mail.
Like always, our conversation wasn’t furious, but only this time we were seriously talking about what we shall do now for the future and of all the pointlessness, saying things like
「I don’t know what to do anymore」 and
「What should I tell all my fans now」.
It was the next day I think, at the time we stayed in Tokyo and I could meet Pii at the evening, which was the first time meeting you after the Senbatsu announcement. I don’t know why, but while we were crying a lot, I remember us eating pork steaks we got from the convenience store.
We already expected that outcome, but with us constantly saying 「This is frustrating, why did this have to happen」 and other negative things like 「So, I’m going to ○○」, that day became a day full of depression, right?
But now, after a story like this, being able to advance forward like you did, I think that you are truly great.
For those times being depressed, encouraging me, partly joking, by saying
「It’s fine, I’m too」,
after saying to gather comedy joke material together immediately doing so,
immediately practicing it,
visiting many places for the tour right now,
the new position where I stand, (??)
being in the same units a lot,
and always looking out for each other at dancing, thank you very much. (Unsure with the whole sentence)
Being together each day, even more as with our families, I just noticed that our age difference from today on is 2 years.
I feel that we are truly like sisters.
Again, if there is a bug appearing at your home like it happened before, I will come to eliminate it, okay?
I will always be by your side when you happen to become lonely.
Even if I said and reminded you before, that Piichan is thought of as being clumsy with her words, I feel that more than anyone else, you have a warm and gentle heart.
I know about that, and I think also your fans surely feel it.
Let’s get along from now on too, and give our best together.
This is all, from Sakaguchi Riko



Kinda flew over it, so it might not all be 100% correct, but should be okay all in all.


141123 Anai Chihiro, Sakaguchi Riko, Komada Hiroka, Ui Mashiro - Return Match from Discotheque on Vimeo.

Anai Chihiro, Sakaguchi Riko, Komada Hiroka, Ui Mashiro performing Return Match