There isn’t a single god damn platonic thing about the affection that Max and Chloe show each other, and I cannot be convinced otherwise. 

I’m usually the first one to be like “Wow, can’t two characters just love each other without it being sexual?”





Hello, my name is Chloe Looi. I am a sixteen year old who is an aspiring amateur artist and photographer. Currently, I am trying to find my own style in both arts as I want to be able to pursue in this field. I have an Instagram account where it hosts some of my artworks: https://instagram.com/applepiecrustart/

I am currently working on expanding my Tumblr account as it is still quite new (mainly photography): https://www.tumblr.com/blog/chloelooi

Thank you.

I just want to remind everyone that in both times the Bellas found their sound again in the movies, it was Beca and Chloe who led the group.

Almost as if they’ve already perfectly memorized each other’s sound, and they just needed the others to find it as well.

love like you - a fire emblem: awakening fanmix

i could even learn how to love like you

ive been playing fea a lot lately and man i really love this game

[cover art by fireemblemzine on tumblr]


who we are - imagine dragons // ghosting - mother mother // silhouettes - of monsters and men // the kids aren’t alright - fall out boy // devil may cry - the weekend // dream - imagine dragons // everybody wants to rule the world - lorde // dirty paws - of monsters and men // believe - mumford & sons // love like you (steven universe ending credits theme - rebecca sugar

Pansexual Awareness Day Hello! I am Chloe, I am 18 years old and I am a pansexual. I first came out two years ago at comic con. I knew I was LGBT like all my life but I didn’t worry about labels until it mattered to everyone else. So yep. This is me

Hello Tumblr!

Chloe Crawford here. I paint things. Lots of things. I build a lot of things too. I mean, everything is for the theater but it counts! Anyway, one of the teenagers in the kids’ company was talking about you and so I decided I’d pop on over and explore. Let’s have some fun, shall we?

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1- amy (i am so lame)

2- blue

3- BRown

4- i love video games far too much

5- purple nurple

6- my house when im home alone


8- hard choice, but probably dogs (i know im lame again)

9- renegade by styx

10- oh my lord i cant choose but i love those cheesy ya paranormal romance novels

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