I'm good at speeches.

But my teacher likes to fuck me over and take off points for no reason. So now I’m probably going to fail. Not to mention she has favorites in that class. I hate school. It’s full of shit teachers no matter what grade you’re in.

So I watched owari no seraph a couple days back and basically

but then

why am I always right

also, I’m in love

how does one not expect me to ship yuuichiro x mikaela

I was looking forward to shippy moments but then

and then denial takes over much like how I still believes Hide is alive in the anime cuz let’s be real

only this time



so conclusion:

*escorts myself into owari no seraph hell* EXCUSE ME


Doors to Hell

Located in Derweze, Ahal Province, Turkmenistan. It was actually created by Soviet scientists (somewhat accidentally of course). The site was first believed to be an oil site back in 1971. When they started to drill they happily discovered an abundance of natural gas, of which they worked to store. Unfortunately, the site collapsed (don’t worry, no one died though). Large pockets of methane gas was released, which proved to become an environmental problem for nearby villages. Afraid the sites would release even more poisonous gas, they tried to burn it off, thinking it would take at most a few weeks to burn out.

It’s been burning since.

Weird fact: The Hell Hole attracts spiders by the THOUSANDS to it.