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Hey, want to be partners for our frog dissection lab this friday?

Ruby (ask-half-of-square-mom) ended up releasing all the frogs and getting detention forever from Lapis (asktheblueoceangem) until forever probably. And I don’t think Peri (ask-the-technical-dorito) wants to see a frog that close again any time soon.


But now, I wake up every day, and find that i  l o v e  y o u  m o r e than I did the day before.

I’m really upset that Bellamy and Clarke supposedly already talked about MW offscreen, though. I really don’t believe that? Especially in light of their goodbye before Clarke leaves. Surely Bellamy would’ve caught on to Clarke’s state of mind (if they did talk during the 8-hour trek back) and wouldn’t have been so surprised that she chose to leave. He’s really perceptive and intuitive.

Like no, please don’t ruin this for me. Don’t tell me that Bellamy would’ve opened up about being tortured so easily. Don’t tell me that he was able to express just how traumatizing that experience was and how horrible it felt to kill Lovejoy while there were a bunch of people around him. Don’t tell me that all of the things he went through will be forgotten.

I want to come back next season and not be surprised that he’s having nightmares. I want to see him struggling to open up but trying to help everyone else deal with their trauma. I want to see him feel resentful towards Clarke for leaving after telling him that he wouldn’t be alone, but then feel guilty for even feeling resentment towards her. I want to see him struggle to accept the praise he’s going to receive, the title of a hero, after the events of Mount Weather. All of his life, he’s been the opposite of privileged. I want to see how he handles being treated like the one of the people he grew up hating.

I want to see the struggles of Bellamy Blake.