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Laura is shooting a story with her camerman for a news channel that carmilla hates so she follows them around to shout inappropriate things in the background every time they record

Just a warning, they’ll be a bit more swearing than usual in this fic. 

“Hellooooo, Silas University, this is Laura Hollis, newest reporter for Voice of Silas news channel!” 

Your palms are sweating, and you’ve never been more nervous. It’s your first professional job, and even though it doesn’t pay that well, you’ve heard that the Dean gives a lot of ‘preferential treatment’ to the people that work for the school’s official news outlet. 

The ones that did a bad job were never heard from again, which you try not to think about too much. 

You also try not to think about the fact that you have a script, written for you by the Dean, which you had to memorize before the broadcast. 

“We’re here in front of the Summer Society Building, where VP of outdoor recreation Danny Lawrence is preparing for the annual Adonis Festival and Hunt. How grateful our students must be for the generosity of our most adored Lilita Morgan, who allows her students to–” 

“Jesus fucking Christ, that is one BIG ASS fire pit you guys are making!” 

You’re startled by the outburst and turn around. There’s a girl standing by Danny, pointing at the fire pit she’s building. She catches your eye and smirks. 

“….Okay, it’s a good thing this isn’t live.” You say, turning back to the camera man. “We’re going to have to retake that, right? The Dean won’t like hearing that in the background…” 

“It’s fine. Let’s try it again,” he says gently. “And….go.” 

“….Okay. We are at the Summer Society House, where–” 

“Seriously though, what the FUCK are you going to catch on this hunt that needs to be cooked in this giant-ass fire pit!” She shouts again. Danny–and you–look like you’re both going to strangle her. 

“Maybe we should start with a different segment,” you say to your camera man. 

He agrees. 


Okay, now this woman isn’t even trying to be subtle about it anymore. 

She follows you everywhere. And succeeds to say something to ruin every single shot you try and take.

“Hello, I’m Laura Hollis from Silas news channel coming to you from the Lustig Building–” 

What an abso-fucking-lutely great day!” 

“–Coming to you from the Alchemy Club–” 

Shit, I have class, my professor can suck my–” You covered your ears for the rest of that one. 

“…Laura Hollis here at the Zeta–”


“Okay, that is IT!” You tell your camera man to wait and stomp across the path, to where the woman is standing with her arms crossed. 

What is your problem? We have a broadcast we need to get ready by tonight, and do you expect me to believe it’s a coincidence that you’ve happened to be behind us in every shot swearing?” 

Her dark eyes appraise you for a moment. “No, I don’t. I have totally been doing this on purpose.” 

Okay, you weren’t expecting her to fess up quite so fast. You at least expected some sort of sarcasm in her response. 

“…Oh. Then, uh…may I ask why?” 

“May I ask why you are working as one of the Dean’s little propaganda machines?” 

“Considering that you’ve been yelling ‘dicks’ at me all day, I feel like I deserve an answer first.” 

She smirks. “Touche, cupcake. Fine. The Dean is my mom.” 

Your blood turns to ice. “Sh-she’s your mom? You’re Carmilla Karnstein?” 

“As hilarious as your reaction is, relax. We don’t get along, hence why I’m not a big fan of her little propaganda news channel.” 

“Well, how is that my fault?” 

“I can’t bother her, have you seen her?” 

“Do you think I want to do this? I didn’t know I’d have to read off a piece of paper, I definitely didn’t know I’d be saying any of this stupid ‘we love the Dean’ stuff. But I also need to not get expelled. Or worse.” 

Carmilla’s gaze softens. “…You are way too smart for this job. I can tell.” 

“I want to be a journalist, and they offered it to me.” 

“Do you still want it?” Carmilla asks, raising an eyebrow. 

“…No. But mostly that’s because of you.” 

Carmilla flashes a wicked grin. “You know, I have ways of keeping Mom off your back if you want to mess with her.” 

“You mean…?” 

“You can fill in the blank yourself, though I can give you some ideas.” 

“No. No, I have journalistic integrity. I couldn’t mess up the broadcast on purpose.” 

“Oh, really? So you have integrity when your script says to call the Dean ‘the greatest gift to our campus’?” 

