hellquinn asked:

Answer this with ten facts about yourself and send it to ten of your favourite followers :)

Okay, let’s see…

1.) I love nightcore music.

2.) At one point in my life, I walked with a cane for several years because of medical problems.

3.) I love Pokemon, especially Gengar and Chandelure! :3

4.) I’m addicted to watching Let’s Players on YouTube.

5.) I have bad eating habits and am unfortunately very picky. :’(

6.) I am open minded (to things other than food, hehe)!

7.) I like dogs as a species more than humans.

8.) I love the show Supernatural! <3

9.) I also really like Vocaloids.

10.) I am incredibly nervous about my trip on Friday. D:

Thank you for sending this, it was fun!

hellquinn asked:

Hello, I was thinking this morning how cute it would be if they made pop figurines of DA : Inquisition!! Who would you like to have ? (If one is too hard, you can pick three <3)

But I’m stuck at four… Hum.

Cullen (He would be tiny and adorable and I could carry him around in my pocket)
Varric (with Tiny Bianca obviously)
Iron Bull (He could hang out with Grunt)

(And Cassandra, she would be so adorable. (Pretend I didn’t add her.) AND HIW CUTE WOULD SERA BE??? Ok, stopping now.)

Hi! We are Scary and Spooky!♥

We are two 20 years old girls. Scary has a diploma in fashion design and currently studying in science to become a doctor. Spooky is studying translation in university. We are both from Montreal (Canada) ♥

We love

  • Lolita fashion
  • Goth culture
  • Medical stuff
  • Creepy stuff
  • Playing video games (From Silent Hill to Harvest Moon)
  • Cute stuff