Holiday picture of Sunlime! Wait what do you mean Christmas is in two days.

My scanner messed up some of the colors(the hair was more green and the eyes less vibrant) but I still think I might use it as my icon. Don’t worry, Lady Foxy, I shall revert back to your beautiful icon you made once the holiday season is over, I promise.

despair-anon said:

*hugs* Hello, friend~ I hope you're doing well and have a good rest of your week!

((Ah! I wasn’t expecting such a sweet message from a kind person to be in my askbox! What a surprise! Thank you very much and I hope you have a good week as well!))


anonymous said:

Pssst this is the mun of an Eren blog that's long gone by now but used to be good friends with. Hello friend. I hope you're doing well. Sorry if I sound creepy.

Which eren blog may I ask???

anonymous said:

Hello long friend (: Hope you're doing well!

hello cutie how are you? sorry im not on tumblr very often, i’m always on twitter tho @ oppibella