No. No it wasn’t. And frankly as annoying as Carmilla has been, she is totally right. This is not how you imagined being a reporter would go…but no. You shake your head. “Just don’t mess with our shot again, okay?” 

Carmilla rolls her eyes, but sits on the ground. “Fine. Sure.” 

“…Laura, we’re seriously running out of time here!” 

“Then we’ll have to broadcast live, I guess?” 

Your camera guy gets everything ready. The Dean is apparently not happy, but as long as things go ‘according to plan’, it was fine. Or else, of course. 

“Are we rolling?” 

“Aaaaand, yes!” 

“Goooood evening Silas University! This is Laura Hollis, newest reporter from Voice of Silas news channel, your place for totally unbiased, objective reporting on the happenings of Silas U!” 

Carmilla really isn’t going to bother you. She doesn’t say a word. 

You really need to recite this script. 

“We are at the Zeta Omega Mu Fraternity House, where the Zetas are preparing for the annual Homecoming goat sacrifice. Our students are most grateful for the most revered Dean, Lilita Morgan…” 

And, all of a sudden, nausea hits your stomach. Carmilla is right. The words are sticky and taste like bile as you say them. You can’t do this. It goes against every fiber of your being. 

“..For letting the Zetas sacrifice this giant-ass goat.” 

Carmilla jumps up behind her and shouts, “Shut. UP!” 

“Yes, the Zetas certainly know how to pick those goats. In fact, they seem a little too obsessed with their goats, right? But that’s nothing compared to the Summer Society and their gi-fucking-gantic fire pit–” 

Your camera guy finally comes out of shock enough to cut the feed. Your eyes widen. Oh God, you really just did that. OH GOD, THERE ARE SIRENS–

A hand grabs your arm from behind. 

“Cupcake, what are you waiting for? Run!” 

You spin around, look into the eyes of the Dean’s daughter–your best chance of survival–and start running with her. 

“So you’re helping me then?” 

“Of course! You are the first girl that has ever done that! You got guts, Hollis. Now RUN FASTER, I HEAR FOOTSTEPS!” 

As you both run, and she pulls you around a corner and flattens both of your bodies against the wall, you catch her whisper: 

“I have a feeling we’ll be spending a lot of time together for the next few days, cupcake.” 

You have a feeling she’s right. You don’t know how you feel about it. 

Adrenaline, though. There’s definitely a lot of adrenaline. 

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Hellooooo <3 Can I ask you for a favor? I'm starting a blog on asexuality in Argentina, which is something I haven't seen around, and asexuality is something that people don't talk about here, but I know there are asexuals living in this country. So if you could post this, maybe one of your followers could be Argentinean and could be interested in the blog. Sorry if I bother and thanks anyway :) asexualidad-argentina(.)tumblr(.)com

It is no bother! I love promoting blogs about asexuality! THE MORE THE MERRIER ;) It is super awesome that you created one for the aces in Argentina!


Bangtan Shoe Shopping
  • Rap Mon:*runs into the Converse section* helLOOOOO OLD FRIENDS HAVE YOU MISSED ME
  • Suga:*runs into the Converse section* WASSUP BITCHES BET Y'ALL MISSED ME LOL *burns all Converse*
  • V:Jimin do these look good on me
  • Jimin:V those are high heels
  • V:yeah and?????
  • Jin:Taehyung what is wrong with you, you know those heels do NOT match with your jeans
  • Jungkook:stfu Jimin where the light up sneakers at
  • JHope:*sneaks away from members*
  • JHope:*enters a barn* yes I would like some iron horse shoes please you know the ones comfortable for my hoov- I MEAN MY HORSE'S HOOVES
Um. Hi Booklr...

I’ve only recently discovered the booklr universe and I’ve been hanging out for a while, quietly learning your ways so when I do emerge I will be accepted as well one of you.

Love me, friends. Say hello and reblog if I’m not already following you?



Hellooooo so I bought this ticket about 4 months ago, however one of my friends here on Tumblr has recently told me that she has a 2nd standing ticket which I would love to buy but my mother won’t let me do that unless I find someone to sell my other ticket to.

