Someone thought I was an adult and owned the house is this how it’s like to almost be seventeen all my life I’ve been called a third grader or thought to be twelve do I look old now and my age or older.


*replace the word child with adult*

Ok guys so I met Andrew Scott (my college invited him for a Q&A yeah) and I still can’t realise omg ! But he said that he wanted to play some Shakespeare in the future… GUYS IMAGINE HIM WITH TOM! Oh and I asked him a question on Moffat like “how was it to work with him? Is he really as nasty as he’s known for, you know teasing the fans ahah ? And he laughed then asked me if I was bullied by him

I work early tomorrow and then I’m off for 8 days straight!

It’s gonna be a fun week. Maybe I’ll drive to Savannah, GA and take some pictures… We’ll see what comes up.

What would you do if you had 8 days of TOTAL NON RESPONSIBILITY*?

*not including sleeping, eating, feeding pets, sweeping the floor, not getting fired, giving loved ones attention, washing your hair, etc