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Bias selca challenge!

I’ve been tagged by exobuttslap, thank you for tagging me ehehe (and sorry I was so late) ;u;

Rules: pick four selcas of your bias i’m doing only three asdfghj sorry and copy them, then tag 10 people;

Oh my gosh I tried sO many times but I can’t copy him well no matter how hard I try so here’s an awkward penguin expression instead eheh

I’m going to tag: wuyifanxing, imperyeol, dewusional, zelu, jpglay, lay-me-kris, hypertone, woainiz, yixingofficial, byunny (of course only if you want to~) 

anonymous said:

so suddenly you want to tell us that you have been a victim to racism? your family may originally be from the middle east but you look perfectly white so i really doubt that you had to face real racism


And how would you even know. It’s enough for people to hear/read my name. Many already have opinions about me before they see me, because they read my name. So many times I applied for the same jobs as my german friends and literally 3 times all of them got it, but not me. Even though I am just as qualified for it. 
My history teacher terrorized me for 3 years and mocked me and asked me stuff like “Do you have trouble with the German language, Donya?” or told me things like “Your language is just not good enough, Donya, maybe you should try to read more or get a tutor in learning German.” FYI, I am majoring in German now and my German is perfectly fine.
When I flew to Mexico we had a stop in Boston and had to go through security control again. My German friend was fine and could go through. Me, however, (and I have a German passport since I was born there), was taken aside because they checked for explosives and asked me questions for 40 minutes. 

Also, I really think that it’s visible that I am middle eastern. I may have dyed my hair blond but that doesn’t really flip the coin around, honey.


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