Zephyrus (Gentle Wind) and Khloris (Greenery)

He is the God of the west wind, one of the four directional Anemoi (Wind-Gods). He’s also the God of Spring, husband of Khloris, and father of Karpos (Fruit). Zephyros is portrayed in classical art as a handsome, winged youth. Khloris is the goddess of flowers, a Nymph of the Islands of the Blessed. She’s the wife of Zephyros. 

Zephyros’s most famous myth told the story of his rivalry with the god Apollo for the love of Hyakinthos. One day he spied the pair playing a game of quoits in a meadow, and in a jealous rage, struck the disc with a gust of wind, causing it to veer off course and strike the boy in the head, killing him instantly. Apollon in his grief, then transformed the dying boy into a larkspur flower.

5 Ways I relate to my Gods


  1. No matter who it is, I’m a passive person, even if its with someone younger then me, I don’t ever see the reason for conflict Presveira
  2. Cooking family meals always falls upon me, if I don’t do anything in this house the whole family falls apart and always the mediator -_- Prytaneia
  3. Strongly opinionated and fixed in my ideas, I’m open minded but I question my beliefs too obsessively for it to be changed easily by someone else 
  4. Counselor and Mediator to anyone and everyone Bouleia  
  5. introverted and hospitable, I like my home, stay in mostly, and love it


  1. Lover of Solitude is an understatement -_-  Aidonaia
  2. herbalist and love of all things eccentric
  3. the sore thumb in an established community Einodia
  4. distant yet nasty when upset Brimo 
  5. love walking around at night Nyktipolos