I love this girl so much. We’ve been friends for so long and we were best friends for years. We’ve kinda lost touch but we’re starting to reconnect I hope. We’ve been taking ridiculous pictures together since like 7th grade but I like this one because I’m not so awkward looking (: I miss my friends so much. Especially her, and though in this picture we’re being silly, drunk off our asses courtesy of skittles vodka, she’s seriously one of the most important people to me and I love her dearly :’) 

haha, kay done being sappy now kayla (: 

I haven’t talked to a lot of people this summer because of having to move and what was going on but I wanna thank all my friends who were there for me when shit was going down whether they new they were helping or not. Especially Kayla and Kelsey. I love you guys.
But thanks everybody else, Christina, Grace, London, and anyone else who helped me through everyday. Thanks c:

hellomakahla said:

3, 30, 49, 58, 152 :)

Haha oh jeez:p

3. 3 fears

  • spiders
  • dying
  • hot guys :p

30. Favorite Band

I like a couple. So either One Direction or Maroon 5

49. Am I excited for anything?

Well, my spring break is this week, but other than that, no. haha

58. What’s my strangest talent?

Haha I didn’t even see this one or else I would have asked you!

Buttum, I can touch my nose with my tongue? Hahaha

152. What do I like about myself?

Uhm, this is hard…

Uhh, I like making people smile, it makes me happy. So I guess my positive attitude towards other people is what I like about myself

Thanks for asking!!