hellosyzygy said:

17, 23, 67 go.

17. What was the last lie you told?
I told my mother there was nothing wrong with my eyes and that I was simply tired.

23. How do you vent your anger?
Work, working out, smoking

67. What were you doing last night at 12AM?
Smoking and watching a movie

So I’ve been engaged since Christmas. 
& since we’re long distance & honestly I haven’t really gotten to it -
We haven’t taken engagement photos or really set a date. 
& that’s fine. It’s fine. Really. I’m happy just being engaged. 

But - 

Every single time I log onto Facebook all I see is all my friends who got engaged after me all cute in their cowgirl boots smiling in their engagement photos. Oh and all their cute save the dates and ring pictures. I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL RING & COWGIRL BOOTS. 


I just wanted to tell you..

Followers - especially middle school & high school girls. 

I have grown to love you guys like little sisters & I just wanted to say.
I’m 22. I’ve been around the block & I am telling you that all those people that are such bitches right now and enjoy sitting up on their high horse with their snarky remarks and bitchy backstabbing are going to fall hard. Not all of them. Some of them will be successful, some of them are going to get even worse in college. But shitty people have a short shelf life. Those same people who treated me like crap in high school and tore me down are still back in our hometown drinking around a bonfire, going to their jobs at pizza hut and tearing people down. They’re stuck being pregnant, divorced, small minded shitty wannabes forever. Being a kind person gets you so much further than being shitty. People will always remember that, they’ll remember you for being a good person. High school sucks and those people grow up to be miserable and cruel adults, that’s not going to change. But stay true to yourself, don’t let anyone take that away from you. There is a huge world out there and you are going to meet so many people who love you and appreciate you for exactly who you are.  So when those people are mean to you, just imagine where you’re going to be in a few years & think about how good it’s going to feel when they’re the ones looking at you and being jealous. It’s true, the best revenge is having a great life. Give them hell. 

I’m sorry for ranting. But I love you guys & I see your posts every day about how hard it is. I was there, it’s incredibly hard - but you’re going to grow up and you’re going to be even more strong and beautiful than you are right now. 

Hey, penis face.

Guys on Tumblr are either flirtatious, disgusting & rude
or incredible & kind. 

It says I’m NOT single all over my page. 
I am obviously not going to send you nudes. 
Yet, you get angry with me when you get rejected?
Makes sense. Douchenozzle