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Would you rather play Monopoly for 30 consecutive years or go “meow” every 40 seconds?

this is quite creative haha um…probably meow every forty seconds

Favourite Dan and Phil collab video? Why?

Phil is not on Fire 3 or How To Make a Halloween Brownies bc they’re the funniest. OH AND THE SUPERAMAZINGPROJECT

Favourite TV show?

Either Adventure Time or FRIENDS

What was your first word?

idk probably dad or mom

What are 5 random things you own?

a stuffed owl, 2006 yankee tickets, an 1800s coin, a piano and a sketch book

Which food would you be and why?

i feel like i would be some sort of pastry idk….

Thing you love most about yourself?

mah eyeballs

What was your lowest mark in school?

53 in geometry ughhh

Can you whistle?


Would you rather meet Jennifer Lawrence or Tom Hiddleston?

Jennifer Lawrence

Favourite colour?

purple or blue :)

My questions:

What’s the best fanfic you’ve read (or book if you don’t read fanfic for some reason)?

Fave movie?

Favourite YouTube Channel?

Preferred eye colour on bf/gf?

What’s a bad habit you wish you didn’t have?

What music genre(s) do you like?

What is your OTP?

Do you like pizza?

If you woke up next to your favourite band member, what would you do?

Do you like to do art?

Indoors or outdoors?

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