No matter how messy the situations get between me and @helloericcm, we manage to always talk things through. There isn’t anyone I’m more happy or proud to call my best friend. He’s someone I can trust my life with because I know he would always want the best for me. He’s an amazing person and always has my back. He can make you smile, laugh, cry, and get angry and still love him at the end of the day. He’s the greatest person I’ve had the privilege of meeting and getting to know. He’s my bebe (bb/best bud) and I love him :D

Its only temporary, not permanent.

Its been about 12 hours now that I’ve been home, & it honestly hasn’t hit me yet. The fact that I’m going to be home for the next four months, away from my loo family, just strolling through the summer without them. It feels like I’m just home for the weekend, & that I’ll be going back real soon. Even though I really look forward to coming home on weekends such, I always want to go back to loo, & spend time with the crew. It just sucks ~ we’re all split up, everyone’s going to be busy with school & work. I know the distance & separation would just make our friendship stronger & when we do see each other here & then throughout the summer, we’re going to appreciate the time that we’re going to spend with each other. I can’t wait to be reunited with them. I know it won’t be for another month or so, but I’m already counting down the days. I’ve never met such genuine & caring people who would do anything to make you smile. Even through all thats been occurring in all our lives, we’re able to confide in each other & give each other positive advice to keep them going. I don’t know where I would be without you guys. Thanks for a memorable year. I can’t wait to go back in September! We’re only away for a little while, we’ll all see each other soon. It’s only temporary, not permanent. I love you guys @nova-addicc, @helloericcm, @kristencruz & @artemiooo. <3

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1. Favourite memory ever?
Probably when I was young and I first got my lime green gameboy. I was so happy getting my gameboy and pokemon red on the same day :’)

2. Favourite thing to eat?
I’m torn between sushi and curry :P

3. What’s your ideal life?? Aka if life were perfect right now, how would your life be?
I’d be rich and could buy everything I want but not showcase it to the world. I would live humbly but still buy the necessities I need.

4. One thing/person/place/whatever you absolutely fucking hate and why?
I hate not having money. I feel so insecure when I don’t have cash on me =/

5. Roslyn (aka me thank you) is my favourite person because ____________________ (please answer with a real answer tbh)
We like having bubble tea and food together :D Two of the things I love, food and Roslyn make a good combo :D

6. Which celebrity would you like to have dinner with the most right now and why?
Steven R. McQueen or Kat Graham because I still find both of them really hot :D

7. What’s your ONE favourite item in your closet?
My Sigma Chi sweater :3

8. If you could have ANY one object in the whole world, what would it be?
I would have a bank vault full of money :D

9. What do you spend your money on the most?

10. Ideal sleeping arrangements? (ie. You need 3 pillows, stuffed animal, specific temperature or time, etc etc)
I just need my babe to cuddle <3

11. What do you miss most about childhood tbh?
How care free I could be. Tagged: mark-gogo, helloericcm, yourownmemory, kristencruz, deechow, what-the-eff-jarren, teddiursaring, jsirqueena, sincerelykindy, ninjacamera, klambs 1) Your favourite memory shared with me (David). 2) Current favourite song and why. 3) What song is playing right now? 4) Team blackberry, iPhone, or Android? 5) Would you marry a pop star? If so, who? 6) What’s the last book you read? 7) Even if you don’t watch the show, your favourite character in vampire diaries. 8) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? 9) Favourite movie this year so far. 10) Your first impression of me. 11) The worst argument you and I have ever gotten into and what was it over?
It's weird how quickly things can change.

Looking back on past relationships and seeing the relationship I have with that person now… it’s such a change from what we used to be. I feel like you can never be friends with your ex… but only right after a break-up. I’ve been able to stay friends with some of the people I’ve had relationships with (Eric & Eugene) but that was only because we gave each other time to allow for a chance to start over. It’s crazy because… I used to “strongly dislike” these guys. Now that I consider them friends is kind of funny in a way. I hope that it stays this way. I wouldn’t want to lose either of them again. This is probably the nicest thing I’d ever post about these two guys. I’m such a sweeter ting~ LOL