Instagram Spotlight: Adrienne Pitts

Instagram Spotlight: @adriennepitts - HelloPoe

Yo, Adrienne! Her talent anything but Rocky.

This kick-ass Kiwi is known for her incredible landscape and portrait photography, all of which center around common themes of travel, culture and art.

Adrienne manages to freeze time and capture the energy of the moment in each of her exciting adventures across Europe and beyond. You can almost feel it–from the soft, warm donuts to foggy London nights. (49K followers)

Hellopoe es la cuenta de instagram de Adrienne Pitts. Fotógrafa, directora de arte y diseñadora con varios premios en el bolsillo.

Retacado de paisajes y momentos congelados, su instagram nos lleva al deseo de poder conocer todos aquellos lugares y personas por las que ha pasado. 

Adrienne cree que su pertenencia más preciada es su pasaporte, ya que su mayor pasión es la de tener múltiples viajes mientras toma registro de los mismos. También cree que la mejor manera de conocer a las personas y su cultura es por medio de un retrato.  

Aunque originaria de Nueva Zelanda, Adrienne ama vivir en la ciudad de Londres debido a que el resto de Europa está a un corto vuelo de distancia. (Que envidia, ¿no?)

Adrienne Pitts (@hellopoe) recently traveled to Paris to uncover some hidden locations and great coffee shops and helped us put together a city guide with @paypal. Part I of the guide is now live on PassionPassport.com. “I was led here by a beautiful image taken by Instagrammer Nat Hill, whose image of the children’s play area had me intrigued. Any place that has tree trunks twisted together in a stunning piece of installation artwork (like this piece by Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira) is a place I want to visit.” @hellopoe in the Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

There’s a lot happening right now - a new office space, some blank walls, and a new toy to play with! I worked with @HPEurope to channel my inner Martha Stewart (🙆🏼✂️) and create some fun projects with the HP Sprout.

The link to see all the images (and what I made with this amazing machine) is in my profile!
#sproutbyhp #Creators by hellopoe http://ift.tt/1E4DJBI

“Sometimes it’s those in-between moments, those brief respites, or those new shortcuts you walk, that let you really get to know the heart of a place.” We hope you enjoyed our coverage of Paris with @paypal, photographed by @hellopoe. On Wednesday we’ll be launching our next European city! Can you guess what it will be? by passionpassport https://instagram.com/p/1_vx3cKWPz/

“I believe that one can never leave home. I believe that one carries the shadows, the dreams, the fears and the dragons of home under one’s skin, at the extreme corners of one’s eyes and possibly in the gristle of the earlobe.” - Maya Angelou by hellopoe http://ift.tt/1DoSluW