The ticket is in the B2-I category and I bought it for about 68 € so if any of you guys would be interested in buying it please message me!! Also it’d be great if you reblogged this post so more people can see it. Thank you lots.



A weekend in Vegas was hardly Brinn’s idea of a good time, but when friends have birthdays and offer you a paid flight and hotel room just to spend the time with you, saying no would just be hurtful. The empath couldn’t bear the disappointment as much as she couldn’t bear the crowded casino floor or the way her brain was constantly reminding her that, in this dress, the entirety of her legs were bare for the world to see. Call her a recluse, call it cliche, but quietly she yearned for her empty hotel room just upstairs, a mug of tea and that one pair of sweatpants waiting in her suitcase.

It was closing on midnight now and her two friends, including the birthday girl, hovered by the blackjack table, not playing, but having a blast just watching a couple of older, more seasoned gamblers go at it. Brinn clung to their joy and tried to ignore the influx of emotion coming from the other patrons, every once in a while flinching at a sharp stab of utter devastation as someone lost every cent in their pocket. The woman teetered on her aching feet slightly, feeling exhausted, brow damp with sweat despite the air conditioning, but was careful not to let any of her irritation effect the others; they were having such a good time.

“I’m gonna go get a drink.” Brinn mentioned quietly once it was apparent her friends showed no signs of retiring anytime soon. They didn’t seem to notice, but she drifted away anyway, anxiously dodging human bodies on the way to the bar in the back. It was just as crowded as the floor, but there were some seats open and soon she sat, legs neatly crossed, sipping ice water with her face buried in one hand. This was not her scene; this was not her comfort zone. But with just one day left after tonight, she promised herself she would endure. 

20+ things to do over the summer;

  • Learn a new language
  • Read a book series
  • Have a movie marathon
  • Go swimming
  • Get a tan
  • Learn how to skateboard
  • Exercise!
  • Complete a coloring, word search, crossword, or Sudoku book.
  • Pick a summer anthem.
  • Write a letter to Ellen DeGeneres (why not?) 
  • Create a new & improved wardrobe
  • Donate clothes
  • Do yoga outside
  • Decorate your room’s ceiling with glow in the dark stars
  • Go somewhere for each letter of the alphabet
  • Bake something. 
  • Host a get-together, party, or barbecue. 
  • Go to the beach
  • Make a time capsule
  • Watch or Set off fireworks
  • Have a picnic
  • Tie Dye shirts
  • Go rock climbing

Note: Hellooooo, sorry I haven’t posted anything in such a long time! I’m very truly sorry. But since it’s almost summer and I’ll be free most of the time I WILL be posting a lot more so don’t be afraid to send in requests. ily all. Stay strong. xx

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An-ordinary-roach has followed you!


Talking to a roach would be a first for the gooey officer.

Being mostly a hermit now and living in an abandoned comic store outside of New York meant he saw many roaches and other creatures skitter through the dark place. And most of the time Bio Cop left them be, I mean, they had probably lived here before he did, why remove them from their own home? But this time, Patt had found himself curled next to his bed, resting his back against the wall, watching a few of the bug run by, talking to them as if they could talk back.

“Sometimes….I wonder where you all….Hide at night. You all just…Disappear. Are you able to…roam New York freely? Wish….Wish I could.”

He didn’t expect any to talk back, it was more to vent to himself about being kicked out of a restaurant that day.

A super filtered selfie.

Don’t care.

I went to an Indian food buffet, and I am so full right now I just want to sleep. I stopped by the Asian grocery store and got some pork belly that I will grill later. I can’t wait!

My husband’s aunt came over with a bunch of clothes. She said she haven’t worn them and stopped by to see if I like some of them because she is donating them. Heck yeah. I picked a lot of shirts and dresses. I was planning to shop for clothes next month, so this saved me some money.

There were some kids who set up a lemonade stand beside our house. We live in a cul de sac, and we are there in the corner. It’s 25 cents, buy one get one. I spent 75 cents, but didn’t get the freebies, because hellooooo… That would be so cheap of me if I take the freebies hahahaha. Make up yes, kids lemonade, no.